Suddenly, she woke up. She could hear something thumping against the window.

Odd, she thought. I'm on the second floor. What's that?

*THUMP* There it was again. *THUMP* *THUMP*

She got out of bed, pulled on her dressing gown over her pyjamas, and walked over to the window. *THUMP*

She opened it, and was promptly hit in the face by a snowball. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" yelled George. "Come down and join us!"

"You don't know what you're letting yourself in for, George!" she yelled back.

Turning round, she saw the presents that had been left by her bed. A package she recognised instantly as a Molly Weasley Christmas jumper... a model of an Egyptian pyramid, from Bill obviously... a large book, must be from Harry... and a rather ordinary sized square box. Didn't look like anything in particular.

Well, if she was going to have a snowball fight, she may as well get dressed, and use the Weasley jumper for extra warmth. Even if she went back to bed now, it'd only be a matter of time before Charlie and Fleur's baby son woke up - especially with all the other couples in the house - Harry and Angelina, George and Lee, Ginny and Neville, and Fred and Cho. Only Percy had come home alone, after the breakup of his marriage to Penny. He never said why it had failed, but everyone, including his own mother, reckoned he was gay, and unlike George, unwilling to admit it.

And it was freezing, so she'd need extra insulation. One of those days when jeans on their own wouldn't be enough to keep her warm. She opened her chest of drawers, pulled out a thick pair of tights, knickers, a bra, jeans, and a vest, before ripping open the Weasley jumper package and casting a warming spell on the lot so they'd be warm to wear for the fight.

She was intrigued, though, by the odd box. She opened it carefully...

"Like it, Hermione?" asked Bill, who was standing in her doorway. She had neither seen nor heard him coming in, and he must have come in normally rather than apparating. He was still in his pyjamas, with a navy blue dressing gown. No slippers.

"Mistletoe... now, what use would that be to me?" she said, turning round to look at him.

"Well, we could see..." he said, closing the door behind him and coming over to her bed. "Come here..."

"Now what would I want to do that for?" she asked, stepping over and kissing him on the lips. The mistletoe lay unused on the bed. "Merry Christmas, Bill... but I've a snowball fight to go and win."

"No you don't, I only got George to send those snowballs up to get you awake. You can put those clothes away for now, you'll not be needing them for a while..."