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[Digimon Frontier Opening theme "Fire!!" plays]

M-5's Secret is Revealed! The Birth of Bebimon!

Battlefield. Outside of the M-5 Headquarters

Dynasmon came bursting from within the depths of the ground and flies up. Gallantmon and Omega X stood their ground as they faced off against the machine mutant digimon. Dynasmon cracks a grin and studied his adversaries closely.

"Interesting. These two will be a lot more troublesome than I thought. I can't any more chances. They must be brought to Dr. Myuumon."

On the other hand, Omega X and Gallantmon had their own observation towards the situation.

"Whew, I'm glad he decided to ditch the whole city absorption scheme. There would be no telling if we would have stood a chance," Gallantmon thought.

"Damn it. This guy has to have some form of weakness," thought Omega X. "I guess I'll just have to take my chance and drag this on a bit further."

(Play Godsmack's Going Down from the MI: II Soundtrack)

After a few moments of stalling, Omega X and Dynasmon flew towards one another. Gallantmon gazed up towards the heavens and saw two streaks of light colliding with each other. This resulted in a tremendous after shock effect and created a strong wind. The after shock caused numerous buildings and other tall structures within the city to crumble under the sheer power. Gallantmon was forced to fly away to avoid being incinerated from the effects.

"Hey! Watch where you go, Tai! You almost blew me away!"

The flash of light blanketed the heavens and faded away. The two warriors were again facing each other down. Omega X took another chance and flies out towards the enemy digimon. Dynasmon quickly saw him coming and phases out from sight. This caught the fused warrior off guard. Dynasmon reappears behind Omega X and goes for an elbow strike. Omega X does a backward flip over Dynasmon and lands a spinning back kick to the mutant's face. Angered by the sneak attack, Dynasmon turns and attempts a claw slash. The warrior avoids the attack by completely phasing out. Once again, Omega X catches Dynasmon off guard with an elbow smash to the back.

The force from the elbow smash sends Dynasmon plummeting down towards a lake. Dynasmon lands through the watery surface and leaves Omega X to regain his composure. Gallantmon rushes over towards the lake and prepares his shield.

"Hey, Tai! I'm going for a shot!"

"Hold on, Takato! Don't get too hasty!"

"I'm going for it! SHIELD-"

Just then, a tremendous force rockets out from the lake and soared up towards Omega X. Gallantmon is left completely speechless and overwhelmed by the mutant's incredible speed. Dynasmon reappears behind Omega X and taps him on the shoulder. This in turn caught Omega X's attention and forced him to turn around. Omega X is met with a fist to the face. He is then sent plummeting towards another section of the M-5 city. Omega X lands through a large dome, which lead to Dynasmon following him out.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Gallantmon calls out. "What am I chopped liver? I just hope Tai didn't break anything. Oh, well he did trash a roof."

(End song)

Meanwhile, Omega X found himself buried underneath a pile of roof debris. He coughed out and quickly tore through the heavy rubble. He then turned around and felt an intense ki heading his way. Omega X quickly phases out from sight. Dynasmon descended through the hole on the top of the roof and lands down.

"Where are you, coward?!"

(Play Metallica's I Disappear)

Dynasmon began to investigate the perimeters and did not pick up any traces of Omega X. Though he did notice a movie currently being played on the big screen. The movie was basically a remake of a random Godzilla movie. Dynasmon quickly turns around and felt a tremendous blow being delivered to his left cheek. This sent Dynasmon reeling backwards and crashing through the movie screen itself.

"Hey, Dynasmon! From over here, you could make a great stunt double for that ugly thing on the screen! You two don't happen to be related, right?"

"You! How dare you insult me, you cretin?!"

"Catch me if you can, ass!"

The fused warrior quickly phases out and blasts his way through the exit door. Infuriated by Omega X's antics, Dynasmon flies out after him and finds himself in the middle of a theatre lobby. Dynasmon starts searching the lobby and proceeds to feel out his enemy's ki. He's had no such luck and began to walk out through the front entrance.

Little did he realize that Omega X was sitting behind a soda machine. He quickly sighs a relief and leans back toward the soda machine. Unfortunately, his incredible strength easily tipped the machine over and this catches Dynasmon's attention.

"There you are! Take this!"

With that said, Dynasmon raises his hands and unleashed an array of tiny, purple blasts. Omega X managed to evade each one and witnessed the entire theatre being incinerated. The warrior flies out through the back entrance, which allowed Dynasmon to shoot out another one of his mouth blasts. The warrior was easily able to avoid each shot and watched as portions of the lobby was being turned to metal. Omega X pushes his way through the doors and finds himself outside. Dynasmon follows in suit. Though, once he opened the doors, he found what he wasn't expecting. Yes, it was Gallantmon with his shield facing the machine mutant.

