A/N: My version of what should have happened when Jen's boyfriend from New York came to visit. Contains some of original dialogue, but trust me it is changed vastly and is heavy on the Pacey/Joey love!


*Thursday night*

Enter Dawson's room. Pacey is sitting in a chair beside the bed, feet propped up and leaning back.

"Come on, Dawson! So it's not some boring black and white movie or something Spielberg . . . that does not mean it does not have potential!'

"Pacey, you brought over The Ice Storm. It's not exactly a movie night movie. It's basically about a group of depressed people . . ."

"Just because it is not as optimistic as you seem to think life is does not mean it's not a good movie."

"Let me guess, you watched it as you rewound it at work and it had some sex in it."

Pacey scoffed, "Like you aren't interested, Dawson. You are a teenage boy."

"Fine. We'll watch it. But remember, this viewing is under protest."

"Whatever, man." Pacey offered as Dawson popped the tape in the VCR and flopped down in bed.

Pacey glanced at his watch, "Shouldn't Potter be here soon?"

Dawson glanced at his clock on the nightstand beside the chair that Pacey was currently lounging in.

"Five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one"

Joey climbs in the window.

"Hey Jo." Dawson greets her.

"Potter, what a 'surprise'.", Pacey offered.

She glared at him, "I'm not in the mood, fish bait."

She turned to Dawson and started to remove her shoes.

" Remember that guy who went on the killing spree and was found innocent after claiming sleep deprivation?"

As she waited for his reply she took off her jacket. Pacey watched her with some interest but no one took notice.

" Yeah, he went postal. Took out like half of that fast food restaurant."

" Well, I think I need to call his lawyer." She offered, sitting down on the edge of his bed.

Dawson laughed, " Let me guess, Bessie and Bodie's new addition's appointed

for the night?"

" I swear to God, Dawson, my sister gave birth to Rosemary's baby. I mean, I

haven't slept for days and my GPA is taking a nosedive and um, last week I got caught in a pool of drool in European History." She offered, pulling the sheets over herself.

"That's attractive, Potter." Pacey offered, sarcastically.

She scowled at him and then noticed the television screen. She looked surprised, "Dawson, did you actually take a stroll down New Releases lane?"

"I let Pacey pick the movie." He offered.

"This should be a treat." She offered, sarcastically, "So how many times does the main character get down in this movie?"

Pacey turned to her, "Ahh, Potter, how I love these chats we have . . ."

"Bite me, Pacey." She offered and closed her eyes.

He watches her a little while longer before turning back to the movie. Within minutes she is asleep. Dawson laughs slightly which caused Pacey to turn and take notice.

"How many times has she crashed here this week?" Pacey asked.

Dawson thought for a moment, "Three."

"A better man would be taking advantage of this situation. You have a girl crawling into your room at night, Dawson. That is every teenage boy's fantasy."

Dawson glared at him, "Pacey, I'm with Jen. And Joey has been crashing here for years. I don't understand where you are getting this idea that something is going to happen between us. Joey and I are just friends . . . what I have with Jen is . . ."

Pacey interrupted, "So you are saying, you don't *enjoy* her showing up here, lying beside you?"

Dawson considered his answer for a moment, "Pacey, get a life."

Dawson turned back to the movie and scowled at the screen.

Pacey whispered under his breath, "Get a clue."

He turned towards the sleeping Joey and watched as her chest rose and fell. As much as he poked fun at the Potter girl he could not truthfully say that she never entered his thoughts. Just a few nights before he had a dream with her in it. He had simply brushed it off as his raging hormones affecting his judgment. But looking at her lay there peacefully he could not help seeing how beautiful she was.

He turned back to the movie and sighed. Joey's heart belonged to Dawson. It was obvious to everyone except for the object of her affection.