This is a poem I wrote from Treize's POV

This is a poem I wrote from Treize's POV. I don't like Treize at all, not in the least, but I think I do him justice with these words. After all—I've tried so hard to make people at least tolerate Relena with my other fics; I ought to at least practice what I preach and try to find something interesting even in the characters I absolutely can't stand. Megalomaniacs just aren't my favorite people in the world, I'll tell you that much.

For my next birthday I wish only that Gundam Wing belong to me.

A Beautiful Game
By Rashaka

Isn't it beautiful?
Look at how they gather
My little toy soldiers,
My little clay men
They dance and they dance
Like a flag
Go on, my children, win me the world
Die for me,
Lovely like a flock of angels
Nothing will stand in your way
Win me the world
Win me the day
History will sing our names
And you'll be beautiful

*megalomaniac = person who wants to take over the world e.g. Brain the mouse