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Chapter One

Screams of pain had been echoing throughout Draco Malfoy's ancestral home for the past hour. The screams had been steadily getting louder in the last twenty minutes. The woman being tortured wasn't giving up the information the easy way. Like him, she must know as soon as she gave the Deatheaters torturing her information, she would be killed.

Wishing he could go back to his soundproof room, Draco entered the formal dining room for a meeting that had been called earlier that day. He took his seat and waited for Voldemort to begin. There was something unnerving at having Voldemort under the same roof. Every word was heard, every thought guarded.

Voldemort had been on edge, more so than usual. The war had taken a turn last week, and thirty six Deatheaters were captured. There were still no sightings of Harry Potter, which did not help the Dark Lord's mood. He was known for striking out at his followers in anger, and Draco was glad his seat was towards the middle of the table and not towards the head of the table.

As the meeting started, Draco's leg shook with his nerves. His palms began to sweat as he said a quiet prayer that the Dark Lord would not call on him. It started out as a normal meeting. Voldemort ranted for about thirty minutes on the importance of heritage and blood lineage. His heart racing, Draco couldn't wait for the meeting to be over.

"In order to insure our victory in this war, it is necessary to build our army. There are not enough witches and wizards in these lands to build. As we speak, there are a group of women downstairs. You will take them and breed children. I do not care how you play with them, as long as you reproduce," the Dark Lord stood and walked to the fireplace staring into the flames. "Once they are pregnant, you will report to me."

Voldemort turned and looked over the room. As his eyes searched his followers, Draco felt bile rise in the back of his throat. It had never been his idea to become a Deatheater. Instead it had been his father's idea, threatening Draco with things worse than disinheritance. Seemingly pleased with what he saw, Voldemort dismissed the room.

Draco felt relief at leaving the room. He took a deep breath and headed down to the cellar. Regardless of his thoughts on the meeting, life was the most important choice he had. Men were yelling out loud catcalls, some grabbing greedily at the women. The guards weren't doing much guarding; instead they were instigating it on.

The women huddled together in a group against a wall. Terror haunted their faces as the women in the front tried to force their way to the wall. Draco felt his stomach roll as he maintained a calm composure. He didn't even want to think what was going to happen to these women in the quest to procreate an army.

The women were being forcefully pulled away, the group dwindling. Draco stood to the side letting the egger men snatch the women. His eyes looked over the women, trying to identify any of them. If this war ever ended, he wanted to notify the families.

There on the floor, curled up with her back against the wall, was the last person he expected to see. Her red hair was matted with blood, her lip spilt, and her face was swollen with bruises. Hands clinching her ripped clothing together, he could tell she was trying not to cry. A few tears rolled down her cheek as she looked into the group of Deatheaters faces.

Draco felt his heart pinch. Shoving forward he managed to grab her by the arm just as another man leaned towards her. He yanked Ginny Weasley up roughly, pulling her to his side.

"That one is mine, Malfoy," the man growled. Draco dropped his wand from his sleeve and pressed it into the man's groin.

"Move it, or lose it," Draco said with a smirk.

The man stepped to the side and Draco pulled Ginny towards the stairs. She was stumbling and out of breath half way up. Maintaining a firm grip as she fell, he was able to drag her up three flights of stairs and to his room.

As soon as he released her, Ginny slid to the floor. Draco secured the doors, and checked the room for charms. When all of his wards were put up, he looked over at Ginny.

"What have I done?" He muttered.

Ginny's head lay on the marble floor, her one eye following his movements. Draco was at a loss at what to do with her now that he had her.

"No good deed goes unpunished," he said as he walked over to her. Leaning down he asked, "Are you alright little weasel?"

"What do you think?" Her voice was raspy, her eye filled with tears.

Draco rubbed his hand over his face and looked around him. He stood and began to go over his wards again, checking to make sure they stood. Then he walked the perimeter of the room, circling Ginny.

"Water," she gasped out.

Given something to do, he grabbed the glass off of his nightstand and filled it up in his bathroom. Lifting Ginny so that her head lay against his chest, he put the glass of water to her lips. She took big gulps, the water running down her face. Lifting a hand, she fumbled to get her hand around the glass. When the glass was empty, he moved her back onto the floor. She didn't smell entirely bad, but he was sure she could benefit from a bath.