"Special delivery for Dynasmon…"



Dynasmon was on the receiving end of a tremendous blast specially delivered by Gallantmon. The force sent the villain crashing through the other side of the theatre and end resulted in a tremendous blast. Gallantmon rushes over and finds Omega X sitting on a light post.

"Nicely done, Takato."

"I've always wanted to try that on someone. It really did pay off."

"I'll say. That should put his ass out of commission for a while."

"I doubt it, Tai. That attack was half-assed. I didn't even put my full energy to it."

"Damn, what's it going to take to beat this guy. If that won't do him in, then I don't think my Terra Beam will do jack squat."

(End song)

Just then, the two warriors stood their ground and felt a powerful ki signal heading towards their direction. Gallantmon readied his shield while Omega X cupped his hands together. Unfortunately, Dynasmon was in no mood to continue playing around and shoots out another mouth blast.

"Crap! Takato! Move!"

With that said, Omega X and Gallantmon dodged the beam within the nick of time. However, the beam did penetrate into the ground and quickly turns it into a metallic landscape. Omega X leaps down and watched more land turn into metal.

"Nice renovation job. Though, I wouldn't exactly call this a splendid job," said Omega X. "Metallic landscapes just aren't in these days."

"Um, we shouldn't piss him off, Tai. Look! There he goes again!"

Having becoming tired of Omega X's antics, Dynasmon flies down and fires another mouth blast. Omega X grabs Gallantmon and flies up to avoid being turned into a form of metal. Dynasmon turns around and takes another shot at the duo. Omega X was able to avoid the blast and stops to catch his breath.

"You all right, Takato?"

"Yeah. Man, what a rush. Huh, hey! Somebody is coming this way!"


They turned around to find two traces of ki flying their direction. The two ki signals belonged to both Max and Keke. Omega X was utterly in disbelief at their sudden appearance and noticed them carrying the four black digicores.

"Tai!!" Keke calls out. "We found them! We found them!"

"Dad! We have the digicores! Now we can restore you to your age!" exclaimed Max.

"Max! Keke! What are you doing here?! You ought to be helping out the others! It's not safe here!"

"We better hurry, because Dynasmon is on our tail!"

Omega X nods in agreement and flies out toward the children. Unfortunately, Dynasmon was trailing behind them and he shoots out yet another metal mouth blast. Instead of shooting his adversaries, he blasts the ground below him and watches as the metallic rift slowly rises.

"Dad! We couldn't find the others! So we had to find you!" Max cries out. "You have to at least be proud of the effort we put to find these."

"Yeah! Now you're telling us to piss off?!" Keke growls. "The nerve…"

"No, it's not like that! You're in danger! Dynasmon is here and he'll turn you into metal just like he did to Kari and Lady Moinanea!"

"Keke! Let's go! You heard what my dad said!"

"But- Oh no! Tai! Takato! Look out!"

Just as she said that, a large silver glob arches over both Omega X and Gallantmon. The warriors could do nothing but suddenly remain stiff as the glob swallowed them whole. Max and Keke looked down to find Dynasmon waving his hands around.

"Hey! You better let them go, punk!" Max exclaimed.

"I would watch your back if I were you, boy," Dynasmon replied. "Your girlfriend sure is learning the hard way."

Max quickly turns and saw Keke being engulfed by another silver glob. Max flies out in attempt to rescue the girl, but he too was caught by another blob mass. Dynasmon waves his hands in motion while the globs molded and were compressed. Each glob was instantly molded into a metallic statue form of the captives. Dynasmon flies up while snatching each digicore and attaching them onto his chest.

"Yes, I've managed to retrieve the digicores once again. They are back where they belong. As for you four, well… I hope you enjoy the rest of your pathetic lives as Dr. Myuumon's lab experiments. Because your energy will be ensure the M-5 Empire's survival."

As soon as he said that, Dynasmon flies up and snatches each metallic statue. He placed the children under his arms and carried the two warriors by hand. Dynasmon sets off back towards the M-5 Headquarters without any more delays. Not only has he turned them into metallic statues but has regained possession of the digicores. Things were certainly not looking right for the four, but the others were sure to find them. Hopefully, that will be soon enough.


Outskirts of the Headquarters

Kazemon and the other legendary warriors had already laid waste to a large group of robotic guards. They were heading down towards what looked like a warehouse.

"Those guys just keeping popping out of nowhere!" Beetlemon exclaimed.

"Guys look! It's Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon!" Kumamon cries out. "Hey, guys down here!"

"Look! It's Kumamon and everyone else!" Kaiser Greymon said.

"You guys! Kari, her partner and Lady Moinanea were just transported to somewhere within this city," Magna Garurumon explained.

"Where are Max, Keke and everyone else?" Lowemon asked.

"I think they were going to find the digicores."

"That's just great and we're completely lost," Beetlemon said.

Just as Beetlemon say down on the ground, his backside pressed against a wall and it easily pushes back. The warriors noticed that the ground was opening up and revealing an underground passage.

