Until the day I die

Chapter 2: Three simple words

They awoke in each other's arms. Just like every morning for the last 2 years. Two years they had been together. Two years ago they had proclaimed their love for one another. Two years seemed to fly, yet two years . . . was far too long.

Goku rolled onto his back, successfully ridding his body of the arm that was protectively over his side. He stifled a yawn as his mate slid out of their bed, clad only in his black boxers. Goku gave a weak smile as his mate asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee.

Vegeta snorted as he exited their room, his bare feet silently hitting the floor as he walked across the tile. He went past pictures of fond memories and friends. Each one meant nothing to him. But they meant so much to his beloved that he dealt with them.

He entered the rather large kitchen. The counters trimmed in gold. While the top of them remained dark blue. They had both decided that he would do the decorating since Goku had little to no sense in decorating a house. He barely had any sense in anything but fighting and making Vegeta feel good. Really good. A rare smile came to his lips as he remembered all the times they had "made love" as Goku would say. Each passionate night left them drenched in sweat and saliva from one another's lips. Occasionally, blood would be involved if Vegeta felt he wanted to be more violent then usual. Nibbling at his mate's lips, his neck, any part of his skin that he could reach easily without causing him too much pain.

Yet, Goku was always so gentle. Each caress would send his body reeling. Each soft butterfly kiss would open his senses more and cause him to feel as if he had died and gone straight to heaven.

Vegeta pressed in the right side of the button that lit up red. It took a moment for the heavy scent of coffee to reach his nostrils as he sat down at the table. Awaiting his mate's arrival. They needed to speak.

The pot was now filled with dark liquid as Goku appeared. His eyes still hooded with sleep. He took a seat next to his mate; a smile never graced his youthful face.

"Kakkarot." The older Sayian began causing the other to look across at him. "I don't want you seeing her again."

Goku closed his eyes for a moment, his jaw clenched as he reopened his black pools. "I was just trying to help her out. I see no harm in it."

"Are you listening to me? I said no and that means NO! I need no reason behind it!"

"But Vegeta! It's not like we're doing anything!"

"I don't care if you're helping her pick Goten up from school! I said no dammit!" Goku's shoulder's slumped in defeat causing Vegeta to sigh. "I know you're trying to help her but I know her scent and it was all over you!"

Goku frowned. "She hugged me, so what?"

Vegeta's fist hit the table. "So what? That bitch is trying to get you back. I can feel it!"

Goku forced a smile. "I know you're trying to keep me safe from everything but I can protect myself." But could he? He sure was doing a bang up job in that department.

Vegeta reached across the table, brushing his callused fingers across the blue and black on his mates' cheek. "I love you. I don't want to loose you." Goku was in disbelief. Only last night his mate was beating him senseless and now he was being sweet?

"I know . . ."

"I know I can't take back what I did. But I'm sorry."

"I know . . ." Goku's fingers brushed across the wound on his neck.

The scar that told him he belonged to Vegeta. No matter what.

No matter what

He sighed deeply as Vegeta stood up and fixed him a cup of coffee, two cubes of sugar and French vanilla liquid creamer. It was placed in front of him, the steam calming him, as did the luxurious taste on his tongue.

"Do you want to do something today?" Vegeta spoke lowly as he continued to sip on his hot drink.

Goku shrugged, "sure. Could we visit Gohan?"

A frown came to Vegeta's lips. He didn't like the brat. He obviously was stronger than Vegeta, but the real reason was he was suspecting something. He could see the bruises. It was from sparring, they would say although it obviously wasn't. They hadn't sparred in a while. Gohan saw through the lies.

Goku had noticed the frown on his mate's face. "Or how about the park? That would be nice to calm your mind."

Vegeta gave a quick nod. He did need to clear his mind and Gohan, his wife, and that brat kid of theirs wouldn't help the growing throb at his brow.

"I'll go get ready." With a small smile Goku got up and disappeared from the kitchen.

A frown still remained on Vegeta's face. He was thankful that Kakkarot was so innocent. If he hadn't been, for one, their relationship would have never happened and two, most things went right out the other ear. He ran his fingers through his upswept hair and stood up; pushing his thoughts back but they kept reemerging in questions.

Why do you really hurt Kakkarot?

Why do you hit him?

Why do you treat him as if he's nothing when he means everything to you?

They plagued his mind- but only one answer came to his mind. I am the Prince! I do whatever the hell I want! And he kept feeding himself that lie. He loves Goku, with all his heart and soul. But he couldn't show it. There was sex . . . but Goku didn't show his love by that. He showed it by his eyes, his love burned bright. But Vegeta's eyes were dull and emotionless; nothing escaped his black holes.

He hated himself for bringing his fist upon the other male. Every hit he dealt upon his slim frame sent spears through his heart but he did it anyways. He had to prove he was stronger than his mate and he KNEW that Goku would not fight back. He knew it and that's what sickened him the most. He used Goku's love against him. And now look where they were. Goku cowered when Vegeta rose his voice. He was afraid to do something wrong because he couldn't take the pain anymore. But he still loved Vegeta. He loved him so much and he kept coming back for more. He would force a smile and deal with it.

Deal with the pain-shut it out- Vegeta didn't know but he never saw it written in his eyes. Not once.

Vegeta looked towards Goku as he walked into the room. His eyes trailed up muscular legs that were covered in loosely fitting blue jeans; a black shirt that fit snugly against his skin, showing all his beautifully sculptured muscles and his unruly hair. Wild like he is. He grinned, "I'm ready to go!" He bent down and slipped on a pair of black dress shoes. Vegeta smiled and walked past his mate, their arms brushing against one another.

Goku awaited his Princes' return in silent. He soon appeared wearing tight fitting blue jeans and a dark blue tank that fit like a second skin. "Let's go." He ordered and Goku followed him out of the house. They walked in awkward silence until they reached the park. The flowers and green grass lit Goku's face up. He loved the park. Vegeta was amazed at how such a simple thing brought so much joy to his mate. Goku wandered off, in daze as birds fluttered by.

Something caught Vegeta's eyes. A beautiful red rose. He placed his finger around the stem and plucked it from it's home. He rolled it between his finger tips for a moment and his eyes searched for his mate. He soon caught sight of the unruly mass of ebony by the small duck pond. A smile came to his lips as he made his way to it. He could hear Goku calling to the ducks as they quacked.

Goku whirled around as he felt Vegeta's presence.

A gloved hand held out the rose. Goku was taken back by such a small and meaningful gesture. "Is this for me?"

Vegeta nodded, Goku took the rose from Vegeta and brought it too his nose, inhaling the floral scent. He grinned and hugged Vegeta. "Thank you so much." He whispered.

Vegeta pushed Goku's hair out of his eyes, only to have it fall back into place. "You're so beautiful . . ."He was lost in those soulful eyes.

"So are you. You're more beautiful than this rose. I'd rather have you." He chuckled. "Though the rose smells better."

He felt Vegeta's chest quake with laughter. "I love you Kakkarot."

"And I love you too Vegeta." They remained like that for a while, enjoying the sound of each other's heart beat.

Until Vegeta spoke. "Let's go home. I'll make us something to eat."

Goku's pale face lit up. He almost drooled at the thought. Vegeta's food was heaven! Even if he ever burned it, the wonderful taste still lingered. "Yeah! Race you home?"

Vegeta smirked and took off to the sky. Goku stood there and put two fingers to his forehead. "I win."

To be continued . . .

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