Draco made the water extra hot, adding bath salts. Ginny hadn't moved from where he had laid her on the floor. He watched her from the doorway to the bathroom.

"Help me Draco," she rasped out. "Save me."

A small part of him recoiled. The rest of him ached to comfort her, although he did not know how. He remained unsure if his actions had helped, or damned them both. Certainly, he was no Harry Potter.

"Come on little Weasel," Draco picked her up from the floor, cradling her in his arms. Gently, he propped her against the wall. Unsure of how to proceed he gestured towards the bath. "You need to rinse off the filth before it gets into your wounds."

"Just set me in," Ginny whispered.

Draco shook his head, bending down and sliding her shoes and socks off. He pulled the already ripped fabric off of her top, leaving her bra on. Next he unbuttoned her pants, pulling them down leaving her underwear. Ginny's tears dripped down her body as she cried.

As she began to slide down the wall, her legs giving out, Draco lifted her and tenderly placed her into the tub. He lathered a washcloth and cautiously cleaned the wounds on her face and arms. Ginny's eye watched him, the other a puckering red mess. He gestured to her with the washcloth, and she managed to reach a hand up to grasp it.

"Are you hungry?" He asked. She nodded yes. "I'll be right back."

Once he had closed her into the bathroom, he called for the house elf Ella. Ella popped into his rooms, a haggard look on her face. Clearly the wards and protections on the room made it painful to travel through.

"Tea Ella. I'd like some soup with cheese toast as well. Just set it on the nightstand," he turned away from Ella, dismissing her.

Back in the bathroom, Ginny lay in the tub sleeping. He sighed as he let the water out of the tub. Her undergarments were hot pink, wet a deep pink. She had freckles all over her limbs, but her torso was mostly pale white skin. Feeling his body react to her, he decided it was time to pull her out of the tub.

It was much harder to pull her up than it was to set her down. Stepping into the tub itself, he bent and jostled her into his arms. Her eyes shot open, and he felt her swipe his wand from his sleeve. Draco's eyebrows lifted, clearly he had underestimated her. She pointed his wand at his heart as they stared each other down.

"You won't survive the night without me," He whispered. Ginny's mind ran in circles measuring him. She was shaking with fatigue and cold, her body soaking his clothes.

"What is going on? What are you going to do with me?" She asked.

"First, I was going to dry you off. Then I was going to lay you in the bed, let you eat, and then go to sleep. Then tomorrow I was planning on figuring out what to do for the next day," he answered quietly.

"What's going on Malfoy?" Her words were sharp even with her exhaustion.

"The Dark Lord is ordering his followers to breed him a new army. Apparently witches and wizards with low scruples are hard to find," He slowly began walking to the towels.

Reaching out slowly he grabbed one while Ginny processed what he had told her. Her chin quivered as fresh tears streamed down her face. He then backed them out of the bathroom, and into the bedroom.

"Am I to be the baby machine in this grand scheme?" She asked.

Draco frowned at her. There wasn't any nice way to put what was going on. While debating how much to say, he laid her on the bed and began to dry her off. Ginny kept the wand pointed at him even though her hand was shaking. He knew he could force the wand from her hand, but he wasn't worried about her using magic. Draco was worried about her mind snapping.

"Yeah. You are. I've claimed you, and I guess that means you're supposed to have my babies," He reached over and lightly pulled his wand from her hand.

Ginny cried, her sobs jerking her body. Draco spelled her undergarments dry, and went into his closet. Grabbing an undershirt of his, he debated going back into the room. She would still be crying, lying on his bed. Giving her a couple minutes before returning, he straightened his shoes.

When the sniffs had slowed, he went to the bed and helped her put on the shirt. Noticing the food, he lifted the bowl of soup in his hands. Spoon by spoon, he fed her while she cried. Ginny ate half of the bowl of soup, and half of the toast. After she drank all of the tea, she slid down into the bed and pulled the covers up.

She watched with big eyes as Draco took his clothes off leaving him in his boxers. When he walked to the other side of the bed, her tears began anew. Draco winced as he heard her began to sob again.

"Merlin," he said in annoyance. Lying on his side, his wand clutched under his pillow in his hand, he tried to catch some sleep.

It was going to be a long night.