Chapter 13 - Revelations and Remembrance!

Lucas James paced angrily in front of the five remaining men that he had sent after Dr Grant's group.

*Jenkins was a fool! A cocky, arrogant fool!* James thought to himself. He stopped pacing and looked directly at the five young men.

"Well do any of you idiots have anything to say!" he yelled, making the men jump,

"Did you lot happen to find anything useful out that your foolish leader couldn't inform me about because he can't even complete one simple assignment!" James spat the words out in fury.

"We were able to find out that they lost two men to the Pteranodons sir!" the eldest of the five said nervously, "and Lt Jenkins probably would've succeeded sir, if it hadn't been for Sanchez…he shot the Lt in the back of the head and then joined Grant and his men!"

James' head snapped up at that comment and snarled, "Sanchez? That no good son of a bitch betrayed me and he'll pay. Oh he will pay and so will that no good Dr Grant. They will NOT stop me!" he shouted loudly so the entire camp heard him.

"Eli! Ready some more men and get them to start searching for Grant and his groups. And when they find them bring them back here, alive…all except the military, make sure they're disposed of," he said to his second in command, "On second thought, Eli, you are in charge of the team. I believe you can do a better job than Jenkins!"

Eli Joe nodded at his commander and then walked off to assemble a team.

From the seclusion of one of the jeeps, Tim Murphy; John Hammond's grandson; heard everything. The boy had been unaware that Alan Grant was on the team that James was taking out. Tim heard Eli telling some men to get the jeeps ready, as they would be taking them this time. Tim now knew that James wasn't to be trusted and he had to get to Alan to warn him about what was going on. On that thought Tim got in the back of one of the jeeps and got under a pile of blankets.


Somewhere deep in the forest…

"Ya reckon it's safe ta get goin' now?" Vin asked, while leaning out the tree to survey the surrounding area. He heard the sound of his companion moving, from where he was leant against the trunk, to look also.

"Yes Mr Tannah I dare say that the infernal beasts have grown tired with our somewhat stationary display and have left to locate a more available means of sustenance!" Ezra replied, whilst started to descend the tree.

"Hell, a simple yea woulda done!" Vin muttered to himself and then followed Ezra down the tree.

Once on the ground Vin picked up his sniper rifle and checked to see if it was intact. He had to replace the clip, as it had fallen out, but apart from that the weapon looked fine.

"So Mr Tannah, where precisely is this encampment of yours located?" the southerner asked, brushing himself down.

"It's err thisa way." Vin said, pointing in the direction he believed he had come from.

"Are you certain?"

Vin shook his head and headed in the direction he just pointed towards.

"Course I am Ez, I'm a tracker!"

Ezra, who was following him, suddenly stopped and tilted his head to the side,

"Mr Tannah, I believe you must have misheard me when I introduced myself because my name is Ez - ra not Ez!" he said empathising the 'ra' of his name. Vin laughed but otherwise made no comment as the two men walked in the direction of the campsite.


At the West camp…

Chris was pacing around the camp thinking about the communication he had received.

It couldn't have been someone who was part of the 'company' so had to be someone watching them or a spy among the 'company'. What if they were neither of those things? What if it WAS someone from the 'company' and it was a plan to make them weary or they knew Chris would send someone to take a look around and then grab them.

Chris now began to worry about how long Vin was taking. Surely if Vin had found something he would have reported back by now. Something was wrong! Chris could feel it. Something had happened to Vin…he was certain of it.


In another part of the forest…

Grant and his group emerge from some dense foliage and find themselves at the each of a small river.

"I suggest everyone clean themselves up," Grant said, removing his pack, "We can't stay here too long, where there's water there's always life and we don't want to meet any of this island's life!"

"You got that right!" Nic added.

While everyone was cleansing themselves Nic noticed that Billy had disappeared.

She followed the river downstream a bit, until she was just out of view of everyone else, this was where she found Billy.

Billy started slightly when he heard someone approach; he hurriedly tried to get his shirt back on quickly.

"Sorry!" he heard a soft British voice come from behind him

"No it's alight," he sighed, turning to face Nic, "I shouldn't have wandered away from everyone…but you see I didn't want them to err…!"

"See your mars bars?"

"Excuse me?"

"Oh sorry…I mean scars!" Nic said blushing slightly.

"Umm yea that's right, I guess you saw them huh?" he asked seeing Nic nod, "Why did you say mars bars?" he asked puzzled.

Nic shifted her weight a bit, "It's err Cockney rhyming slang…ya know East Londoners way of talking!"

"Oh right…umm ok!" Billy said still confused.

"Anyway how did you get those…?" Nic asked, indicating the silver white lines and dents. Billy quickly finished putting his shirt on, effectively covering the worst scars, particular the three long lines across is shoulder.

"They were caused by the Pteranodons, the last time me and Alan were on this island," he said, pausing as he remembered what had happened just over a year ago.

"You see we were forced into the 'birdcage' because we were being followed by raptors and the Spinosaurus…"


Billy, Alan and Eric, Amanda and Paul Kirby ran towards the building before them. The Spinosaurus was right behind them. They ran through the double doors and Billy, Alan and Paul slammed them shut and brought the beam down to close them.

The doors shook as the Spinosaurus impacted with them, amazingly enough though the doors held firm.

Alan Grant moved further into the building and Billy followed him, Alan was muttering something about why the raptors were following them.

