Summary: Joey and Honda manage to drag Yami out to a nightclub, but things go horribly wrong when Kaiba, Malik, and Yami Bakura show up, after that, there's only madness.

Warnings: This has Yaoi in it! It also has Yami being drugged, carted off, and RAPED several times, well it depends on the version. If you're skirmish of that, DO NOT READ!!! As for who those people do read it, read and enjoy! Or flame... .()

Note: There isn't any rape in this chapter, but there will be in the next one.

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Info on drug: The drug mentioned in this story, Rohypnol or "roofies", is a very REAL drug! It is very dangerous, and highly deadly when mixed with alcohol. Woman in high school, mostly Collage and older have been hit with drug. All the symptoms mentioned are real, though not all of them can happen to you. Remember, they're just some of the symptoms.

A/N: This is the result of too much time with M-Chan and watching my two muses Yami (or "Yami-san" as I call him) and Seto fighting with each other. (Technically, I showed M-chan Seto was trying to seduce Yami-san, and failing (Seto loves Yami-san, but Yami-san hates Seto...), and well she suggested giving him some roofies, and well, this is the out come.

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Illusions of Desire

Chapter One: Disappearance

By: Miss Sera

Dedicated to my helper/idea giver: M-Chan! ^-^


"Aaaw, come on! You'll have fun!" Jounouchi, or Joey, was nearly on his knees begging.

Yami, whom which Joey was trying to beg to, glared at the blond. "Why, Joey, would I want to go to some club to get drunk and make a fool of myself?"

Joey made a face at the hidden meaning. "Yami, you don't have to drink... You could..." He hit his palm as an idea hit him. "I know! You can be the designated driver!"

Yami blinked. "Demo, Joey, I don't drive."

Joey sweatdroped. "Er- that's not what I meant..."

Honda, who was also there, decided that Joey had been tormented enough, and stepped in. "What I think he means, Yami, is that you can help me get this lug home if he gets to drunk."

Joey didn't take this too well, for the next words out of his mouth were: "Really? Last time we went you got just as drunk as I did! They even through you out because of the ruckus you caused!"

Honda blushed and mysteriously discovered he had a cold...

Yami watched as the two started to fight. He knew that whether or not he went, these two would. But if they acting like this when they were sober he shuddered to think of what they'd be like when they were drunk. Yami sighed, "Very well, I'll go."

The two quarrelling best buds stopped abruptly.

"You will?" Joey asked excitedly.

"You... Will?" Honda, however, was more surprised then excited.

Yami brought a hand to his face and pinched the bridge of his nose in vain hopes of stopping the on coming headache. "Yes I'll come, but only to keep you two out of trouble."

Joey threw an arm around his friend and wagged a finger in front of Yami's face. "Aw, Yami, we're only going out on the town!"

Yami glared at said finger, and muttered, "That is what I'm afraid of..." Louder, he added, "Joey, move your finger or lose it." Joey 'eep'ed comically and put his whole hand in his pocket, then moving away from the annoyed ex-pharaoh rather hurriedly.

"Now," Yami said, eyeing both in turn, "I am going to inform Yuugi of where we are going. If, by chance, he disagrees with this, I will not go. Is that understood?" Both boys nodded before Yami turned and headed up the stairs to where Yuugi's room- and the little owner of the room- were.

Now, while everyone is preoccupied for the moment, except Joey, but he's just raiding the fridge, let me explain what's going on. The day this story takes place on, is the one year anniversary of Joey-tachi* discovering Yami existed and meeting him for the first time. Well, since that day hadn't been all that great, the two had agreed on taking Yami out for a little fun.

Why just those two, you ask? Well no, it's not that I don't like everyone else! The club the two picked for this day is a men's only club (meaning there'll be stripping girls and gays galore) and Anzu wouldn't have enjoyed herself, or would have been safe for that matter! And besides, she was with her steady boyfriend of three months: Okabo Hiru.

Well you know Seto Kaiba wouldn't have anything to do with this anyway. Even months after their short alliance on Duelist Tower, and discovering they had been friends in Ancient Egypt, Kaiba still claimed to hate Yami, and Yami only wanted to throw it right back.

Ryou Bakura was being "detained" by his Yami, now just called "Bakura". A few months back, it was discovered with much shock that some of Ryou's new bruises were not, in fact, from Bakura's beating, but from something else entirely. And Joey was just as guilty of giving and taking those bruises!

Malik had shown up again recently, having made a full recovery- physically at least, and had abandoned his five year quest of trying to destroy/kill Yami and Yuugi. His second personality had been utterly destroyed after his and Yami duel, and Malik had been relieved to finally have his body back

Now enough history, let's return to the story already in progress...

Yugi was standing in the doorway, calling out and waving to his departing friends. "Make sure you don't overwhelm him! Ja ne, minna!"

From between Joey and Honda, Yami made an odd noise and sent a wave of disapproval thru his and Yuugi's link. Yuugi of course only smiled brighter. Joey and Honda didn't catch the private exchange but they did catch what Yuugi said. "Don't worry, Yuug'! We won't!" Joey called, and he should have been very thankful that if Yami had killed him, Yuugi wouldn't be very happy with him. He'd just have to get back at him later...

The moment Yami laid eyes on the club he had an intense sense that he was going to have a mightily interesting time. Over the club the words: "Flaming Gay" could be seen in big bold, neon green letters above the door. A rather large man could be seen beside the entrance, watching and taking note of the ages and sexes of the people entering. Yami briefly wondered how they would get in, until the doorman spotted Joey and Honda and gestured for them to enter, not even stopping Yami, though he did notice the way the guy was looking at him, or rather his body.

