Saga Side Story: Treasures of Egypt

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Authors Note: This story was inspired by the movie-trilogy 'The Mummy', 'The Mummy Returns' and 'The Scorpion King'. I have taken some things from the movies, like the Medjai and Ardeth himself, but I am not making any money from this, so don't flame.

I also know that Set and Selket aren't evil, but in my story they are. If this offends someone please accept my apologies.

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Chapter Nine

"We're trapped!" Tina shrieked.

Harry growled and raised his arms. "As if, woman. Remember we're magical!" as he spoke a ball of energy formed in his hands, and once he had said his last words he threw it at the rocks in their way. The rubble exploded outwards and the three of them ran out before the thing could collapse again.

Ardeth looked back at the pyramid once they were a safe distance away. "I can see that being a wizard is useful some times."

Tina snorted. "Harry's not only a wizard, Medjai, he's the bearer of the Core of Magic."

Harry smiled sheepishly as the other man stared at him.

"I'm beginning to give up trying to figure you out." Ardeth said. "It's completely impossible."

Tina opened her mouth, no doubt to tell Ardeth exactly why he couldn't figure Harry out, but Harry saw what she was up to and silenced her with a spell. Gods, it felt good to use his magic again.

"Not again!" he exclaimed as the ground started to shake.

Suddenly something huge shot out of it. It looked like an enormous octopus except that the mouth consisted of several sharp teeth. It roared and headed towards them, it's long arms dragging it forwards at a great pace. Both Ardeth and Tina retreated quickly, however Harry stood his ground. The creature stopped in front of him and roared again spraying the young man with its spit.

Harry blinked and narrowed his eyes. For one he wasn't impressed, and for the other he was going to blast this thing into smithereens.

The creature itself blinked stupidly with its single eye when it realised that Harry wasn't moving. It opened its mouth to swallow him, and in the next second found itself shooting into the air. Ardeth and Tina watched as the creature was ripped into shreds by something invisible, then the small parts falling to the ground caught fire and burned to ash before touching the earth. They looked back at Harry who wiped some ash off his shirt.

Before either of them could speak the earth started to shake. They looked around, expecting another octopus-look-alike to pop up, but instead they watched as the trees around them were ripped up with their roots and came flying towards them. Something was sucking them into the pyramid again.

"CLIMB!" Ardeth shouted and started to climb the pyramid, the Shield of the Gods strapped to his back. Harry and Tina didn't waste any time and set of after him.

Once they reached the top they could only watch as the jungle, water falls and everything else was sucked into the pyramid at an alarming speed.

"The pyramid is going to be sucked into itself!" Tina shrieked. "We're going to die!"

Once again Harry shook his head. The girl really did forget that there was a thing called magic sometimes. "I can get us out of here!" He had to shout over the wind. "Just hope neither of you are afraid of heights!"

Then he started to change. In front of their eyes he changed into a lion twice the height and length of a horse. Then he let them climb onto his back and, to their horror, jumped off the pyramid. Ardeth didn't even blink in surprise as he saw enormous wings fold out from Harry-the-griffin's flanks, powerful beats bringing them higher and higher. Seconds after they had left the pyramid, it exploded sending a great column of sand into the air.

Once the sand cleared they could see again. There was no more oasis, just sand dunes upon sand dunes. The Medjai looked around and saw his horse waiting patiently a safe distance away along with Harry's camel.

Harry landed and his two passengers slid off him. He changed back into his human-shape and stretched. "That was a wonderful trip."

"As I said, impossible." Ardeth muttered before whistling sharply. Seconds later his horse came, followed by Harry's camel.

Harry and Tina got onto the camel and the Medjai got onto his horse. They were about to head back towards the villages and Cairo, when the sand in front of them rose up.

"What now?" Tina sighed.

Instead of the danger they expected, they were confronted with four very weird people. One had the head of a black jackal, two had the heads of falcons – one with golden feathers, the other with silver – and the last was a woman that looked, well, normal. Harry suddenly realised who these creatures were and nodded respectfully to them. Ardeth was doing the same, and Tina imitated them just to be sure.

'Finally we meet face to face, young warrior,' the jackal-headed Anubis said in mind-speech.

"That we do," Harry replied calmly. "I must thank you for this little friend." He took the snake out of his pocket. It coiled around his wrist and hissed approvingly at the four gods.

'Our pleasure,' replied the one with the golden falcon-head. 'And now we must thank you for helping us finally rid this earth of Nassithoth, even if you lost many people while doing it.' His voice sounded familiar to Harry.

Tina sniffed. "I may be a Black Snake, but we were a tightly knit group," she said to Harry and finally let herself grieve.

