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AN: This is the first thing I've written in English, but since I have finally managed to get a beta and this is the edited verison there should be less mistakes than before. All thanks goes to Na-chan!

WARNING: sex between males is mentioned. If you don't like this don't read.


The attraction of opposites


I wake up slowly to the sight of glittering red eyes only a few centimeters away from my own. My head hurts terribly. I should have known better than to get that drunk! I do stupid things when I am drunk. But the grief was too much for me, I couldn't stand it any longer and I know from experience that the alcohol dulls my feelings. It seems though as if I've really overdone it this time. The grinning face of the Drow who is sitting on my chest bears witness to this fact. Not good! Drow are generally bad, but when you meet one who is grinning at you like this it is definitely time to run far away as fast as possible.

I can not run though, so I do the next best thing and try to shake him off. During the following seconds I realize that my feeble efforts will not get me anywhere. In fact I only succeed in producing an unsettling smile and chuckle from the Drow.

"Awake?" He asks.

"None of your business," I hiss at him. I am getting frustrated now. Everything is spinning, damn I hate hangovers. Where are we anyway? I try to look around. Seems like a prison cell to me; damp, dirty, gloomy and really not all that comfortable. Well, wouldn't be the first time I end up in prison. I normally do not have this kind of company, but there is a first time for everything. I'm not too worried yet. I should find out more about my current situation.

"How did I get here?" I ask the Drow, since there doesn't seem to be anybody else around I could press for information. He cocks his head and looks at me strangely.

"They carried you in about five hours ago."

"You're not being very helpful you know." He sits up and shrugs.

"Well, how would I know? I was here before you elf."

I guess he's right there. I make a noise sounding like humph or something and then an interesting thought pops up.

"How come you haven't killed me yet?" We're supposed to be mortal enemies after all and disposing of me while I was unconscious and couldn't fight would have been the easiest way for him. Or maybe he just wants to torture me for a bit and get some entertainment, before I die. I'm certainly not strong enough right now to put up much of a fight. Shit.

"Kill you? I must admit, while that thought crossed my mind, I'm far too bored after three weeks in here to waste such a perfect opportunity for distraction." He smiles brightly.

"Could you not be nice for once and just skip the part where you hurt me and kill me right away?" I'm not in the mood to talk in circles. I just want everything over and done with so I won't have to endure my awful hangover any longer than strictly necessary.

The idea doesn't seem to appeal to him. He shakes his head and smiles again. Not nice. I definitely don't like the look in his eyes.

"Don't worry elf. I won't hurt you, at least not as much as you think. I've got a better idea. Maybe you'll even like it too."

Wait a second, I'm in a prison cell together with a Drow, I'm lying totally defenseless on the cold stone floor and said Drow is hinting that he might actually be nice to me? This can't be happening. Maybe I'm hallucinating and he's just told me that he'll eat my guts…. He certainly looks hungry. Now where have I seen that kind of look before? Oh no, now he's licking his lips. I get the idea, not good. Please wake me up now, I must be dreaming! I mean ok, I like males and he's actually quite good looking but please, a damn Drow! Did I just say good looking? Anyway, I really don't feel good at all, I'm in no shape to do much at the moment and sex would definitely count as much. I should warn him.

"Um…if you move me now I might puke all over you." Not very nicely put I admit, but it stops him. He scowls at me.

"You're disgusting you, know that?" And with that he finally gets off me. "I do believe you though. But we've got lots of time, don't worry sweetheart. You're not going anywhere."

Did he just call me sweetheart?

"Great." I manage to grunt before I pass out. I'll never drink again in my life. Ever!