"Whoa! What did you just do, Beetlemon?" asked Kaiser Greymon.

"I didn't do it! All I did was press against this wall. It's no big deal."

"Actually you've just saved us the trouble," said Magna Garurumon. "This could provide us with some clues as to finding out where Kari and Lady Moinanea are held captive."

"So, you managed to find their little underground base too, huh?" a girl's voice calls out.

The warriors turned around to find none other than Rika, Renamon, Davis and Veemon.

"What's down this underground tunnel? Where does it lead?"

"You're so full of questions, Takuya," Renamon said. "Just follow our lead. There's something down there that you'll find interesting."

"Interesting? Show us," Magna Garurumon demanded.


Inside M-5 Headquarters. Main Control Room

After accomplishing his task, Dynasmon had previously split himself from Crusadermon. They had become two separate entities and were now ready to transport the metallic plates through a teleportation unit.

"Yes, our mission has been accomplished, general. We can send the digicores along with these fools. I'm sure Dr. Myuumon will be thrilled," Crusadermon said.

"I'm sure he will reward us for our courageous efforts, dear colonel. Unit #23456, send each plate through the space-time teleportation machine along with the digicores."

"Yes, sir!"

With that said, the robotic units snatched up the slab containing Omega X and runs it through the machine. It was then quickly transported and sent to Dr. Myuumon. After that, the unit did the same for the other remaining captives. Finally, the four digicores were transported.

"Very good. Dr. Myuumon will be very pleased," Dynasmon stated. "Now we can simply kick back and let the good doctor proceed with the experiments."

"This is a grand day. Soon, we'll extract their energy and use it to destroy our enemies and terra form this planet into another machine empire territory," replied Crusadermon.

"LONG LIVE, MACHINES! LONG LIVE, MACHINES!" the robotic soldiers cried out in unison.


(Play Final Fantasy VII Shinra theme)

Deep within the darkest regions of the city was that same sphere with the frightening demonic monster glare. Inside this monstrosity was the hidden laboratory of Dr. Myuumon.

A large group of robots gathered around the teleportation unit to receive the metallic plates of the heroes Dynasmon has captured. The digicores were also delivered along with the plates. The units gathered the items and placed them on an examination table.

Standing by near a control station was the genius behind the empire himself. Dr. Myuumon nods in approval and gazes over the tablets. He picks up the tablet containing Lady Moinanea and places it on an operating table.

"Excellent. This is simply excellent. Dynasmon and Crusadermon have played their parts well. Now I shall finally extract the energy from these warriors and use it to make my empire stronger! Yes, it will only be a matter of time! Units, proceed with the operation immediately."

"Yes, doctor!!"

As soon as all seven tablets were placed on seven separate operating tables, Dr. Myuumon returns to his station and activates the system. Then, a large group of lasers start coming down upon the Omega X contained tablet. Dr. Myuumon was now anxious to extract the "infinite" energy he had craved for so long from Omega X.

"Yes! This is it, my fellow machines. The time has come to take their energy! The machine empire shall spread its influence throughout the galaxy!"

"Sorry, pal, but plans are cancelled!" a male's voice calls out triumphantly.

(End theme)

"Who dares threaten to stop me?! Who's there?!"

Suddenly, a fiery energy blast penetrates through the entrance door and quickly sets off the alarms. Every robot unit started to go into frenzy as a result of this. Dr. Myuumon turns around to find all six of the legendary warriors. Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon stepped through the newly made entrance.

"What?! How did you find out about my secret laboratory?! You shouldn't have been able to break through my defenses!"

"Well, buddy, we just did," said Kaiser Greymon. "You really need to find some new security, because we just trashed them."

"And they call you a superior race? Your so-called security systems are out of date," replied Magna Garurumon.

"I can't let you take my precious plates! I had Dynasmon and Crusadermon work so hard to help retrieve them!"

"Well, hate to break it to you, but we just found an antidote to save our friends," another male's voice calls out from the other side of the room.

"Actually, we found an antidote," a girl's voice replied. "Kyuubimon! Take care of these wimps."

With that said, the yellow-furred vulpine rushes out from the shadows and fires away an array of fire blasts at the helpless robotic units. They started scrambling away as Dr. Myuumon stepped out from his station in attempt to save the plates. However, there was a massive blue dragon, which stepped in front of him. Dr. Myuumon was standing face to face with Xveemon. The doctor looked up and was sweating bullets.

"Oh, no…"

"Hi there, doc. I'll take those."

Xveemon delivers a punch, which sent the mad scientist flying backwards. Davis and Rika walk out from the shadows as they watched their partners go to work on the hench bots. Xveemon snatches each plate and lays down lay out on the ground. Kyuubimon jumps over and snatches each digicore.

"Davis! Rika! So, did you find the device?!" Kazemon calls out.

"We sure did. We tested it out on a piece of metal first to make sure that it was the right one," Davis said. "Anyway, there's something Rika and I found that you guys really need to know."

