A/N: I made it my goal to have this story be short and sweet. I wanted the events to be done with during the weekend. Thus the ending is succinct and a mini epilogue reveals how the events of my story change the entire series. I hope everyone enjoyed it! (

*Sunday Night*

It had been her attempt to go straight home and talk with Bessie about the new developments in her love life, but she suddenly found herself in front of the ladder that lead up to Dawson's bedroom.

She looked up the ladder at the window and saw that the light was dark. He was not there. Before she knew it she was climbing the ladder and reached the roof.

She climbed inside the room and looked around. The lack of light cast an eerie glow over the room she had spent much of her childhood in. She glanced around the room once more and turned to leave when she saw Dawson standing in the doorway. She jumped back, startled.

"Dawson . . ." She started, frozen near his window.

He took a few steps inside his room, "Sorry to startle you."

She let out a sigh, "I didn't expect you here."

He took another step inside, "Then why are you here?"

She was silent.

He flipped on the light, startling her, "Perhaps you came to tell me something?"

She looked into his eyes; startled he could read her so well. It was there she saw that he read nothing, that he knew before she had come why she was there.

" I didn't intend for this to happen, Dawson." She offered.

" What you intended does not comfort me in the slightest, Joey."

"What do you want me to say, Dawson?" She started, "We aren't together. We have never been. Why is it so bad that I am with someone else? You were with Jen! Do you think that it was not painful for me to watch the two of you together?"

He offered," Is this a punishment? For taking so long to realize my feelings for you, Jo? For shoving my relationship with Jen in your face?"

" No, Dawson. Why would you think that I would-"

" Then why, Joey? Why Pacey? Why now? Please, just explain to me because I cannot-for the life of me-fathom how the two of you got together. Half the time you can barely stand one another-you even refused to kiss him in my movie? So how can you suddenly believe that Pacey is the guy for you?"

" I can't, okay? I can't explain it, Dawson. It happened." She started, "Dawson, two days ago you barely gave me a second glance. Your eyes never left Jen. Why are you so suddenly convinced that we are meant to be together? Maybe you only want me because someone else took interest, did you think of that?"

He ignored her logic, "What ever you think you have with Pacey is a lie, Joey. He only wants one thing and when he gets it . . ."

She interrupted, "It is nice to know you think so highly of your best friend, Dawson. But you don't know him at all and if what you are saying about him seems true to you then you have never known him at all."

"And you think know him better, Joey?"

"I know what kind of person he is, Dawson. And for a while I thought I knew you. But obviously I was mistaken. Because the Dawson I knew would never be this shallow. The Dawson I knew would happy for me, for his friends. But now I can see that the friend I thought I knew has never existed."

She turned to climb out the window and was startled when she saw Pacey. He was not startled to see her. She moved out of the way to let him in and Dawson struggled out a sound that sounded like a laugh.

"Why am I not surprised?" Dawson offered when Pacey came in.

He walked up to Dawson, "This is between me and you, man. Don't lay the blame on Joey."

Dawson struggled out a laugh, "Why am I not surprised that you are here?"

"I did not come here to fight Dawson, but I am prepared to."

"So what is this, with Joey, Pace?"

"I know this, Dawson. I'm not letting her slip through my fingers. I don't know what I have with Joey, but I know that it is something worth fighting for, even if I have to fight you."

Joey found Pacey's hand and took hold of it. He squeezed hers for reassurance. Dawson watched this exchange, and felt sick in his stomach.

"Fine. Go, be together." He offered to them both and then turned to Joey, "But don't come crying to me when your realize that he has used you."

He turned and stormed out of the room, making a promise to himself that he would never talk to either one of his former best friends again.

~*~*~*~ Joey and Pacey sat silently on the edge of her dock. Pacey's arm was wrapped delicately around her waist and she rested her head on his shoulder. They had been sitting like this since they had left Dawson's house.

Finally, Pacey broke the silence, "Why me, Jo?"

She broke out of her trance, "What?"

"I was sure that you would choose Dawson. I've seen the way you look at him. Why did you threaten everything you had with Dawson for me?"

"When I talked to Jen she made me ask myself some important questions. One was, 'Which guy can make you smile when you feel like crying?' and I instantly knew it was you."

He seemed perplexed, so she continued, "When my mom died, you came by everyday after school and went on and on about all that had happened during the day. If someone spilled milk on themselves at lunch, you told me. And then you added your sarcastic views about all the situations and you made me smile. Everyone else was tiptoeing around me as if I was some porcelain doll and would shatter if they treated me normally. But you treated me just as you always had. We weren't even really friends then-but what you did made all the difference in the world, Pace. You did not try to relate to my situation or tiptoe around me, you were you. You still teased me and as much as I hated it, I was happy that you were being honest with me."

He smiled, surprised that he had seemingly made a difference in her life without even realizing.

"And you've always been honest with me. I respect that, Pacey. And no matter how many sarcastic comments to the contrary, I always have respected you."

"But now what, Jo? You choosing me has shattered our whole little existence in this town. If you had just chosen Dawson then I would just be the sidekick, smart-alecky friend, and no worlds would collide. But Dawson isn't going to be able to just ignore this and move on." Pacey offered seriously.

She started, "I don't know what is going to happen with Dawson, but I do know that I made the right choice."

They both shared and smile and then a kiss.


How does this change of events in the first season change the entire series, you might ask? Well:

Dawson's parents divorce and just as in the series and his mother moves to Philadelphia. Dawson goes with his mother seeing no reason to remain in Capeside. Andie and Jack arrive in Capeside the following semester. Jen dates Jack until he learns that he is gay in which point they become best friends and mimic Will & Grace. Andie suffers her mental breakdown and joins her father back in Providence, never to be seen in Capeside again. Due to Joey's influence, Pacey graduates high school very successfully. He attends Boston Bay University while Joey goes on to Worthington. There she meets Audrey and they become fast friends. Jen meets CJ and they marry and Jen is never diagnosed with any heart problem. CJ's friend David and Jack get together and move to Capeside so that Jack may teach English and live together happily. Doug never comes out of the closet (but Pacey still continuously questions his brothers sexuality and teases him). And of course, Pacey and Joey live happily ever after.

A/N: Before you ask: No, I do not hate Dawson. However, I think that if Pacey/Joey had started in the first season he would not have been able to deal as he did with it. Thus, I take the easy way out with the epilogue and make Dawson keep his vow never to speak to his friends again. Now, if you want to picture some happy reconsilation down the line, go right ahead. And if you are a Dawson hater, then you can just leave it as it is. Either way, it's over! I hope everyone is happy! (