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Summary: Rogue gets invited to a party over at the Brotherhood. (* yeah that was a great summary*).

~ there shall be couples: oh so many couples!!


Anyhoo.. Let us begin the story!!


Chapter 1: Jean Bash (* this takes place at around 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday)

" It's boring over here, yo."

Toad was sitting in the living room staring at the wall with a dumbfounded look upon his face. Pietro was zooming around the room trying to see if he could break the sound barrier. While Lance and Fred were having a cereal eating contest in the kitchen, naturally Fred won by combining Lucky Charms, Cocoa Pebbles, and Trix together and downing them at the same time. Disgruntled, Lance walked out of the kitchen and plopped down on the couch.

" Damn, it's boring."

Toad, who was still having a staring contest with the wall, answered.

" Yo, I just said that man."

Lance shrugged.

" Just felt like verifying it."

Pietro, who had tripped over a random pizza box and collided with the wall, pulled himself up from the ground.

" well-lance-what-do-you-suggest-we-do-about-it?"

" What?"

Sighing at Lance's incompetency, Pietro slowed down his language.

" What do you suggest we do about it?"

" Oh, uh..I don't know."

Pietro rolled his eyes and took a seat in the lazy boy chair.

" Kind-of-figured-that."

By then, Wanda had came down stairs to find Toad staring dumbly at the wall and the other's sitting around looking stupid. Sighing to herself, she took a seat on the couch next to Lance.

" Damn..it's boring."

All the men looked at her, and shook their heads.

" We just said that."

" So?"

Deciding not to get into a debate with the firey Goth, they concentrated on thinking what could take away their boredom. Wanda, who was the smartest, snapped up with an idea.

" Let's have a party."

The other's jumped up with happiness and then sat down again.

" I agree with snookums, yo…"

" Don't call me snookums, freak."

" Aww.. You know you love me Sweetums… AAAAHHH!!"

The others watched in amusement as Wanda hexed Toad through the window. Pietro suddenly zipped up and grabbed the portable phone.

" we-need-to-invite-people."

" WHAT?!"

" We need to invite people."

" Oh..yeah, Who should we invite?"

Everyone sat there pondering. Until Tabitha bust into the house randomly throwing energy bombs.

" Damn, I am sooo bored!"


" So?"

Wanda dismissed the question with a wave of her hand.

" We're thinking of throwing a party."

" Tight!! Who's coming?"

" Don't know, we been trying to figure it out for a while now.

Tabitha snapped her fingers as an idea popped into her head.

" How about the Acolytes, betcha they'll liven it up!"

After a small mode of arguing, they all managed to agree on inviting the acolytes.

" Who else?"

Fred waltzed into the room and plopped onto the floor. While Toad managed to sit down next to him.

" What about the X-Geeks?"

" We ain't about to invite the X-Geeks, yo."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Lance gritted his teeth in anger, just thinking about Scott Summers in his home was enough to make him crack hole in the ground so large that even Satan himself would quiver in fear. Tabitha spoke up after a small while.

" Not all the X-Geeks are bad though, The fuzzy elf's kinda cute."

Wanda shuddered at the thought of Tabitha making out with a blue furry elf man.

" Well, she's right .. Not all the X-Geeks are all goody-goods."

Lance shook his head. He remembered his failed relationship with Kitty Pride and felt a small twinge of animosity float up. He never really given him a chance, just because he was an opposing team all the sudden he was some horrible guy that she couldn't give the time of day to. And that was fine with him, if she wanted to play like that so could he.

" What about Rogue?"

Toad's eyes lit up.

" Yeah, Rogue's not so bad yo."

" Roguey's-definetly-not-a-goody-good."

" Now that you mention it, Rogue's always there for us and she does cuss that bitch Jean Grey out from time to time." spoke Lance.

" Yeah, and she did stand up for us when that Abercrombie and Fitch spokesman Scott Summers was getting all up into our faces." spoke Fred.

" That girl has some mad pranking skills." spoke Tabitha.

Pietro picked up the phone and looked over at the others.

" So-should-I-call-and-invite-her-to-come?"

" WHAT?!"

" Should I call and invite her to come?"

Wanda nodded at him. It would be nice to have another fellow Goth around.

" And tell her to bring some food, yo!"

Pietro rolled his eyes and dialed the number to Xavier's Institute. Then he began to wonder…

" How the hell did he have the number to Xavier's Institute in the first place and why didn't those kids just give the damn rabbit some Trix?"


It had been at least three months since she learned how to control her powers. It had to have been the happiest moment of her life, though it was almost ruined by Jean Grey. She couldn't stand that bitch, since the first day she had joined the Xmen that women had made sure to make her life a living hell.

Rogue was laying on her bed, listening to Linkin Park when all of the sudden her thoughts were interrupted by a woman's voice.

" Rogue why don't you turn that music down!"

Rogue could feel anger and annoyance pulsate through her veins.

" Why don't ya make me?!"

