Author's: Moggie & GSRFan

Pairing: G/S

Category: Angst/Drama & Romance

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Couples are vanishing without a trace. The FBI sends two CSI's undercover, posing as a married couple on their honeymoon.

Spoilers: -Season 1: CnB, SLL, SS, -Season 2: BoP, PNN, -Season 3: CnB, PwF, ItB,

Disclaimer: I do not under any circumstances own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Note: GSRFan and myself have gotten together to write you this story. This is GSRFan's idea and it's our combined attempt to put it into words for you readers out there. When reviewing, give some words of encouragement to our new writer; she's a little shy. *:o)

~*^*Chapter 1*^*~

"You have got to be kidding me?" Grissom said in utter disbelief, "You know after Greg you're probably the second funniest person in the lab.

"Sorry Gil, but this is no joke." Brass answered, failing to suppress a grin.

"Let me get this right, you want me and Sara to go undercover as a married couple for two weeks." Grissom said still not believing it.

-Although I'd love to see it myself- "Not me Gil, the Sheriff." Brass answered. Normally this wasn't his responsibility as he was homicide and there was no actual proof of murder yet but as he and Gil were friends, the Sheriff in all his wisdom thought it would be a good idea for him to break the news.

"Oh and how is our Sheriff these days?" Grissom asked almost mockingly.

"Gil, don't be like that, even you can't deny this case is going no-where, this is the best thing to do." He replied.

"Why me and Sara?" Grissom asked, "Nick and Warrick are more her age, or how about Catherine? This is more her thing than Sara's," He added, he knew there had to be a better combination of CSI's that could go. -I've tried to put distance between us because of work and now they want us to get closer-

"Look, I'm sorry Gil, this is not a request, you and Sara are the only CSI's available that fit the profile," Brass responded, "Oh yeah, by the way, I'll let you inform Sara," He said, a grin broke across his face at Grissom's almost terrified expression.

"Oh, you go ahead and laugh," Grissom countered. "I'll just tell her it was you idea."

"What was his idea?" Came Catherine's voice from behind them.

Grissom had been so surprised by the news that he hadn't noticed her standing there, which was odd considering he noticed everything.

"Gil and Sara are going undercover." Brass announced matter of factly, then continued calmly. "I don't see the problem with it personally." He watched the expression on Catherine's face alter.

"The problem!" Grissom said forcefully "Is, we are CSI's not cops. Science is our thing. What do you expect us to do, make our own crime scene?"

"Mingle, socialise, relax." Brass said as though he was stating the obvious.

The laugh that Catherine had been holding in couldn't be hidden any longer. "Those two socialise, you can't be serious?" She laughed, "I mean they're not the most socially gifted people in the world, sorry Gil it's true." She said, turning to look at Grissom "They can't even talk to each other let alone others."

This made Grissom look up sharply, he knew that things had been strained between them lately, but he didn't know that the others had noticed their lack of communication too, this must mean it was worse than he thought.

Grissom now knew that he had to figure out what to do about 'this' and soon, before it really was too late.


When Grissom finally found Sara, it seemed that she was the only one left in the lab that didn't know what was going. She had been at a scene all day, lucky her he thought, he had had to put up with people looking and laughing all day.

When he saw her through the glass it finally sunk in that this was going to happen despite his doubts. "Sara," He said calmly as he walked through the door.

"Yes," She replied, looking up from the scope.

"How are you?" He asked hesitantly, knowing that this would probably sound unusual coming from him.

"I'm fine." She said confused, thinking is he really asking me this? Turning back to her work, she thought about why he would be in the lab with her when he was working with Catherine.

Over the next five minutes, she continued to work in silence; well she tried anyway, as it was really difficult with Grissom hovering over her.

"Was there something you needed?" She asked still looking down, trying to figure out why he was hanging around. He had scarcely spent 10 minutes alone with her in weeks, now he wouldn't leave.

When she looked up for the second time, she noticed that he was staring at her. "Grissom, are you going to tell me why you're watching me or am I supposed to guess? I'm a little busy with this case right now."

"That's what I came to talk to you about," He replied, "We have a new case and before you start, Nick is going to take over this one, so you can help me," He said before she had time to object. Grissom knew she almost certainly wouldn't want to work with him, but he didn't need to hear it.

"Okay, so what's this case?" She asked after a moment's silence, amazed he hadn't elaborated yet whilst looking away as she had caught herself staring at him. Despite his refusal of dinner a few weeks ago, she couldn't deny that she still had feelings for him, how could she not? He was so observant to some matters yet so oblivious to others at the same time, he was a mystery she would gladly solve, if only he would let her.

"We're getting married." He blurted without realising how strange it sounded.

"WHAT!" She said loud enough for the majority of the lab to hear.

-Oh God! Good one Gil- He thought if saying that doesn't put her off the case nothing will.

"Okay, that came out wrong." Grissom said steadily trying to calm her down. "We're going undercover as a married couple, that's it." He reassured her.

"Why, what for?" The puzzlement and maybe a touch of fear flashed across her eyes.

"The Regal Hotel case is so slow, this is the only way to move forward and hopefully avoid more disappearances, we pretend to be on honeymoon for two weeks and."

"Honeymoon? Us?" Sara interrupted almost choking from the shock.

"Yes," Grissom replied, almost hurt that she thought it was so unlikely. "We go to the hotel, act out this set-up, and see what we can find out, no matter how unlikely this situation is, it's simple." He added.

"How exactly is it simple?" She queried, "We have no experience in this and there is no crime scene, how are we going to find anything out?"

"Right, how did Brass put this, oh yes, we mingle, socialise."

"Act as bate," Sara suggested before he could finish.

"I wouldn't put in those words exactly, but yes I suppose it is something like that."

"Great," she said under her breath, "I would just like to point out that this is a stupid idea. We're not familiar enough with this kind of situation, it could be dangerous."

-That never stopped you before- he thought, despite agreeing with her that this was a risky position they were putting themselves in.

"I take it I don't have a choice in the matter?" She continued.

"Neither of us do, Sheriff's orders," He informed her, spotting the look of disapproval that came across her face at the mention of him, his popularity amongst the CSI's had dramatically decreased after the Strip Strangler case, when he had let the FBI run the show.

-That wasn't so bad- he thought as he left the room. "Are you coming?" He questioned, seeing that she was still standing in the lab lost in thought.


"To see Brass, he has our reservation and assignment details." Grissom explained.

"Right." She realised. "Of course, I'll give Nick my notes on the way." She said finally processing what was happening.


As they walked to Brass's office she became aware of how small the lab was when everyone is staring at you. She could only imagine the jokes that had already been made about them, especially by a certain lab tech and hope that day shift hadn't found out yet. Ecklie didn't need any more reason to spread rumours about the two of them and this would make his year.

"Mr and Mrs Grissom, I presume." Brass teased as they arrived at his office.

"Very funny." Sara muttered

Handing them a small black folder each, he added in an amused tone "These contain marriage details, likes/dislikes, habits, quirks, possible suspects and everything you'll need or want to know about your new assignment."

"You sound like you're enjoying this," Sara observed, carefully avoiding Grissom's, who had said nothing so far, gaze, this was rapidly becoming extremely real.

"You're booked into the honeymoon suite," Brass added for good measure.

"Wonderful." Grissom mumbled, "Sara, go home and pack, I'll meet you here in an hour," He said, turning to face her. As he watched her leave he had to admit that if things weren't so tense between them, the idea of spending two weeks alone with her would be far from unpleasant.

Walking down the hallway towards the parking lot, Sara wondered if this could be the way to build some bridges in their friendship, if only she could find the courage to bring it up.