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Logan looked out over the surface of alkali lake, cigar smoking unheeded in his hand, eyes focused on the past. It had been over a year, but he could still remember her face, her smile, the touch of her mind on his. He still dreamt of standing at her side, but he knew that would never have happened, even if she'd lived. She'd chosen, there at the end.

Sighing, he threw a piece of purple fireweed into the placid water and turned away, chomping down on the cigar, which had gone out. Grumbling now, he patted his pockets, then pulled out a match and struck it on his thumbnail.

Bending his head to shield the tiny flame, he saw something move at the edge of the bush and looked up sharply.

It was the same wolf he'd seen the first time he'd come, two winters ago. Sitting up next to a clump of white birch and staring at him with that same puzzled, familiar expression, as though it expected something of him.

"What?" he scowled at it and finished lighting the cigar, then snuffed out the match and threw it aside.

The wolf was still looking at him.

Tilting his head, he idly stared back at it, waiting for it to cow down and go away.

Instead, it began to crawl toward him on its belly, making little yips and mumbles.

Logan watched as it got closer, eyebrows raised as it finally touched his boot with its nose and smiled up at him hopefully. He knew about wolves. Most of them didn't have much against man, but they didn't have much use for him, either. This one was acting as though he thought Logan was another wolf, one of higher rank, but still a friend.

"Do I know you?" he growled, feeling that queered out sensation in the pit of his guts that he always got when something from his past surfaced.

The wolf gave a little oof, grinning hopefully, then jumped up and bounded away, stopping to look over its shoulder as though wondering why he wasn't coming along.

"What is this? Lassie?" Logan chewed his cigar, eyes narrowed. The wolf cocked its head at the sound of his voice, then yipped encouragingly and came back a ways, still looking at him.

"Okay, I'm comin'. This better be good." Grinning broadly, the wolf trotted into the trees.

Logan tested the air from time to time as he followed it, his cowboy boots making no more sound on the loam than its paws. Squirrels, porcupine, even a big bull moose had been this way, leaving scents that caused Logan's blood to quicken. It had been a long time since he'd gone hunting.

Abruptly another smell came to his nose, one that made him stop dead in his tracks. Turning slowly in place, he tested the air in all directions, pin-pointed the source of the odor, and began to stalk. He didn't have far to go, the aspens soon gave way to a stony outcropping littered with old leaves from seasons past, stretched out in the sun were two more wolves, the alpha pair, judging by their size and smell. Around them tumbled three fat bundles of clumsy, cute fur.

And one naked human baby.

Logan swore in astonishment and anger. Who would leave a little kid out in the bush?

At the sound of his voice the male wolf leapt to his feet, lowering his head with a growl. Behind him, the female and the first wolf herded the cubs into a cleft in the rocks. The female tried to herd the baby in, too, but it swung a little black fist at her and turned back to stand next to the alpha, one hand buried in the fur of his ruff.

It was a little girl, Logan saw, blacker than the ace of spades, with big black eyes that scowled at him from under soft black curls. She was rangy, but still slightly pudgy, obviously she'd been getting enough to eat.

"Back down," he told the alpha wolf, avoiding direct eye contact. This was the wolf's place, his kingdom, and Logan had no intention of challenging his authority if he could help it.

The wolf pricked its ears and watched him cautiously, then turned its head to nudge the baby toward the den.

She gave a bestial snarl and batted its muzzle away, turning to bare a very predatory set of teeth at Logan.

A mutant. He shook his head. If he ever found her parents, he'd.... All thoughts flew from his mind, and he actually took a step back, as the wolf took a step forward, and the baby, knocked off balance, stumbled and shot three stubby, metallic claws out from the knuckles of her free hand.