But it's over now
Written by Elusive One


They heard the fire trucks and followed the sound.

"That's Anna's car?" Seth cringed.
"There's Summer's..." Ryan pointed out.

They got out of the car and saw a fire truck and an ambulance.

The firemen were letting each other know what was going on with the ladies they were handling.

"This one is dead!" a fireman yelled.

NOTE: Thanks for the reviews you guys. Um, your questions about R/S will be answered and more of the timing of when the story was taking place. But of course, you can tell by the very first two sentences (from part 2) that what you're about to read is what those two first sentences states.

Part Two

Ever heard the myth when you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes?

Old, movie-like videos played in Summer Roberts' mind. As a baby, a child and as a teenager.

"Mommy?" a three-year old Summer cried.

She viewed her mother walking out, with the slamming of her father's door in the distance.

"I shall call you, Jughead.' Summer smiled and fed the skinny squirrel.

She remembered that she used to read the "Archie & the Gang" comics and fed that same skinny squirrel during lunch time in the third grade. This time, Summer didn't miss Seth Cohen looking at her.

She remembered so many things she had forgotten.

The one afternoon when she first spoke to Seth and was the last for the next couple of years. She was six years old. She was hanging outside the Cooper's house and saw Seth fall off his skateboard. She quickly ran to him and held out her hand. "Are you okay?" Summer asked and pulled him up. Before she allowed Seth to speak to her, she walked away.

Summer remembered seeing her mother again. She met her stepsister for the first time. She thought that her mother would stay, that they'll finally get their second chance. They didn't. She became callous and rebelled, but at the same time, kept herself grounded. She wasn't going to allow herself fail, she was determined not to be stepped on. She hated love, it's all trouble, Summer spoke of it.

When Seth came in the picture, Summer felt things she didn't want to feel.

She stood in front of Seth, who reminded her of a poem she wrote, I wish I was a mermaid. A poem that was so close to her heart. Something she wrote when she went through her family crisis. She was speechless. For the first time, she had no words. Nor was she able to resist kissing him. She didn't want it to show, so she quickly left him.

Faced by Seth, Summer made sure she quickly answered his speculations about them having an undeniable chemistry, by turning him down.

When she finally realized, the beautiful pain she had in her, she ran away. It wasn't because he was Seth Cohen, it was something she never felt before, and she knew what it was. It's all trouble, Summer reminded herself.

She was, more than ever, alone. Seth had chosen Anna Stern over her and Marissa Cooper was sent to rehab after her friend Oliver Trask killed himself.

A month after Marissa was sent away, she decided to finally see Ryan.

"I just wanted to get my Jeff Buckley CD back," she said as she entered the room.

Ryan was lying down on the floor. All he did was stare. He slowly turned to her.

"What are you doing here?" Ryan asked.
"Jeff Buckley. Marissa. I think she left my copy here."
"Oh. That's your CD?" Ryan stood up and looked for it.

They became friends then, but Summer still acted cold around him at school.

One day, at school, Summer gave in. She broke down in tears. She never cried before, about a guy, she never really did cry. She was in her car when Ryan saw her. That day, their friendship went further. They both confessed that they needed each other.

Ryan told Seth that he and Summer kissed. Summer and Ryan ignored each other for a couple of days, finally they talked.

"What did he say?" Summer asked.
"He's happy for us," Ryan cringed.
"So, the whole time we've ignored each other, in Seth's eyes, we were together. But, we're not even together."
"Yeah, I know that."

Summer quickly pushed Ryan into the janitor's closet. They tried to talk in between kisses.

"So... we're.............. not even..........................together?" Ryan reminded her.
"No..........." Summer pushed him to the side desk and they kissed harder. Ryan began to be sited back. Ryan hits his head on a board above them. They stopped and laughed.

They looked at each other and kissed again.

"Marissa..." Ryan said.
"I'm Summer, you ass," she pulled away.
"No,no. Marissa," they stopped kissing. "What are we going to tell her?"

Summer rested her head on his shoulder. Marissa was her best friend. She had no idea how she was. She wasn't really allowed visitors. Ryan and Summer decided to keep their relationship to themselves. Marissa did break up with Ryan before she left.

When Summer and Ryan got out of the janitor's closet, laughing. Seth and Anna was standing there. They all smiled at each other. Summer, with a huge grin, grabbed Ryan and swept him away, while Anna laughed and Seth watched them run away.

Ryan and Summer became un aware of other peoples existence and thoughts. They were selfish, they both knew that everything with Seth and Marissa wasn't fine, but for the first time in the past month, they felt fine.

They were only together for two weeks when they decided to make love.

She began to unbutton his shirt. They knelt down in front of each other as Summer took his shirt off. Ryan slowly lied back as Summer pushed him down with a kiss. He pulled her tank top over her head. They continued to kiss and touch each other, hard with passion.

"Ryan..." Summer pulled away.
"Okay," Ryan sat up.

They lied down next to each other.

"It's just. I don't think we're in this together for the right reasons." Summer cringed.
"Yeah. You were the closest thing I could be with next to Marissa," Ryan confessed.
"I know what you mean. You're the closest thing I could hold onto next to Seth. I just felt really..." Summer said.
"Alone. I know. And I just wanted to feel..."
"Better. I know." Summer finished for him.
"You really love him, don't you?" Ryan asked.
"No," Summer lied.
"Don't get me wrong, I thought you were pretty wrong for Seth. Until, of course we started to really talk. There was actually something buried inside that ice queen. It's amazing how Seth and Anna just seem so right for each other and you and Seth just seemed so wrong. But the thing is, you told me that you told Seth to leave you alone and Seth, when I told him that you and I kissed, he took it in like he's never loved you. You two just seem to bury the truth nowadays. Acting like nothing ever happened. Which makes you two even stronger." Ryan told her.
"We don't make sense. Seth and I. And Seth and Anna... they do."
"You love him?"
"I do," Summer finally confessed.

Ryan and Summer broke it off before things got out of hand. They realized how fast they went, and both felt it was very unhealthy. They hardly knew each other and of course they both knew that they were in it for the wrong reasons.

Summer had a clear view of her memories. She remembered confessing to Seth that she loved him.

She remember he walked away.

Things were beginning to fade into black.

Her body jumped from the reaction to the defibrillator.

"We got a heartbeat!" the paramedic yelled.

Summer woke up the morning after, Seth was still sleeping. She smiled as she felt Seth's hand holding onto hers.

Carnations and gift baskets filled her room.

Sunlight shined through the glass window.

A single white rose sat on her bedside table.

Seth woke up and smiled at her. He took her hand and placed it on his face. He tucked her hair behind her ear and held onto her.

Tears ran down his face.

Summer sat frozen.

Seth wiped her tears.

Beautiful things surrounded her, the boy she was in love with was sitting in front of her, but all she could see was...



Note: Well, that's the end of Part 2. Um, I'm not sure if I'll be continuing it. Maybe from reading reviews, I'll think about it.