After saying that, Rogue rolled over and cranked her music up as high as it could go. It was so loud that the walls were practically vibrating. Kitty was on the other side of the room with head phones on, and was typing on her laptop. She had gotten use to Rogue's choice of music and found ways to get accustom herself to the goth. She had found out the hard way that it wasn't wise to piss the goth off especially when she had tried to "help" her with her wardrobe. That had nearly gotten her a swift kick in the ass. Rogue was tolerable though, not like Jean Grey. And people said that she was nosy. That women always seemed to want to poke her nose into somebody else's business. It didn't help the fact that Jean Grey was everything that Rogue hated. Rogue had a mean temper and one serious violent streak that almost ended with Jean dangling out of the Blackbird by her feet.

It had nearly taken the entire squad of Xmen to pull her Jean back in. It was scary but hilarious all the same. Kitty turned to look at the goth who was sprawled out on her bed, reading Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire. Then the sound of their bedroom door slamming open grasped their attention.

" Listen Rogue, I told you nicely to turn down your radio."

Rogue sat up and sent Jean one of her famous death glares.

" So?"

Jean flipped her hair from her face and a frown was placed on her perfect little face.

" So.. I expect you to listen when I tell you something."

Rogue stood up and placed her hand on her hip.

" No."

Jean's frown deepened.

" Rogue, why do you have to be so difficult?"

Rogue smirked.

" Because ah can."

Jean scowled at her. Rogue began to smirk evilly.

" That's very unreasonable Rogue."

Rogue cocked her head to the side before answering.

" Ah think ya should stop smiling before you give ya'self anymore crow's feet."

Jean stepped back with an aghast look on her face.

" How dare you Rogue!"

Before Rogue could answer, Kitty stepped into the argument.

" You know she's like right, Jean, you are like getting wrinkles."

Jean turned to look at Kitty, her pretty little face distorted with anger.

" Et tu Kitty?" (*A/N: copy from Julius Ceaser's "et tu Brute)

Suddenly, both Rogue and Kitty grabbed Jean's arms. Kitty phased Jean off the balcony into the pool outside, while Rogue contacted Bobby's powers and iced it down so she couldn't escape.

Kitty phased back into the bedroom, dusting off her shirt.

" A deed is like totally done." (A/N: quote from Spongebob Squarepants show)

Rogue flopped back onto her bed and began to nod her head to the Linkin Park's song

" Faint". Kitty resumed her duties back at the laptop and things went back to usual. A ringing noise from the hallway had caught their attention once more. Kitty leapt up and phased through the door to reach the phone, picking it up she was greeted by Pietro's voice.

" Like Hello?"

" Hey, pretty kitty."

" Oh like hey Pietro,like how's it going?"

" Not-bad-can-I-speak-to-Rogue?"

" Like what?"

" Let me talk to Rogue, now!"

" Oh fine, like have a cow or something…. Rogue!!" shrieked Kitty from the hallway. Her high pitched voice made Pietro shrink away from the phone.

" Damn, kitty cat.. Ah think that some dogs in Maryland didn't here ya.."

" Oh don't be so like over dramatic, Rogue.. The phone is like for you."

" Who is it?"

" It's like Pietro.."

" Oh… well give me the phone.."

" Oohoo, is there like something going on between you two?"

Rogue rolled her eyes.

" Oh yeah, we have makeout sessions everyday.." Rogue answered sarcastically.

Kitty's eyes grew wide with the extraordinary news.

" Really?"

" NO!… now give me the damn phone!"

" Like fine, here.. "

" Hello?"

" Oh hey Roguey.."

Rogue growled into the phone with slight annoyance.

" Didn't ah tell ya not ta call me that?"

" Yeah, sure..whatever.."

" So what do ya want?"

" We're-having-a-party-tonight-and-we-were-wondering-if-you-would-like-to-come?"

" What?"

Pietro sighs.

" We are having a party tonight and we were wondering if you would like to come?"

" Oh sure.. Do ya want me ta bring anything?"

Suddenly shouts from the other side of the phone rang into Rogue's ear.

" Tell her to bring Fritos, yo!"

" Would you shut up Toad!"

" Anything for you Sweetums.."

" AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!……......."


" Get back here you Slimey Freak!"


* CRASH!!!*

~ Silence~

" Err.. Uh.. Pietro?"


" Pietro?"

~ silence~


~ Silence~

" Pietro if ya don't answer me ah'm gonna hang up."

" Oh.. Err.. Sorry about that Rogue, uh.. So you coming or not?"

" Yes, ah think ah'll come over early though."

" Why?"

" Ah just froze Cyke's girlfriend in the Xmen's pool."

" HA!! HA!! HA!!! HA!!!.. Wait until I tell the others… see ya later then!"

" Bye."

They both hung up simultaneously. Rogue walked back into her room and found Kitty sitting her bed staring at her all wide-eyed.

" Where are you like going?"

" Away."

" To where?"

" To the wonderful world of Cotton Fluff, wanna come?"

Kitty sighed and walked out of the room in a huff.

" No need to be like all sarcastic.." she muttered under her breath.

Rogue turned her attention back to the party. She would at least need to pick up some beer, champagne, a couple packs of cigs, and a bag of Fritos (for Toad of course). This was going to be an interesting party.

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