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Caldor's arrival to Neverwinter was not a very pleasant one. Not only were a majority of the citizens deathly ill but there was also no vacancy in any Inn in the entire city.

"You have got to be kidding me." Caldor grumbled as he headed toward the Hall of Justice.
As he entered the building, he saw rows of cots with dying patients laid out on top of them. Nurses ran about everywhere trying to tend to all of the patients. Caldor shook his head as he looked down at one of the many dead. As he kneeled down to say a prayer he was immediately grabbed by one of the head priests.

"Are you Caldor Erion?"


"It is good to see you made it in one piece, sir. The Lady Aribeth is not present at the moment but she told me to tell you that there is a room for you in the Neverwinter Academy. The school is in the Beggar's Nest. Just tell the Headmaster who you are. Good luck to you. Sir Erion." With that said the cleric ran off before Caldor could thank him.

"Humph." Caldor grunted as he headed out the door. "I guess I'll talk to her tomorrow."

The next morning, a sharp rap at the door woke Caldor. "Come in." he shouted drowsily.

A young elven girl opened the door gingerly and looked inside. "The Lady Aribeth would like you to meet her in the graduation room."

Caldor mumbled out thanks and sent her away. He rolled out of the bed, landing on the floor on all fours. He stretched out a bit and did a couple push-ups before he stood up and stumbled toward the mirror. He washed his face and brushed out his long brown hair then stared at himself in the mirror. His milky green eyes stared at him and coppery tone in his skin shown brightly. He stood up straight and stared at the copper dragon tattoo that covered most of his chest. Though it was slightly distorted by his muscle, its shape was still recognizable.

Caldor smiled then frowned as he traced his finger along the outline. 'I want to go home.'

He quickly put on his armor, the pauldrons had been removed a while back for better flexibility. Picking up his great sword and sheath, he swept out into the Academy halls, heading toward the graduation room.

Once he finally reached the room, he saw many students spread around the room.
"All of these greenies. These 'adventurers' are going to cure a plague?" he questioned under his breath. Caldor was still confused about how a bunch of newbie's were going to cure a plague with a weapon. He continued his way through the crowd to the altar at the back of the room.

A beautiful elven woman stood at the altar watching him curiously as he made his way toward her. Though he looked of elven descent, he was at least 6ft. tall where usually elves reach about 4 to 41/2 ft.

"Good morning m'lady." Caldor said bowed, "I am Caldor Erion, Paladin of Helm."

"Greetings Caldor. I am Aribeth de Tylmarande, paladin of Tyr."

'So it is true. We are both oddball paladins of human gods.' Caldor thought with a smile. Aribeth looked up at him with a smile and was immediately drawn to his eyes. The milky green orbs seemed to glow and the shape of the pupils was quite strange. At this viewpoint they appeared to be in the shape of a round dragon head. Caldor watched her curiously as she looked into his eyes. Aribeth began to lean forward, trying to get a better look, but Caldor placed a hand on her shoulder.

"M'lady? Are you alright?" Caldor asked with a slight laugh. Aribeth shook her head and cleared her throat.

"Ahem, umm yes. It is good of you to arrive so quickly on such short notice Caldor."

"Hmm, what is it that you wish of me m'lady? I've heard all the trainees here talking about how they are going to cure the plague when they graduate. I don't understand how you intend to cure a great sickness with a weapon." Caldor said.

Aribeth smiled, "I knew you would ask. You see we... Do you feel that?" Caldor had indeed felt that feeling of impending doom. He unsheathed his sword and looked around the room, ignoring the curious stares from the now quiet graduates.

"We are under attack!" Caldor and Aribeth yelled as four wizards appeared in the room. They immediately began casting spells at the young adventurers, killing some instantly. Caldor rushed one of the wizards quickly stabbed him in the heart as he ran toward the wizard at the opposite corner. He kneed the wizard in the gut and when he doubled over, Caldor cut off his head. On the other side of the room, Aribeth finished off her second wizard then ran to where Caldor was standing.

"Here Caldor, take this key and head to the stables. You must protect the Waterdhavian creatures!"

"Huh? You're not comin' with me?" Caldor asked.

"No, I think this attack was centered on me. Now you must hurry!" Aribeth pushed Caldor out the door before he could say anything more.
As soon as he stepped into the hall, he was face-to-face with another wizard. "What? I was expecting the Lady Aribeth not some lowly adventurer!" The wizard sneered. Caldor tried to slash him but his attack didn't make a scratch.