"Um, Davis," Rika muttered. "Would you just restore our friends?"

"Sorry, I often get carried away with these adventures."

"Uh… Typical Davis."

"All right, here goes nothing. I really hope this works."

With that said, Davis pulls out a tiny remote control device and activates it. He points it over all seven tablets and slowly waits to see the results. To everyone's satisfaction, the plates were immediately melted away and it freed the captives. Omega X and Gallantmon found themselves restored to normal. The same thing happened with Kari, Gatomon, Lady Moinanea, Max and Keke. Dr. Myuumon slowly revived himself and watched the room flooded by his enemies. He slowly crawled away without being detected.

"We're back to normal? Huh? Davis? Rika? What's going on?" Omega X pondered.

"Yeah, we kind of deserve an explanation here," replied Gallantmon.

"If you would be so kind to tell us," Lady Moinanea said. "Where are we?"

"You were sent down here to be dissected. You can thank us for saving you," Davis said.

"That's not important now. There's something you guys should know that our good doctor over here has kept hiding in his secret chambers," Rika said.

"Secret? What are you guys talking about?" Kari asked.

"You'll know once we show you," said Xveemon. "But I'm pretty sure the doc will show us the door. Right, doc?"

Dr. Myuumon quickly rushes over towards the secret door after climbing a row of stairs. He suddenly stopped as Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon stepped in front him.

"You can't call on Dynasmon and Crusadermon to save your wrinkled ass," said Kaiser Greymon. "We'll be more than happy to open it for you. Magna Garurumon, as you please"

"With pleasure."

The wolf warrior punches through the wall and rips through the metal hinges of the steel door. Kaiser Greymon tops it off and cutting open a wider space to allow him and everyone else to walk through.

"I'm really anxious to know what this guy has hidden in this secret lab," Max said. "I hope it's not anything worse than Dynasmon."

"Max, I have a feeling it could just be much worse," Keke replied.

"Well, I'm excited," Omega X said.

"Ha. You're always excited, Tai," Kari chuckled.

"Ok, doc. If you don't find, we'll be taking a grand tour around your secret room," Xveemon said. "C'mon, everyone. You're going to miss out!"

As soon as he said that, everyone nodded in agreement and started walking through the passageway door. Davis and Rika lead everyone down a long aisle way. The room was wide-spaced with barely any light and the aisle seemed to extend further than anyone expected. Omega X looked on ahead and was utterly shocked at what he saw ahead.

"Did you see it, Tai?" Kyuubimon asked.

"You bet I did."

"What is it, dad?"

"Just take a look up ahead and you'll see what I mean."

The entire group looked up ahead and saw a large capsule sitting in the middle of the aisle. The capsule was brightened by a neon green aura and inside was perhaps one of the most repulsive sights anyone could ever see. Lady Moinanea covered her mouth and utterly wanted to regurgitate. The warriors didn't know what to make of it, but Dr. Myuumon was literally on his knees crying.

"I'm sorry, my beautiful Bebimon… They have discovered you! We tried to stop them, but they forced their way in here! I would never let such ugly filth gave upon your marvelance!"

"Marvelance?" Omega X said. "I wouldn't exactly call this marvelance."

He was definitely correct on this. Sitting inside the middle of the capsule was a metallic larvae-like embryo with wires attached to its body. There was a liquid substance inside in order to ensure the large embryo's survival and the wires were feeding it some form of energy. The creature didn't seem to be active, though there was a slight pulsating in its chest.

"That thing is disgusting!" Kazemon exclaimed.

"I agree there, blondie," Rika said. "This is what the machine empire have been molding into their perfect weapon this whole time."

"That little thing as their perfect weapon?" Beetlemon asked. "That's hard to believe."

"Tell me about it," Kumamon said.

"Geez, I can hardly look at that thing. It makes me sick to my stomach and the smell here does not do me any favors," said Gallantmon.

"It maybe difficult to stomach, but it's true. I overheard Dr. Myuumon's hench bots a moment ago," Kyuubimon said.

Everyone once again took another look at the capsule with mixed reactions. Some were disappointed, while others were simply intrigued.

"You don't say? Well, this experience has really taken to a whole new twist. I'm interested to know a little more on this thing," Omega X stated.

Dr. Myuumon slowly sat up and whimpered to himself. He utterly has failed to keep this a secret. The question was: why is this creature considered important to the M-5 machine empire? Dr. Myuumon referred to its name as Bebimon.

"The name of this creature is Bebimon," said Xveemon. "You probably heard the doc spit out his name already."

"Bebimon, huh? Funny name for someone important," Max said. "Don't you think, dad?"

"Yeah. Though I am interested to know if it really is powerful than Dynasmon. I'd really like to fight this thing myself."

Omega X kept his eyes locked on Bebimon's larvae with great interest, despite the creature not moving an inch within it's confined capsule.


