OK Ladies and Gentlemen

OK Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is my Wufei character poem. I don't like it quite as much as my Heero poem, "Dreaming Death and Living Love"—which I think was better, but here it is anyway. Writing Wufei is kind of hard—harder than Heero by far. I'm going to write a Trowa or a Quatre poem next I think. And then a Noin poem, and then a Relena poem. The first line is from the 8th song on the Garbage album "Version 2.0".

I don't own the story behind it, or the rich characters that that story carries, but I do own this poem. May justice ever be a part of this world.

Sinking: My Own Honor
By Rashaka

The trick is to keep breathing
I have to make them pay
Because they will go on forever
With their useless quarrels
And their insipid games
Until someone stops it
I have to make them pay
Because, you see, it's all their fault
It's their fault I'm what I am
The trick is to keep breathing
It's their fault we are dying out here amid the stars
It's their fault I can't murmur without an eye on my back
The blood on their hands I can't ignore
And the screams of the pure I can't forget
I have to make them pay
The trick is to keep breathing
And keep paying and paying until my hand steals their every breath
Even as I act I know that I'm not staying sane
The trick is to keep breathing
I know that with each life I'm sinking down
I may never come back to this place
But I can smirk with honesty
Cause I know that I won't go to Hell alone