The Two Most Complicated Things: Love & Boys...

Hermione sighed as she looked across at her two good friends, they were bickering on a trifle thing: which was the best sweet? She couldn't concentrate on her homework and their incessant talks of food were making her hungry.

"Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans" announced Harry decidedly "it's the best because it's everything in one!"

"Whatever" Ron retorted, "You just say that because you've never eaten a vomit flavoured one! I say its Chocolate Frogs!"

'Vomit Flavoured?' maybe she wasn't so hungry anymore, she turned and tried to concentrate on her homework, she knew she didn't have much time, it was due in a fortnight! But she couldn't concentrate because there were images of frogs, beans and a certain face floating around there, she groaned.

At this sound, both boys turned to her: "What's wrong, Hermione?" asked Harry

"Let me guess, you're studying for your N.E.W.T's and you don't know something" Ron teased.

"No, Ron" she replied heatedly "I'm just... oh, never mind!" and she flung down her books and hurried out of the common room.

"Oops! I think I hit a nerve," said Ron as he watched Hermione exit. "She takes everything so bloody seriously"

Hermione wandered through the corridors, thinking about how much Ron aggravated her, she wanted to fume but she couldn't help thinking of his warm brown eyes and his ruddy straight hair, 'Why does he like teasing me?' she thought 'and why can't I ignore him or tease him back?', 'Because you like him' answered her conscience.

"I do not!" she cried aloud, fellow students looked at her strangely as they passed her.

She blushed, and became more angry with herself, 'See? He makes a fool out of you even when he's not there, he's nothing except a good but very irritating friend!' she chided herself.

She took a couple of deep breaths like it said in 'Have Control Over Yourself' by Just Panic; it was on Pg 56, chapter 3. It seemed to calm her and she walked back to the Common Room in a much better mood, but as soon as she entered, the remnants of her good mood dissolved. Harry was nowhere in sight and Ron was sitting in the corner ALONE having an apparently hilarious conversation with Parvati Patel, she couldn't hear any of it but she caught 'Hermione' and with an angry toss of her head, she marched to her dormitory, vowing that she'd keep her communication with Ron and Parvati to a minimum.

"Argh!" she muttered furiously at the memory of them sitting so cosily together, she was pissed with everyone, including herself. She fell asleep but tossed and turned restlessly and when she woke up the next day, she was in a no better mood...


So what is Hermione gonna do next:Fight with Parvati? Kill Ron...or herself? Please review and I'll tell you more!