'Do not worry, young one,' the woman, Ma'at, smiled kindly. 'They have all passed the test to get into the afterlife. You will meet them there once your time comes.' Then she turned to Ardeth. 'Guard the Shield well, Medjai.'

Ardeth nodded. "I will." He replied in his own language. The goddess nodded approvingly and disappeared along with the silver-falcon-headed man who had just smiled gratefully to them.

'I hope we'll meet again,' Anubis said, thought his statement was meant mostly for Harry. 'You intrigue me, Bearer of the Magic Core. We must get together once.' With that he disappeared as well, leaving only Ra left with the three humans.

'I thank you again for your help,' he smiled. 'Set and Selket have already been punished for their sins, which is why the pyramid and oasis disappeared. Their magic has been taken away from them by the King himself, and they're just normal mortals now. Let me tell you a secret before you leave.'

"Yes?" Harry asked trying not to sound childish or eager to get out of there. Which he was, the sun was once again killing him.

'You two,' Ra indicated to Harry and Ardeth, 'will meet again sometimes in the far, far future.'

Harry and Ardeth looked at each other and nodded in agreement. That would definitely be nice.

"But what about me?" Tina asked.

'I am sorry child, but you have only gotten one lifetime granted to you on this earth by the King. You will not meet up with these two, not unless you decide to stay with one of them now.'

Tina thought about it, then shook her head. "I've had enough of this," she said finally. "I want to settle somewhere nice and quiet. Both of you are of course invited to visit, but else..." she trailed off. There was nothing else that needed to be said.

'Then it's decided. Good.' Ra nodded. 'And now I must leave you. Oh, Harry, please don't forget to give the books back to their rightful owners.' He was gone in a flash of light.

Harry sighed and took out the shrunken books. He enlarged them and handed the original two to Ardeth. "Keep a good watch over them, alright? And you don't mind if I keep these two?"

Ardeth shook his head. "Not at all." He packed the books into the saddlebags, then looked up again. "We'll see each other again in the future?"

"Of course." Harry grinned, his green eyes flashing.


'''' Red Dragon HQ's, London, a few days later ''''

"Yeah, right as if!" Draco hollered with laughter. "And the next thing you're going to say is that these four gods you mentioned, just popped up and started talking to you?!"

Harry nodded. "That's what happened." He was back at the Red Dragons HQ's, back in his office, and back in charge. Draco, Ron, Hermione, Nicholas, Salazar and Eminor were sitting there as well, listening to his tale.

Ron snorted. "Harry, even with all the things we've gone through in these years don't you think that that is a bit farfetched?"

"No, not really," Harry replied nonchalantly. They would never believe him, just like they would never believe him if he told them that he had had a voice living inside his head during his fifth and sixth years at Hogwarts.

Hermione shook her head. "And you dragged us from our work just to tell us this preposterous story? Harry you know we all love you, but please, next time keep these things to yourself. It was down right yucky with those gory details about the mummies." She muttered as she left his office. She was followed by a laughing Nicholas, Ron and Draco, who were joking about what Harry had told them.

Eminor looked a bit undecided. "Are you sure that the sun in Egypt didn't get to you?" the elf asked. "Are you sure that all this happened and isn't just some fever dream?"

"That is something you have to make up your own mind about." Harry smiled.

The young Elven king shook his head. "Impossible Harry, that's what you are." He left as well, which only left Harry and Salazar in the room.

"And what about you? Believe me or not?" Harry asked.

The Slytherin Founder grinned showing off his sharp canine teeth. "Oh, I believe you Harry, mostly because there are two new books on your bookshelf. Very well disguised, I must say. Once you told us about the books I started looking around. I believed in your story, and that's why your Concealment Charm didn't work on me." The vampire stood up as well. "Welcome home, Harry," he remarked before leaving as well, closing the door after himself.

Harry grinned and looked at the Book of the Living and the Book of the Dead. They were the only proof that the oasis of Ankh-Torom had existed once, somewhere deep in the desert outside Cairo. He shook his head. The others may not believe him, but he remembered every second of his journey to the oasis and back.

Opening a book Harry started to write down what had happened. It was written as a fantasy-story, he would give it to the Inner Circle members for Christmas. And this is how it began:

'''' Egypt, 2500 B.C. ''''

He fell. After a war that lasted years and years, Nassithoth finally fell. The pharaoh and his people celebrated for days on end. But they celebrated their victory too soon. For out in the great desert sat Nassithoth and was making a pact with the dark god Set and his mistress Selket. He promised to give them his soul if Set helped him survive the desert and give him means to conquer his enemies. The two gods agreed to this and spared his life.........


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