In 1990 a scientific company; specialising in genetic technology; known as InGen made an amazing discovery.

InGen found that biting insects that have been encased and preserved in amber for millions of years, contained the blood of their earlist victims - dinosaurs.

InGen found that by isolating the 'dino-DNA' from the blood samples they could effectively bring dinosaurs back to life.

In 1993; on a remote island of the coast of Costa Rica; John Hammond, a wealthy entrepreneur, secretly began construction of a theme park with the main attractions being living dinosaurs made using InGen technology

Before opening the park to the public, Hammond invited top paleontologist Alan Grant; paleonbotantist Ellie Sattler; mathematician/theorist Ian Malcolm; and Hammond's two grandchildren Alexis (Lex) and Tim Murphy, - to experience the island and help calm anxious investors.

However, during their visit the security system was disabled by InGen computer expert Nedry so he could steal DNA samples of each species of dinosaur.

While the security system was down the velociraptors and the T-Rex escaped from their 'enclosures' and proceeded to reek havoc on the occupants of the island.

Grant and the others barely escaped with their lives; though Dr Malcolm suffered a bad leg injury caused by the T-Rex.

The animals on Isla Nublar were eventually destroyed and 'Jurassic Park' along with them.


Four years after the failure of 'Jurassic Park', it was revealed that there was a 'Site B' - Isla Sorna - on which the dinosaurs were bred before being transported to Isla Nublar.

John Hammond assembled a team to visit and document the area before it was exploited by others.

Included in the four man team were Dr Ian Malcolm and his ex, Dr Sarah Harding; an animal behaviourist.

Hammond's nephew, who had taken control of InGen, led his own team to the island to capture the dinosaurs and bring them back to the US to become attractions at a 'dino park' in San Diego.

On surviving 'Site B', Malcolm and Harding learned that Hammond's nephew had successfully captured an adult T-Rex and shipped it back to the coast.

The T-Rex, however, awoke and broke loose before causing mayhem throughout the city.

Malcolm and Harding eventually lured it back to the ship; using the animal's own offspring; and transported it back to Isla Sorna.

Isla Sorna was now considered strictly off limits to anyone!


Just two years ago, wealthy businessman Paul Kirby successfully tricked reowned paleontologist Dr Alan Grant and his protege Billy Brennan to accompany himself and his wife, Amanda, to Isla Sorna, under the false pretensises that they wanted an aerial tour.

It soon became apparent to Grant and Brennan that they had been tricked into helping the Kirbys find their 14 year old son, Eric, who had became stranded on the island after a paragliding accident.

They eventually found Eric but also found two species of dinosaurs that InGen had not reported; Spinosaurus and Pteranodons.

The group escaped the Pteranodons' cage but it resulted in the loss of Billy.

The Kirby's and Grant were eventually rescued by the military, sent out by the husband of Grant's former partner Ellie.

It was in one of the transports that Grant was reunited with Billy, who was badly injured but would gradually heal.

Isla Sorna has been left alone since, but with the increasing number of dinosaur sightings on the mainland a dicision must be made concerning the animals on the island...