Until the day I die

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Warnings: This fic does have to do with abusive relationships. So, if you don't want to read anything like that, please don't read this. I'm warning you now. There's mainly violence and language in the first chapter. Once again, this isn't for kids.

Chapter 1: No ladder

His once strong body slammed into the tile, sending agonizing pain shooting through his skull. He groaned as he pushed his hands on the floor, trying his best to gain the strength and courage to stand up. Trying and failing miserably.

Dark eyes narrowed to slits as they watched the coward on the floor. The fool was pathetic and worthless. How anyone could care about the moron was beyond him. And yet, he did.

His shadow casted over the man on the floor as he loomed over him. His head held high as his arms crossed over his chest to rest in their usual position. A satisfied grin came to his lips as the man's elbows gave away and he was on the cold floor once again. His orange and blue clothes were in shreds, but they still clung to his body, barely. He didn't dare cry though. His tears would only piss off his mate more. He blindly sought out gold tipped boots. Soft lips pressed to them franticly. Hoping to be forgiven. Forgiven for being so stupid. Forgiven for being himself. Forgiven for being third class scum!

He cowered as he waited for an answer, a scowl, a foot in his face, anything, but all he received was silence. Deathly silence. The thundering of his heart was the only constant sound. His breathing slowed as he waited. Waited to hear the deep husky voice.

He yelped as the boot connected with his chin, sending crimson and himself flying backwards and across the floor.

"How dare you even look at my shoes!" He growled in the back of his throat. "Then you thought that you could put your filthy third class lips upon them!" He shouted as he glared down at the prone figure that curled into fetal position. "LOOK AT ME YOU WORTHLESS BITCH!!" Tear filled eyes met his. The fear shown through every time his bottom lip quivered. Blood trickled down from the abrasion on his lip; black and blue already started to appear on his chin and on the side of his face, a red hand print clearly visible through the black and blue.

A tear slipped free from the wide charcoal eyes. Goku felt his inside quake as he felt the hot tear face down the curve of his cheek. Why . . .?

The Prince clenched his jaw and tightened his fists, his nails drawing blood. He scowled and looked away from those eyes. The eyes that looked into is soul, eyes that showed him what it is to be loved.

A low whimper came from the man on the floor. The Prince's hand met the younger Sayian's face, the cry from him and the loud smacking sound echoed in the kitchen. With a dull thud Goku's face slammed onto the tile, a swift swing of his gloved hand, and Goku was silenced.

Blood flooded his mouth and dripped onto the floor, leaving crimson droplets.

Vegeta leaned down and scooped the still body into his arms. A frown stayed on his lips as he carried his young mate into their bedroom.

He set the weaker Sayian upon the bed, brought his hand to the torn fabric and slowly removed the orange and blue, droplets of blood held the fabric to his pale skin, but Vegeta easily removed it. He tossed each piece over his shoulder until the other male was only clad in thin boxers. Those strangely were the least torn. He stripped his body of those too, discarding them behind himself like all the other trash. He pivoted towards the bathroom and moved inside, there he turned on the water and filled the porcelain tub with steaming water. His fingers tested the hot liquid until he felt it was cool enough for his mate to relax in. With a heavy sigh, he picked up his naked mate and carefully placed him in the water, instantly it turned magenta.

With a jerk, Goku awoke; the blood filled water splashed upon Vegeta's face as the other man's arms shot out in every direction.

Anger filled his senses as Goku's clouded eyes met his. He raised his hand.

Goku instinctively flinched away from Vegeta, bring his hands up to protect his already battered face. But the pain never came. He slowly lowered his arms to see Vegeta wipe the water from his face in disgust. His arms then rested at his sides as he tried to calm his anger. "Clean yourself up, then come to bed." He spun away from Goku and disappeared out of the restroom. Leaving Goku in silence. Goku's eyes slid shut as the tears began as they always did. Splashing into the red water as he brought the soap to his pale skin.

He scrubbed viciously, trying to cleanse himself of the filth and dirt Vegeta claimed was there. He covered every crevice of his body with the thick white soap then cleaned it free from his body. The water became a lighter shade of pink as he did so.

Next came the gardenia scented shampoo and conditioner. He thoroughly washed his hair, then conditioned it.

Vegeta always liked him clean and smelling good and he liked it when Vegeta was happy with him. He usually is, but today . . . today was different. Today Vegeta was angry-angry about something Goku didn't tell him about. The Prince never mentioned what it was but Goku had a good idea of what it was. It had enraged him, he brutally beat Goku, until he was a bloody pulp and it wasn't the first time either.