Earth. West Shinjuku. 4:56 P.M.

Back on Earth, everything seemed to be tranquil at the moment. There haven't been any signs of strange activity, except the fact that the weather was constantly changing.

An older Takeru Takaishi was walking down the street with two kids running ahead of him. One of the children had blonde hair and was literally cursing like a dirty-mouthed sailor. The other is girl with short, brown hair. The children were starting to constantly argue with one another.

"I wanted to go to the damn park!" Tike cries out. "Who died to make you the boss?"

"Look! We've been to the park this entire week! I think we should at least expand our horizons!" Kara replied. "I'm sure dad would rather want to go book store! Right, dad?"

"What? Don't bring me into this, you guys."

"You already are, dad. Besides, don't you think we ought to take a break from visiting the park?"

"I guess so."

"Besides, Tike. There are plenty of comic books there. I know how much you adore them."

"Really?! I hope they got a good selection!"

"Heh, that gets him every time," Kara thought. "Yeah, you'll love their selections. It's the biggest in the city."

"Then, what are we waiting for?! C'mon, dad! Let's… Hey, what's up, dad?"

"Yeah, you've been pretty down. We're really concerned."

"It's your mother. It's been a while since she and Tai left to that other digital world. I wonder if they're doing fine."

"I'm sure they are fine," replied Kara. "You shouldn't worry about mom so much. Besides, Uncle Tai is with them."

"That's right. They've only been gone for nearly half a day," Tike said. "Shintomon told us that they should be back by the end of the day. So, let's take our minds off that."

"Yeah, you're right, guys," TK said. "Sorry. I just have been worrying about Kari."

"Let's make this day count, dad," Kara stated. "I promise everything will be fine."

"Ok then. After the bookstore, we'll go home and order some pizza. My treat, okay?"

The two kids nodded in delight as their mouths drooled at the thought of warm freshly delivered pizza. TK simply rubs the back of his head and gives a fake smile.

"Knowing these kids, I'll have to use the last of my paycheck to feed their bottomless pits. I wonder what kind of fun Tai and the others are having at this time. It couldn't be any worse than this."


Elsewhere within the Shinjuku District. 4:35 P.M.

There was a dark-haired young man wearing a leather coat and a pair of shades. Accompanying him was a green caterpillar-like creature with purple mandibles. Yes it was none other Ken Ichijouji and his digimon partner, Wormmon. Ken has started to breakthrough with his detective career but has still yet to learn from the world's greatest.

"Ken? I don't mean to bother you at a time like this, but where are we going?"

"Ryo said that he had something important to tell me. Lately, he's been telling me that Monodramon has been talking to himself. It's even managed to scare Ryo."

"Monodramon talking to himself?"

"Yeah, this sounds like a case of possession. Then again, I could be wrong."

"I really hope Monodramon is ok. I wouldn't even want to think that something would possess him. You could always change your career to ghosts and goblins."

"I really don't believe in the supernatural, but we've had our fair share of supernatural forces, huh?"

"You bring up a good point. There's something I want to bring up. Davis and the others have yet to come home from their assignment."

"I'm not all surprised. This certainly wouldn't be a simple task for them. In any case, Tai is with them. What could go wrong?"

"Everything, Ken. Tai better not become so careless and turn this into another one of his happy hours. Lord knows we don't need another genocidal maniac running amuck on this planet. The D-Reaper was enough for me…"

"Hurry up, Wormmon. You don't want to get left behind, buddy."

"Coming, Ken!"

With that said, the worm digimon rapidly hops towards his partner and catches up towards him. Wormmon was slowly panting after every hop he had taken.

"This matter with Monodramon concerns me. Tentomon managed to inform us that he sensed a dark energy from Monodramon. He could just over exaggerating, but I need to know myself if it is true."

"We'll simply just have to ask Ryo and Monodramon. I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this since no one else is even bothering to investigate."

"That's why I'm going to be a professional detective. I'll need a few cases to start off with my new career. This is a perfect opportunity for me."

"Then I'm with you one-hundred percent, Ken!"

"Thanks pal. He said to meet us over in the western district near a food market. We better hurry."

"Yeah, you certainly don't want to miss out on this opportunity."

Ken picks up Wormmon and starts his walk further down towards the western district of the city. From there, he will meet with Ryo and talk about the 'mysterious' source that has been plaguing Monodramon for quite sometime.


Dr. Myuumon's Secret Laboratory

Already infiltrated Dr. Myuumon's secret room, the gang was starting to walk down the long aisle toward the capsule. They put their full attention on the creature that was within the capsule. It was not only repulsive in appearance, but it simply gave off a frightening vibe that sent chills down the digimons' spines.

"Geez, put a blanket over that thing. I can't stand to look at it," Keke remarked.

"So, do you know anything else about this thing?" Kari asked.

