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Recap: Rogue and the other females feel the need to give the boys a makeover.

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Let us Party

Chapter 12: And so the Chase Begins

" Chickens go MOO!!"


" Have space aliens ever told

You to break into the zoo and free

All the kangaroos?"


Rogue smirked wildly as she began to edge her way over to Remy.

" C'mere Swamp Rat."

Remy's eyes widened.

" Uh no Chere, dat won't be necessary."

Wanda leapt behind Remy and grabbed him by his arms.

" Do not worry Cajun, it won't hurt. .. . Much."

Remy gave them a weak smile.

" Eh heh heh. . . Y' don' wan' t' do dis t' Remy do y' now?"

Rogue nodded her head slowly, her eyes glistening with mischief. Remy's eyes widened even more (if physically possible).

" Behold!!" he shouted, his fingers pointing behind them.

Both Rogue and Wanda glanced behind them, curious to what they were supposed to behold. Remy took this opportunity to book it. (a.k.a. run as fast as his legs could take him).

Rogue frowned slightly as she watched Remy sprinting down the driveway, followed closely by the rest of the boys. (minus John and Pietro)

' Hmm. . . So the games begin..'

Rogue whipped around dramatically. Her hair blew gently in the breeze as she ran over to the rest of the girls. They were sitting disgruntled upon the picnic table with John and Pietro tied up at their feet.

Rogue leapt high into the air and landed softly in the middle of the table. She had mysteriously gained a black leather trench coat resembling Neo's of the Matrix. (a/n: Don't ask, it's the only way I can describe her coat… shut up!! XP) Her arms were crossed against her chest and her hair blew dramatically in the wind.

She raised her hand into the air to cease their mutters. As the silence began to still around them, she began to speak.

" The men have fleed like cowards. Little do they know, that we, the She Women of Mutants actually enjoy a good hunt!!"

All the women cheered violently around them.

" Ah say now, Ya must capture all the males by any means necessary."

Rogue leaned in on the frightened Pietro and John.

" And ah mean by ANY means necessary."

Pietro and John's eyes widened and they began to quiver out of fear. They knew what she was planning for them to do.

Lance glanced around frantically. He had no idea how he was going to make it past the girls. They could get quite aggressive when provoked.

He turned a corner, peeking around the edges in case he would happen to see one of them patrolling. He saw none.

Sighing in relief, he relaxed himself and casually began to walk down the street.

" Heh, I knew it. . . . I'm too sneaky for them… " he chuckled to himself.

He smiled to himself and continued down the street. That was until he felt a breeze of wind whipping across his face. Freezing up, he turned his head slowly.

" Hey-there-Lance."

Lance nearly collapsed out of relief.

" Oh it's just you speedy."

Pietro shrugged nonchalantly. Both of them continued to trounce down the narrow street.

" Pietro?"

The silver haired teenager glanced over at Lance.

" What?"

" How did you escape from the girls?"

Pietro's face suddenly distorted into the most twisted, maniacal grin ever seen.

" Who said I escaped?"

Suddenly Pietro's form shifted. Lance backed away slowly, his heart thumping in his chest.

" No, no that's impossible it can't be…"

Before him stood, a tall womanly figure, her crimson red hair fell short of her shoulders, contrasting with her dark blue skin. The moonlight reflected off her demonic golden eyes as she edged slowly over to him.

" Oh it is Lance. . . "

Lunging forward, Mystique performed a perfect round house kick to Lance's head. As his body fell limply to the floor, Raven Darkholme reached into her pocket. (a/n: yes she is wearing clothes for a change)

" Part one of Drag Queen Capture is now under wraps." she hissed into her intercom.

A small amount of static followed before a voice answered.

" Good Job Agent, ya may return to base now with your item."

" Very Well Rogue, over and out."

Piotr walked around slowly, his huge build making it difficult for him to skulk. He had to figure out a way to escape the evil grasp of the female mutants.

He ran straight into a small figure, glancing around he saw the person slumped over. Cautiously he leaned forward.

The person moaned lightly and pulled itself to its feet.

" Piotr?"

Piotr started at the voice.

" Jamie?"

The big brown eyed child grinned at him.

" Yup!!"

Piotr backed away from him slowly, his fists raised.

" Prove that you're Jamie. . . "

Jamie shrugged slightly and closed his eyes in concentration. Within seconds there were eight of him standing in front of Piotr.

" Is this good enough?"

Piotr nodded and watched as the Jamie's slowly began to disappear.

" So what's going on here? I just saw Remy and the others running by here all frantic like."

Piotr gestured for them to begin walking.

" The girls, they want to do demeaning things to us…"

Jamie glanced up innocently at Piotr.

" What do you mean? "

Piotr shuddered.

" Dress us up in drag outfits."

Jamie stared blankly at Piotr for a moment, then burst out into hysterical laughter. It was amazing how loud he was able to project his voice for being so young and small.

Piotr jumped and clamped his hand over Jamie's mouth while glancing around frantically.

" Stop that."

Jamie blinked up at him, sending him his trade mark puppy dog eyes.

" Sorry about that.."

Piotr nodded at him, knowing he wouldn't be able to stay mad at such a cute kid for so long.

" It's alright."

Jamie smiled at him, his chocolate brown eyes glistening in the moonlight.

" Oh and uh… Piotr?"

Piotr stared at him.

" What?"

" Sorry about this too."

Piotr's eyes widened and before he could move, he found himself getting smacked up side the head, a huge clattering of metal following close after. As he began to fall unconscious the last thing Piotr saw was a grinning Jamie standing over him, while another was waving at him.

" Nighty Night. . . Don't let the bed bugs bite!!.. . " he sang out giddily.

Piotr's head thumped upon the ground.

Jamie whipped out his communicator.

" Part two of Drag Queen capture is now under wraps."

A small amount of static passed before anyone spoke.

" Fantastic Job J-Man.. . P-Girl will be down there shortly to retrieve the body."

" Great, what do you wish for me to do now?"

" Assist the Scarlet Witch, The Speedster, The Australian Flame Starter, and Boom Boom in the encapsulation of the Cajun Lover Boy and we shall be all set for Operation: Dennis Rodman Makeover."

" Yes Ma'am.."

Yeah I know, ain't I just the meanest little person in the world? Anyways, how do you want our little Cajun wonder to get captured? I was thinking of throwing a hefty bag over his head and dragging him away in a limo and dumping him off at the brotherhood were Rogue will sit regally on her throne and unwittingly begin to plot the most sinister and adorable strategy to dress the boys in. Then after they are in their garments of skirts and such. . . Push them into a gay bar and watch the fun explode.

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