Goku felt more tears came to his face as he remembered every time his mate injured him. Every time his fists rained down upon his face and body, but he couldn't leave. No matter how much it hurt. They were mated. Sayians mate for life. He tried to contain his pitiful sobs. He had to endure this for the rest of his life! The pain-the agony- the rest of his god forsaken life!

He washed the conditioner out of his now silky hair, stood up on shaky knees, and stepped free of the tub. The towel quickly dried his body and hair. The redness from his eyes had faded with a few drops of Visine. Vegeta couldn't see him cry it enraged him further. It made him seem more childish and weak!

He silently crept into their room and slipped his nightclothes on, pale blue cotton pajamas bottoms and a long sleeve button up shirt that matched the bottoms.

He peered over at the king sized bed, seeing Vegeta's eyes shut, he let out a held breath and moved back the blankets, slid under the warmth, and pulled them up over himself. His eyes began to drift shut but a voice shot them back open.

"Kakkarot." He looked over to the right of himself. He could barely make out Vegeta's figure.

"Y-yes?" He hadn't recalled his voice sounding so strained.

"You know why I am angry with you." It was more of a statement than a question. "Don't let it happen again." He pulled Goku close to himself, a low purr emitting from his throat. Goku whimpered as he felt pain reemerge from where he had been struck earlier, Vegeta's callused hands had wandered over the wound on his shoulder. Tears began again as he rested his face upon Vegeta's chest, his tears rolling onto carefully toned muscles. Vegeta's teeth painfully pressed against one another, he fought the urge to beat the beautiful man into the ground like he usually did. "Shh . . ." he said lowly as he gently rocked Goku's frail body. He found himself pressing his lips onto Goku's thick neck, his teeth nipping at a scar that reminded him how they were bonded forever. The tears slowly ceased and Goku's sobs tapered off and his body seemed to weigh more as he drifted to a dream filled sleep. His heart thumped against Vegeta's, as they laid motionless in the bed.

"I'm sorry ChiChi but me and Vegeta are together now. You know that but why do you keep coming back?" Son Goku asked his once wife.

The woman sobbed continuously. "I-LOVE-YOU!" She latched herself onto Goku, tears drenching his orange shirt.

He smoothed her hair back gently. "Chi . . . you need to move on. You're the one that divorced me. I'm sorry about all this. I know it seemed so sudden but I want a family with Vegeta. You need to find someone else. I'll even help you. You just-"

"But I want to be with you!" She wailed even louder than before.

"You're stronger than this. You'll pull through, find someone that makes you happy and you'll live happily ever after. See?" There was silence for a few moments.

The female human forced a smile. "Yeah . . . Are you sure you'll help? Vegeta won't care?"

Goku grinned. "Naw, he'll be fine about it and it'll get you out of his hair." He chuckled and ChiChi did the same.

"When will you come by? I know Goten will be happy to see you."

Goku shrugged, "I donno. But I'll tell you beforehand. Alright?"

She gave a quick nod. "Okay. You'll have dinner with us?"

"Sure, why not." She hugged Goku tightly against herself.

"Thank you so much. You always remind me why I love you so." She snuggled into his shirt, inhaling his sweet scent. The one she wished was still sharing beds with her. She hadn't been thinking when she divorced him. After he took off with Uub, that was it. She was sick of having an empty bed and a husband that was never there. But now she regretted ever doing that.

She had the "pleasure" of watching her husband fall in love with a cocky Prince. The one per-alien that she hated! He was the cause of so much of their grief and now Goku was falling head over heels for him. She didn't blame him; the man is very sexy in his tight spandex. But his personality . . . he treated Goku like he was shit! And yet, the younger Sayian kept going back to him, seeking comfort in his not so comforting arms. She saw it with Bulma and now it's happening to Goku. Bulma had been the smart one; she left and went back to Yamcha, taking Bra and Trunks with her. She was happy for them, but each day, she watched Goku and Vegeta's relationship unfold. She knew Vegeta wasn't an asshole all the time. In fact he could be strangely nice, but he tended not to show it. She didn't understand why. Why would he hide his true feelings for Goku? Maybe it was because he was third class. She didn't know. But what she knew was that Goku was deep in a hole that he dug and Vegeta pulled the ladder out of his reach.

Goku smiled warmly at her and gave her shoulder a tight squeeze and whispered, "See you later Chi."

He turned away from her and ChiChi called after him. "Bye!" Goku looked over his shoulder, gave a quick wave, and took off to the sky. ChiChi watched him disappear into the distance. With a deep sigh, she moved back into her small capsule home.

To be continued . . .

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