Saga Side Story: Treasures of Egypt

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Authors Note: This story was inspired by the movie-trilogy 'The Mummy', 'The Mummy Returns' and 'The Scorpion King'. I have taken some things from the movies, like the Medjai and Ardeth himself, but I am not making any money from this, so don't flame.

I also know that Set and Selket aren't evil, but in my story they are. If this offends someone please accept my appologies.

Thanks to my wonderful beta and friend Paladin Steelbreaker.


'~~''~~' Egypt, 2500 B.C. '~~''~~'

He fell. After a war that lasted years and years, Nassithoth finally fell. The pharaoh and his people celebrated for days on end. But they celebrated their victory too soon. For out in the great desert sat Nassithoth and was making a pact with the dark god Set and his mistress Selket. He promised to give them his soul if Set helped him survive the desert and give him means to conquer his enemies. The two gods agreed to this and spared his life.

Grass began to grow all around Nassithoth, palm-trees went from seed to full-grown in mere seconds. A water-fall appeared on one side of the valley, and a small river went through the idyllic place as well. In the middle of the oasis a great pyramid rose up, made out of gold and with great diamonds as decorations, it glittered in the sun and could be seen for miles around.

Nassithoth got his army, and he defeated the pharaoh. Wherever he and his army passed, they left death and destruction. Nothing could stand against him, not even the most powerful of wizards.

It was then that the gods Ra, Maat, Anubis and Horus decided to stop the madness. They sent down to earth a shield that shone brightly with Light Magic when the sun hit it. Anything evil hit by this magical light - be it monster or man - would turn to sand and dust. They gave the shield to Imhotep, the counsellor of the pharaoh, and he placed it on the top of the highest pyramid. From there the sun hit it and every evil deity in the battle below was gone in mere seconds.

Nassithoth survived once again, for his soul had been taken. And a thing without a soul is very hard to kill. He retreated out of the capital, and waited by the banks of the Nile for the night. Guessing right that the pharaoh - the fool that he was - would leave the sacred shield on top of the pyramid, he stole it killing several guards and stealing two camels while he was at it.

He went back to his oasis, Ankh-Torom, and placed the shield inside the pyramid for protection. Set and Selket placed spells and enchantments over it, and Nassithoth and a few of his men who hadn't left the oasis, built traps and pits and gods know what else to protect the shield.

Years passed and Nassithoth grew bored with the world. He let himself be mummified and put in a sarcophagus. The remaining men placed him inside the pyramid with just as many spells and traps to guard him.

There he would wait until someone or something woke him again.

But next time, the world would be his.


'~~''~~' Egypt, current day, year 2008 '~~''~~'

Anna grinned happily and hugged her co-worker, John.

"Isn't it wonderful?!" she exclaimed. "Everyone said that the oasis of Ankh- Torom didn't exist, here it is! And we were the ones to find it!" she nearly jumped up and down on their camel.

"Calm down Anna," said John, though he was grinning like a maniac as well. "We still have half-a-day before we actually reach Ankh-Torom. For all we know it could be a mirage." He teased and clung on to the camel. He really hated heights.

She growled and punched his arm. "You and I both know that that is no mirage or hallucination."

"If it had been a hallucination," another man spoke up, "then it must be a mass-hallucination. The workers can see it-" he mentioned to the scared looking men that walked beside their camels "-and the camels see it as well." Even the camels looked afraid.

"Oh, shut it Stanley." Anna laughed. "You're just jealous that I was the one that found both the Book of the Living and the Book of the Dead."

"Ah, but my dear," replied Stanley. "I am the one who put the clues from the books together into the wonderfully detailed map that has led us here."

"That 'wonderful map' as you called it, is even worse than having no map at all!"

John shook his head. "Stop it you two and spare your strength to the dig. Concentrate on getting to the oasis." Anna and Stanley laughed.

It had been extremely difficult to get people and workers for this expedition. Once the men heard the name Ankh-Torom they had scattered faster than you could blink. After two weeks of search they had ended up with thirty slightly unwilling men that would accompany them. But the price had been high. Very high. They had had to give away half the cash that was meant for the expedition to pay the workers, and they had spent nearly every step of the way trying to convince the men that there was no such thing as a curse over the oasis, and that there were no such things as a group of these Medjai that guarded the place. And if there actually was a group of desert-people, they probably were just normal nomads. Nothing to worry about.

However it was all worth it now that they could see the oasis itself in the horizon, coming closer and closer. It was a wonderful sight.

Anna turned to look behind. All she could see was dunes upon dunes with sand. It was hard to believe that somewhere in that direction laid Cairo and other small villages they had passed through.

She narrowed her eyes. Was there something moving there, right on that hill of sand?

"John is it just me or is there something moving back there?" she asked.

John turned around and narrowed his own eyes. Blasted sun being reflected in this never ending sand. "You mean that little black dot there?"

"The moving black dot." She corrected.

"Yes, I see it. Why?"

"You don't think it could be one of these Medjai's-or-whatever-they're- called?"

"Nah, probably just someone from the last village we passed through."

Anna raised an eyebrow. "All the way out here?"

"Perhaps it's some sort of rite-of-passage, or something." Suggested Stanley. "You know, stay in the desert for five days and you're a man."

"Yeah, that could be it." Anna nodded.

"That's probably it," John agreed. "Remember how hard it was for us to get workers for this expedition? He's probably just staring in awe at Ankh- Torom." The other two nodded in agreement and soon all three of them had forgotten all about the mysterious rider.

The oasis of Ankh-Torom came closer, and they reached it just as the sun started to set. The pal-trees rose high into the air, the underbrush was thick and they had to cut their way through. It was warm and the air was thick and difficult to breathe in. However, they weren't worried. They would get used to it soon enough.

The next thing they noticed was that there were no birds singing, nor any other sounds except for a waterfall not too far away. It was weird, not hearing any other sound but their own.

"Lets stay out here for the night," John said after they had to cut their way through yet another thicket. "We can rest here and continue tomorrow. And while we're resting we can make plans for the next couple of days and try to find out just what route we're going to use to get to this pyramid you keep talking about, Anna."

The woman looked at the workers. Their tired and scared faces, their sluggish movements and their ripped clothes. She sighed. "Alright. We stay here for the night." The workers looked thankful and quickly set up the camp. Anna, John and Stanley shared a tent, while the workers had five tents to share, six men to each tent.

Anna, John and Stanley stayed up pretty late, pouring over the Book of the Living and the Book of the Dead. They had found the two books on their last dig, deep in the Kheops-pyramids.

"Wait, there's something here..." Anna looked closely at the hieroglyphs at the bottom of the page. "John, what does it say?"

John took the book and put on his glasses. "Hmm, 'those who enter the valley will forever be doomed'. Now that's cheery."

Stanley hadn't said a thing for a while. He was sitting closest to the exit of the tent, and looked asleep. However, now he mentioned the other two towards him. "Listen."


"Not a sound."

John shook his head. "There wasn't a sound when we came either. What's your point?"

"There should've been sounds. Sounds from the camels, sounds from the workers." Said Stanley.

"He's right." Anna whispered. "Not a sound."

John took a deep breath and pushed the flap open. "Oh my god...."


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