"Well, we did find out that it was designed to awaken and run amuck throughout this part of the digital galaxy. Once its power continues to grow, it and the empire will move out into the other quadrants," Rika explained.

"There's more," Kyuubimon continued on. "The next target after this digital world would be earth. Dr. Myuumon plans to send his robotic armies to take claim of the planet."

"It makes sense," Lady Moinanea spoke. "This mad man would want to conquer the home planet of the humans. You have some nerve, doctor."

"What a bunch of jerks! You guys really did have the nerve to invade our home?!" Kazemon growls.

"You really did intend to send this ugly freak on our home? Creeps like you make me sick," Kaiser Greymon said directly towards Dr. Myuumon.

"It doesn't matter now. My Bebimon will awaken and destroy you all! I'll make sure you pay for ever trespassing through my laboratory!"

"Sorry, doc, but we hate to spill you the bad news," said Xveemon. "We rewired every attachment to Bebimon's life support thing…"

"What he said!" Davis exclaimed. "We switched all of booger face's life support wiring to your plumbing system."

This startling revelation brought utter disbelief across Dr. Myuumon's face as his mouth widened. The doctor began wailing out like a baby and droops his way over to the capsule. Everyone else looked on as the mad scientist was starting to reroute the wiring back to Bebimon's capsule.

"That solves everything. You really saved the day, Davis," Max said.

"I never thought ol' Davis had it in him," Gatomon replied.

"Just call me 'Davis the handyman'," Davis stated. "I ought to start my own show."

"Yeah, so we can all press the mute button," Omega X snickered.

"Hey, I deserve my own TV show!" Davis exclaimed.

"I don't mean to rain on our parades, but shouldn't we get out of here," Kumamon said. "You've already taken care of the problem. Bebimon can't come to life."

"That's right. We've managed to put Dr. Myuumon's plan for conquest on hold for a long time," replied Lowemon.

"Yeah, but you guys sort of spoiled my fun," Omega X stated. "I really wanted a crack shot at this Bebimon. I wanted to see if he was worth the challenge."

"Tai, you can't be serious?" Magna Garurumon asked.

"Hell yeah. You bet I am. But it's too late to change that. What's done is done. Oh well. Looks like we're going home with the digicores."

"I cannot believe you would risk the entire galaxy just for the sport of fighting," the demigoddess spoke. "Then again, you seem to enjoy it."

"Yep. I sure do."

Dr. Myuumon was bawling so loud that everyone turned around to see him on his knees in tears. Max and Keke walked up towards the capsule to closely examine the developing Bebimon embryo.

"You know maybe dad is right. We were sort of robbed of a new challenge," Max said.

"Oh c'mon, Max! Leaving this thing where is belongs is rightfully justified. Besides, do we really need a monster to terrorize our home?"

"No, but just think how much fun dad and I can have with him. He'll be sort of like our practice dummy."

"You think life is just a big game, Max. Typical, boys."

"He certainly takes after you, Tai," Kari muttered.

Max leaps up and starts crawling all over the capsule's glass exterior. He was crawling around as if he were Spider Man. Keke simply wanted to yank the boy down and to save himself from further embarrassment. Dr. Myuumon took notice of this and angrily cries out towards him.

"Hey, get off of there! Get your filthy hands off of Bebimon's capsule!"

"Max! I'd hate to agree with him, but get your ass down here!" Keke said.

"Hey! He's doing an impression of Spider Man," Omega X chuckled. "Man, my boy is so full of surprises."

Max presses his face against the glass and glares deeply through it. Bebimon was slowly losing life force due to its life support being rewired to the plumbing system.

"Geez, he's really ugly once you get up close," said Max. "You guys want to take a closer look?"

"No way!!" everyone else exclaimed in unison.

"Didn't you hear me, boy?! I said to get your hands off of Bebimon's capsule! You dirty… HUMAN!!"

(Play Final Fantasy VII's Jenova theme)

As soon as the doctor said that, the embryo quickly turns it's head and opens its eyes. The creature turned its attention toward Max and locked its fish-like eyes on his. Max was taken back by this sudden rejuvenation and leaps back.

"Whoa! I think that woke him up," Max stated. "Thanks a lot, doc."

"Bebimon?! But how are you doing this?!" Dr. Myuumon exclaimed. "Your life support was rewired to the plumbing system, but… You somehow have been rejuvenated to life?!"

"What?! But that's impossible!" Davis exclaimed. "We rewired everything! He isn't even supposed to be functioning! I'm sorry, guys. I did my best…"

"No, it wasn't your fault for once, Davis," Gatomon said. "I think the doctor managed to revive Bebimon simply by screaming out 'human'."

"Max! Get away from there!" Omega X calls out.

As soon as Max and Keke fled from the area, the capsule within Bebimon's tank was started to crack. Bebimon broke free of his attachment cords and let out a horrifying screech. The creature's eyes had now taken a more 'shades' look and his mouth morphed with an array of sharp teeth sprouting. It then started to develop limbs and feet. Dr. Myuumon was utterly astonished at Bebimon's spontaneous revival.