"Could I have my bag please Alan?" Billy asked, indicating the camera bag Alan had over his shoulder.

"Don't worry I got it," Alan replied, looking around and wondering what this building was for.

"Why do you suppose those raptors are following us?" Alan asked not looking at Billy though, so missing the anxious look on his face.

"Alan! PLEASE give me the bag!" Billy asked, sounding disparate. Alan turned to him puzzled and he now noticed the look on Billy's face.

Alan began to open the bag, noting that Billy got more anxious. As he opened the bag he saw them…two raptor eggs.

"Raptor eggs…this is why they have been following us!" Alan practically yelled at his protégé.

"I thought if we could get eggs back to the mainland, we could get serious money for it. Enough to fund the digging for 10 years. More. Whatever it took." Billy said trying to defend himself.

"You have to believe me. I did it with the best intentions!"

Alan turned sharply towards the younger man, "Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions. You rushed in with no thought to the consequences, to yourself or anyone else!" he snapped harshly.

"You're no better than the people who built this place!" he said and walked away from Billy in disgust.


"Alan wouldn't even look at me after he found out!" Billy said, lowering his head in shame, "I now realise how stupid I was…anyway we walked down an iron staircase and found our selves at the end of a catwalk, it was then we realised it was a 'birdcage' because the catwalks were suspended above water and their was a titanium netting around the whole place." He said trying to explain to Nic properly.

"Anyway we came to a long catwalk that we couldn't see all the way across because of a dense fog, so Alan walked across first and then called back for Mrs Kirby to come next! After she was safely across her son, Eric, went next…"


Eric slowly inched across the catwalk; he kept his hands on the rails either side. He was now deep in the dense fog, so that neither Billy and Paul or Alan and Amanda could see him. He suddenly felt the catwalk shake.

"Mom?" he called anxiously. He heard the sound of something walking towards him and then out from the fog emerged a large dinosaur with wings and a bill. This was a Pteranodon, a flying reptile that lived through the late Cretaceous period.

Suddenly the four adults heard the sound of a kid screaming in terror.

"Eric?" Amanda cried and ran back along the catwalk, closely followed by Alan.

Billy and Paul had also run onto the catwalk, towards the sound.

They reached the spot where Eric should've been together, but arrived just in time to see the Pteranodon spread its 30 ft wings and fly off the catwalk with Eric held in its talons.

Paul and Amanda run quickly, trying to follow the Pteranodon carrying their son. Alan goes to follow them until he noticed Billy isn't with them.

He looks behind him to see Billy leaning over the edge of the rail, and it is then Alan realises what Billy is about to do.

"Billy, Wait!" he cries, but to no avail as Billy just gives him a sad smile and leaps off the edge.

The others watch as Billy plummets towards certain death but then they watch as the parasail chute; that he took from Amanda's boyfriend's corpse earlier; blossoms above him. Not only does it slow Billy's descent, but he even managed to catch an updraft and began to rise. He struggled to control the parasail, swooping dangerously close to the canyon wall barely avoiding it. Up ahead he caught sight of Eric and steers towards him.

The Pteranodon dropped Eric into its nest, where six hatchlings try to peck him. Eric threw a human skull at them and tried desperately to keep away from them.

Billy swoops overhead but is too high to reach Eric.

"Hang on, Eric!" he cried, as he circles back around to make another attempt.

As Billy swoops past again, Eric jumped and grabs onto his boot. He is yanked up and out of the nest. But then, the mother Pteranodon shot past, tearing a hole in the parasail. With the parasail badly damaged Billy flies as low as he dares.

"Let go!" he yelled to Eric.

Terrified, Eric fell into the river safely. He surfaced and immediately swam to shore.

Trying to gain altitude, Billy bent hard to the right. But the rigging was too badly damaged and he flew straight into the canyon wall, hitting hard.

Instead of tumbling down to the river, however, he found himself swinging from the harness - the parasail snagged on the rock spire above him.

Billy manages to unhook himself from the parasail and fell down towards the river.

Billy spots the others on the shore and attempts to swim towards them.

"Billy look out!" he heard someone shout at him and looks behind him in terror.

The Pteranodons were diving down and coming straight for him.

Billy tries to move fast but his water soaked clothes make him heavier and it's impossible to move fast.

Suddenly he felt a hard impact to his back and right shoulder. He screams in agony as the Pterandon's talons tear into his skin. He is pushed down in the water and then the rest of the Pteranodons dive down onto him, to join in the frenzy and he feels talons tear into him and beaks stab him and then everything went black…


"Damn!" Nic gasped, truly horrified.

"Yea!" Billy replied, smiling ruefully, "Anyway according to Alan and the military my body was washed down stream towards an estuary, and I was just lucky that that was when the military, Ellie and her husband had sent to rescue us, turned up and they took me onboard one of the aircraft carriers and gave me treatment…To this day I dunno why I'm alive, huh maybe so I can get killed this time round!" he continued laughing dryly.

"Well, I think maybe we should be getting back before they send out a search party huh?" Nic asked, moving to head back to the groups, "Oh and Billy! Thanks for telling me, it must've been hard!"

"Nah not really…it helped!" he said smiling softly, as they came into view of everyone else, "And maybe you can return the favour later and teach me some 'Cockney rhyming slang'?"

"Ok then…deal!" she replied laughing.