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The Bodyguard.


Part One:- Missing in Action.


Tom Sawyer ran.

The person he was chasing was fast, but Tom was faster. He ran round corners, along empty streets and over fallen rubbish. Above Tom, he could just hear the flutter of bat wings which told him Mina was also hot on the trail. A little way to his right he could see the odd glimpse of Mr. Hyde as he leaped over rooftops.

With a final leap, he crossed the distance between himself and the pursued in a rather rough way. The two men went flying sideways, both hitting the stone wall. Tom scrambled to his feet, struggling to keep his vision sharp.

"What are your running for Merl?" he asked. The other man simply panted hard and shot Tom a vicious look.

"Why you picking on me?" he whined. Mina appeared beside him, her fangs bared.

"Maybe it's because you sent up into a trap. You set us up Merl." she said. Tom casually fingered his two pistols.

"Hey Mina?" he said, in an off-hand tone of voice. "Did you remember to feed tonight?" Mina appeared to consider this for a second.

"Why no. I don't think I have, and I am starting to feel a little peak-ish." she said, her gaze sliding onto Merl. She regarded him as a wolf watches a sheep. Merl began to sweat. He turned to Tom, who was still fingering his pistols.

"Come on, I didn't know it was a trap, I promise. Tom... I mean Agent Sawyer, don't let her eat me, I thought you lot were the good guys." Merl pleaded, his grubby fingers reaching out from Tom. The American stepped back.

"A word of advice Merl." He said, bending down so his face was level with Merl's. "If you send the good guys into a trap, that makes you a bad guy. And the good guys always kill the bad guy... that is, unless you can give me something worth having. Something else my friend can focus on." he gave Merl a smile for a spilt second then turned away.

Merl looked from Tom to Mina then back to Tom. The female Vampire took a step towards Merl, allowing the rest of her face to change. One look at that face was enough to convince the other man.

"Okay, Okay." he said, throwing up his hands to ward off Mina. He glanced around. "There is something new in town, something big. Bigger than the world, this guy is going to set stuff alight."

"What stuff?" Tom asked. Merl looked around again, his eyes searching every shadow.

"He's going to set alight to everything." Merl whispered.

"Who?" Tom asked. Merl bowed his head but didn't answer. "Who is it?" Tom asked again. He moved forward and placed a hand on Merl's shoulder. He shook him gently. The man's head tipped forward, his eyes stuck open in an expression of fear and surprise.

Tom slowly pushed him forward and looked at Merl's back. Embedded in his shoulder blade was a very thin throwing knife. He made a move to remove it but was stopped by Mina's low voice.

"We should go. We can do nothing for him and the police will be here shortly. Unless you want to spend the night in a cell we should go." Mina said. Tom nodded and gingerly removed his hand.

"Sorry Merl." he whispered, closing the man's eyes. "Where did Mr. Hyde get to?" he suddenly asked, scanning the rooftops for the missing monster.

"We should split up, head back to the Nautilus. With any luck Mr. Hyde just returned there after seeing we had caught Merl." Mina said. Tom nodded and took off down one of the many alleyways. Mina watched him go then flew into the air.

She still had to hunt before she could return to the Nautilus.


Tom moved through the streets of London with the air of someone who knows where they are going, someone not to be messed with.

He was passing one of the many dank and dark ally when he first heard the noise. It was a rustling of some kind of cloth as if someone was walking. But when Tom turned he was faced with an empty street. He frowned.

//Didn't I pass a drunk a moment ago?\\ he thought. He turned back to face the way he was going and let out a tiny gasp. The whole street in front of him was empty as well.

Even though he knew there had been at least three people in front of him a minute ago. He slowly slipped his hands into his jacket and pulled out his pistols, his mind alert of any danger. There was a footstep behind him.

He spun round, both pistols pointing directly at the person's chest. The man gave a gasp of shock.

"Mr. Sawyer, it is I." he said. Tom lowed his weapons.

"What on earth are you doing here Bhishma?" Tom asked. Bhishma had the grace to look embarrassed. He had joined the crew of the Nautilus just over three months ago and was still finding it heard to fit in.

"I came in the hope of seeing you and Madam Mina in action." he said shyly. Tom sighed and placed his pistols away.

"You're a bit late Bhishma. It's all over." Tom said. "Come on, let's get back to the Nautilus." he added. The two men began to walk again, each with their own thoughts.

Tom was caught up the mystery of the death of Merl and the new person who threatened the safety of who knew what. It was safe to assume that this person... who ever it was, was behind Merl's murder.

Bhishma was caught up in his own problems. He could feel his heart beating away in his chest due to his fear. But it was too late for Bhishma to change his mind now.

Bhishma knew that, it just didn't make it any easier.

In the end though, Bhishma knew that if he had been offered the same choice at this very moment, he would have chosen the same thing. He badly needed the money.

"Mr. Sawyer? What is that?" Bhishma asked, pointing to something over Tom's head. The American turned to look.

"What? I don't see anything." he said. Bhishma pulled out his own pistol and used the butt end to smash it down on Tom's head. The agent wobbled slightly and half turned to look Bhishma, betray written on his face.

For what seemed like an entity, Tom stared into Bhishma's eyes, the emotion in them one of pure confusion.

//What have I done to deserve this?\\ he seemed to be asking. Then, the moment passed and Tom slumped to the ground, his eyes closing.

His expression became peaceful.

Bhishma rubbed at his eyes then began to drag Tom away, toward a pre-determined spot. Bhishma was only human after all and the ties of friendship could be cut for money.


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