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It's also an AU sequal to "Milana, Daughter of Mystery", which I believe a few of you have read. I hope y'all read it and like it.



The President's speech was long, but to the point. Steph felt far too embarrassed by the praise he sent her way to be bored. Logan's proud smirk didn't help any, though it made her feel like she wanted to cry.

Charles nudged her gently, and she snapped back to paying attention, dropping the black olive she'd kept from dinner onto the floor.

"It pains me deeply to think that young people like Stephanie are heartlessly cast away every day," the President was saying sadly. "Young people with hopes and dreams just as any person their age has, who have so much to offer to society and their country. People, I believe that God does not make mistakes. I believe that He is the only Creator. Mutants therefore are part of His creation and He made them for the same reason that he made so-called normal humans. They are here to stay. Please, help me make space for them."

Steph sat with her mouth open slightly as most of the people in the room stood, clapping thunderously.

"Holy crud," she mumbled.

"My thoughts exactly," murmured Hank.