"Yes, arise Bebimon! Arise and destroy these meddling humans! Destroy them and their pet partners! Make them fear your unlimited power!"

Bebimon quickly breaks free of the capsule and unleashes a powerful energy wave that cracks open the entire capsule. The room becomes entirely blanketed by a light purple aura and the force sends everyone flying backwards. The digimon were fortunate to catch their partners in time. Meanwhile, Dr. Myuumon was sent reeling back with his body taking severe damage. Bebimon hops out from his capsule and lands on the ground.

As soon as the light clears away, holes from the roof caused beams of light to come down upon Bebimon. The baby digimon looked around its surroundings and gazed upon the digimon hanging around the ceiling.

"So, that's Bebimon? That little squirt is the big deal around here?" Beetlemon said. "I'm rather disappointed. I expected him to be much bigger."

"No kidding," Kumamon replied.

"Hold on a minute you guys," Omega X said. "You're not feeling out his ki? Don't you feel it? He's a lot stronger than you give him credit for."

"I can sure sense his power," Kaiser Greymon. "This is unbelievable! He's not even fully evolved either!"

"I'm beginning to sense some familiar ki from this monstrosity," Lady Moinanea thought. "But where? It couldn't be…"

"He certainly looks like he's at the in-training level," Keke said.

"But his power is feels like it belongs to a mega," Max muttered. "This is crazy!"

"Kyuubimon, what do you think?" Rika asked. "Is he as strong as they say he is?"

"Yes, and I know it's hard to believe."


"I don't know about you guys, but I say we waste this little bugger," Max said.

"I'm with you," Omega X responded. "We can't let this thing escape."

Dr. Myuumon sits up and his entire body was severely damaged from the capsule shattering. He crawls over towards Bebimon and reaches out toward him.

"Bebimon. You've finally come to life my Bebimon…"

The tiny digimon faced the doctor and turned his attention over toward the digimon that took refuge above the roof. Dr. Myuumon pointed out towards them eagerly.

"Bebimon. Those are the intruders who infiltrated our secret laboratory and planned on destroying your precious capsule. They must be eliminated, Bebimon. Kill the humans and their digimon pets! Kill them all!"


Bebimon turns and faces each one of the humans. First he saw Rika, Davis and Kari. After that, he turned to face Max and Keke. Then, he faced the digimon. Finally, he makes eye contact with Omega X and growls deeply. A purple aura blankets Bebimon's body and the ground started to tremble under his sheer power. Bebimon unleashes a horrifying scream, which created powerful sound waves that destroyed the roof's foundation. The digimon scattered out into different directions to prepare their attacks on the creature.

"All right guys! On my count, we'll blast this thing to kingdom come! Ready! One!"



As soon as Omega X said that, every digimon and warrior in the room unleashed their trademark techniques. Each blast came showering down and nailed Bebimon with perfect aim. The creature screamed as each blast penetrated through his soft-tissue body. Gallantmon, Xveemon, Kaiser Greymon, Magna Garurumon and Omega X were preparing to shoot out their best techniques once again to finish off the remains of Bebimon.

"Lightning Joust!!"

"V Laser!!"

"Pyro Dragons!!"

"Machinegun Destroy!!"

"Terra Beam!!"

"Hold it! You boys can't have all the fun!" Lady Moinanea calls out as she hurls a massive ki ball. "Celestial Orb!!"

Bebimon did not even get a chance to blink and each blast quickly incinerated his body. Dr. Myuumon could only look on with utter horror as his greatest 'creation' was quickly destroyed within seconds.

(End theme)


"Way to go, guys! Mission accomplished!" Max exclaimed.

"Perfecto! That was simply marvelous!" cheered Lady Moinanea.

"Heh, now where have I heard 'perfecto' before?" Davis said. "She really has a little Yolei in her."

"Whew, now we can all go home now," Kari said. "But first we'll have to restore Tai's age."

"The sooner the better," replied Gatomon.

"Hey, look! The doc is leaving," Keke said. "We can't let him escape!"

Dr. Myuumon was walking towards a large door and presses a button. The door slides open and reveals a large hovercraft unit. When he stepped inside of the craft unit, a tiny metallic slime crawls under Myuumon's feet and slivers through an open-cut wound.

Dr. Myuumon steps inside and activates the hovercraft's controls. The thrusters went off and the ship was starting to lift off through the roof. The ship makes a complete turn and flies off into the distance. It disappears within moments through the farthest regions of space.

"Hey! He's getting away!" Kazemon cries out. "C'mon, guys!"

"There's no point," Gallantmon said.

"Huh?! But he's getting away!" Davis exclaimed. "We should at least shot his ship down."

"He's no harm to us or our home since Bebimon has already been destroyed," Omega X. "I agree with Takato."