"We'll see how you deal with my minions, fool!" The wizard disappeared and two goblins appeared and tried to attack the paladin. Caldor stared at the goblins as their feeble attacks bounced off his chest plate. "The hell?"
Caldor slashed at the goblins and managed to kill one that hadn't dodged or jumped away. The second goblin jumped at him, short sword at the ready. Caldor side stepped and slammed the back of his hand against the goblin's neck. The paladin continued running down the hall, killing any goblins that got in his way.
On the way, Caldor found a shaken young human, Pavel, sitting on the ground and surrounded by goblin corpses.

"Get up boy!" Caldor yelled as he dragged him to his feet, "Follow me." Pavel followed Caldor to the stables but they were stopped by the wizard leader.
Caldor charged the wizard, dodging quickly to avoid a few Magic missiles. Pavel picked up a throwing axe and threw it at the wizard but missing as the man twirled to the side, avoiding the axe and throwing an Acid Arrow at Caldor. The paladin tried to avoid the arrow but was hit in the upper arm.
He grimaced but continued charging the wizard and tackled him. The wizard kicked him off and took out his quarterstaff brandishing it menacingly. Caldor unsheathed his sword and swung it hard at the wizard. The man parried his blow and swung at Caldor's head.

The paladin ducked and rushed the wizard hitting him in the stomach with his shoulder. The man fell to the ground and held his quarterstaff up to try and block Caldor's next attack. The paladin swung the sword down powerfully, cutting the quarterstaff in half and ending the man's life. Both men arrived in the stables in time to see the final Waterdhavian creatures making their escape from the attacking goblins. Near the back doors of the stables were a young elf and an extremely ugly human fighting off some of the stronger goblins.

Caldor slashed at the bite-sized attackers taking out one of the weaker goblins. A well armored one, most likely the leader, swung at Caldor's legs. He jumped back and Pavel punched the goblin in the face, knocking it over. He then kicked the goblin as it tried to get up. A red fury formed in Pavel's eyes his he moved toward the goblin. The small creature looked up at him and squeaked as Pavel brought his mace down heavily on the creature's head.

The elf and human finished the last goblin and the battle was over. The young elven man looked around the now empty room and began to panic.
"The Academy students slain, the Waterdhavian creatures gone! No! This can not be!" he cried.

"All is lost Fenthick! And where was the Lady Aribeth during all of this?" The human asked nastily.

"Aribeth sent me here to protect the creatures." Caldor said calmly.

"You? She sent a whelp of a man instead of coming herself?" The man shouted.

"Hey buddy, she sent me here because she thought the attacks were centered on her."

"Well obviously that's not the case since everyone else is dead!" The human growled.

"Humph. This fiasco pretty much summed up the usefulness of this 'Academy'. Everyone died to goblins! Goblins, the most pathetic creatures on Faerun!" Caldor yelled at the man.

"Bah! I'll leave you and your lady love to clean up this mess, Fenthick," with that said the man walked out the doors and disappeared into the night.
"Please forgive Desther. The stress caused by the plague is really taking its toll on him. I'm Fenthick Moss. Who might you be?"
"I'm Caldor Erion, paladin of Helm." Fenthick nodded and looked around the stables.

"This event only confirms our suspicions that someone is behind this plague. Not only do we have to find out who it is, now we must find those creatures for the cure. Sir Erion, will you help us in this undertaking?"

Fenthick looked up at Caldor pleadingly. "Of course, the ones behind this must be found. Plus I don't like the sight of all these sick people." Fenthick smiled and shook Caldor's hand heartily.

"That is excellent news! Please meet with me a week from now in the Hall of Justice."

"See you in a week than." Caldor replied. Fenthick bowed before Caldor than ran out into the city. Pavel who had been standing behind Caldor timidly finally spoke up. "This isn't for me. I should have stayed at the farm. Both of us..." He blinked back tears for his dead brother.

"The life of an adventurer isn't for a lot of people." Caldor said calmly.

"Very true, well it was an honor to meet you Sir Caldor. May the gods watch over you." Pavel stumbled out of the stables and into the night. Caldor took out a rag and wiped the remaining goblin guts off his chest plate. " it begins."

Note: The next chapter will have a lot more action than this.