"Gee and I really wanted to knock some sense into that creep Dr. Myuumon," Keke muttered.

"Don't worry, Keke. Without Bebimon under his wing, he's just another feeble old man who wouldn't pick a fight," Max said. "At least I hope so."

"Anyway, I hear our ship is pretty much wrecked," Davis said. "Don't worry. We'll get that fixed, but let's head on over to Seraphimon. We still have to restore Tai's age."

"Don't worry. We'll help arrange that for you," Lady Moinanea said.

"We have our work cut out for us, guys. I say we get the heck out of this rat hole," Omega X said. "I can't wait to get home… Sora is going to be thrilled to see me back to my old self."

"I don't know I kind of like you as a kid," Keke said. "You're like a big brother to Max."

"Uh, yeah. I could use a big brother, dad," Max said. "Then again, I wouldn't want mom crying about being married to a child."

"Good point…"

"Man, Tai's family is really whacked out," Kaiser Greymon whispered to Kazemon.

"You said it!"


Far off from the Digital World in orbit

The hovercraft was traveling out through space with full thrusters on. Dr. Myuumon looks out through a window and casts an eye on the Digital World. His plans of conquest were immediately shattered and his greatest creation was destroyed.

"Curse those insolent, humans! They ruined everything! Now I'll have to reset everything into motion! I better contact Dynasmon and Crusadermon. They'll take care of those insects and help extract my revenge."

Suddenly, a virtual image of the M-5 Empire was displayed through a mainframe. Dr. Myuumon walks over to the mainframe and slams his fist angrily.

"Damn them! Damn them all! I came so close to reaching my complete conquest! I will make those insolent humans pay… Er…"

Suddenly, Dr. Myuumon struggled and wrapped his hands around his neck. His voice had now become raspy and snake-like.

"Those humans… Those humans… They will pay dearly for this!!"

With one swift motion, a metallic creature punches through Dr. Myuumon's chest and lands on the floor. The culprit turned out to be Bebimon in complete tact. He somehow managed to regenerate his body after being incinerated and one last piece of his essence took refuge within Dr. Myuumon.

"No. You seem to be forgetting who was the REAL mastermind that created you and the entire M-5 Empire. As a matter of fact, you and the empire are of no use to me. I no longer have interest for conquest of this digital world. Why not just move onto bigger and better ventures within the universe?"

Bebimon crushes Dr. Myuumon's head and smashes it into pieces. The mutant digimon crawls over to the overview of the M-5 city and shuts the mainframe off.

"I seek to take control of the other remaining digital worlds. But first, I want to pay a little visit to this planet called earth. I'm sure those insolent humans will help lead me there."

Bebimon crawls over to a window and makes eye contact with the Digital World in the distance. A smug expression formed on the mutant's face.

"I know a couple of humans and digimon that must die. You just lead me to Earth, fools. I'll be waiting in the wings…"

Bebimon has destroyed Dr. Myuumon and has abandoned the M-5 Empire. He now has his sights set on Tai and his entire group. Will he eventually find himself on Earth?

[Digimon Frontier ending theme "Innocent –Mujaki na Mama de-"]


Tai: Hey, everyone! It's Tai! We've been told to use the digicores on another planet since using them on the digital world will destroy it in the process.

Lady Moinanea: I'm afraid we can't risk using the Black Digicores on this world. Why not try them on an abandoned planet?

Keke: Why don't you come with us?

Lady Moinanea: As much as I would like to visit the human world, I have a duty to maintain here. I shall watch over this digital world with the Three Celestials and restore complete order.

Max: Plus we still have Dynasmon and Crusadermon to take care of!

Takuya: Don't worry. We'll take care of them.

Kari: Now we run into another urgent situation as we depart from the digital world.

Keke: There's a ship approaching a burning star and we go to check if there are any survivors. We eventually find a boy.

Kouji: I have a bad feeling about this boy.

Bebimon: Unfortunately for you fools, I've taken refuge within this boy and I plan to take one of your bodies.

Zoe: Guys. There's something unusual about this kid.

Tai: How are we going to fight an enemy we can't even trace since he happens to use other people's bodies?!

Max: We're almost home, guys!

Tai: Though, we'll need to use those digicores sometime sooner or later. I guess Sora shouldn't mind me being an eleven year old for a while. I've made up my mind. I'll use the digicores whenever I feel up to it. I want to relive my childhood again!

Max: Next chapter is entitled…

A Hidden Danger! Bebimon's Counterattack!

Bebimon: I won't rest until you eventually lead me to this Earth. I plan on making your dreams a living nightmare.


Kanius: That finally puts an end to the Black Digicore Saga. After many months of waiting and we've survived. ^^ Now we're set with the upcoming Bebimon Saga. The first chapter won't go up until I finished the final chapter to Taito's Destiny and add chapter twelve to the Pharaohmon arc.

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