He entered the club as quickly as possible... And was promptly bombarded with noise, the smell of alcohol, and sheer number of people.

The Flaming Gay was a two-story club where the entrance was on the first floor, and the actual club was below. The top floor was patterned in a donut shape; the indention housed the bar, strip/dancing stage, and some tables. It appeared the main floor was meant to stand and be enticed by the strippers and dancers, while the top was meant for sitting, drinking and free dancing.

Yami could only stare, open mouthed at the place below. Now this being a club for both gay and straight, you could find woman strippers dancing with and without poles, right along the men, while both did rather seductive things to men of both preferences. Now just a not-so-random-comment our dear petite duelist is openly bi, so he was watching both.

Joey laughed and with his middle and forefingers gently pushed Yami's mouth back up. "If you like that from this distance, my friend, you'll love it when we get closer." He firmly took hold of the former-pharaoh's forearm, as not to loose him, and started for the stairs.

The stairs was as crowded as the rest of the place, and Joey would have lost his smaller companion if not for the vise like grip he had on him, with all the pushing and shoving they were doing. As it was, Honda had already disappeared, but neither minded as they found standing him standing at the bar and grinning at them. "Sa, what took you so long?" teased Honda. Joey rolled his eyes. "We, watashi no tomodachi, are not inhuman. We took the stairs." Honda nodded. Yami was confused. There was another way down? Then he noticed a pole that went from the top floor to the bottom. Yami blinked. Oookay... Right...

While Jounouchi was getting his own drink, a pair of thin, dark-skinned arms wrapped themselves loosely around Yami's neck. "Saaa, young blood? It's been'a while we've gotten that..." A deep female voice drawled in a whisper near his ear, the warmth sending a shiver down her captive's spine. "Aw," Another female, higher voice whined. "Why does Ibi get all the cute one's?" A tall, ungodly thin blond wearing just enough to claim she was wearing something, appeared in Yami's line of vision. "And this one's adorable." She giggled.

Ibi, supposedly the women hanging onto Yami, leaned forward enough the he could see some raspberry red hair. "Oi, why don't we introduce him to Ya-Ya and Raku, I'm sure they'd love him, ne Agi?" Agi, the blond girl in front of him nodded sweetly.

Poor Yami by this time was beet red and was beginning to feel the heat- and not just from the room. It didn't help that when the red head leaned up against him two large and firm somethings were pressed against his back. Needless to say he was rather embarrassed.

Fortunately- or not, depending on you point of view, before the two sex imps could make off with our tomato red duelist, he was saved by the most unlikely pair...

"Well, well, well would you looky it here!? Oi, Bakura! Come look!"

Yami's eyes widened and he turned in the direction of the familiar voice. Sure enough, there stood Malik, smirking like Yami knew he would. The young Egyptian was holding a glass of some unknown liquid in one hand and was using the other to prop his chin up on. "Sa, Yuugi- pardon, Yami," He corrected himself, "Looks like you've got the ladies' favor." He pouted a little, which looked really odd on him, and shrugged. "Pah, some guys get all the luck." He sniggered when he saw that Yami had a look that clearly stated he wanted to be one of the unlucky groups.

Suddenly a pale- no albino hand appeared on Yami's shoulder, which soon revealed itself to be attached to one Yami Bakura, and he was looking at Ibi slyly. "Sorry ladies, he's with us." He winked. There was a poutty cry from Agi, and an indigent wave from Ibi, before she released him and went off to find another poor chap.

Once the two strippers were out of site, Yami turned on Malik and Bakura, not sure whether to murder them or thank them. "So, Yami, what are you doing here? Never would have taken you for the type to come here." Malik called over the blaring music, taking another swing of... whatever he was drinking. He stuffed the bottle, which read "Jack Daniels", under Yami's nose. "Want some?" Yami wrinkled his nose in disgust and quickly pushed it away. "Iie..."

"Don't bother with this one," Bakura said in the tone one would use with a hopeless animal. "He's not one to go and live a little..." A side glance, before Bakura went to join Malik. Yami choose not to respond.

"Oi! Yami! Get over here!"

Yami breathed a sigh of relief at hearing Joey's voice. It was a trip, but he managed to find his two friends sitting near the dancer's stage. They seemed to both be enthralled by a white haired vix showing off with the pole. Yami gave them odd looks when he saw them drooling. He shook his head.

Joey noticed his arrival and grinned up at him, "Oi, Yami, you made it! You should try some of these." He gestured to the red and green things on a plate with their drinks. Yami shook his head as he sat down, careful to avoid the growing puddle. "Iie, I don't eat, remember?" Joey decided to be persistent though.

"Demo, you'll like them!"

"You mean like I'm enjoying this place?" A side glare.

A nervous look. "Eeto, anou..." Cough.

Yami sighed, "Very well, I will taste the things, nothing more." He picked up one of the red things. Joey only noticed what he'd picked up at the last second. "Uh oh..."

Two things happened when Yami bit into the thing: One) his mouth turned so hot his eyes watered, Two) he needed a drink, now!

Joey sweatdroped and watched the former pharaoh run to the bar in what must have been record time.

Honda noticed and raised an eyebrow. "What happened to him?"

Joey picked the bitten vegetable. "He ate one of the red peppers..." Honda sweatdroped. "Uh oh..." The blond nodded vigorously.

Back with the hot-mouthed Game King, Yami was chugging down a LARGE glass of water. ...It's a pity Yami didn't know water only spreads the spicy flavor...

Finally, after six glasses of water, two scared waitresses, and a few open mouthed viewers, Yami decided he'd had enough of being stared at. He glared at them in a way to wilt flowers and they backed off pretty fast. Specking of back, he had to get back to his friends and punish a certain blond...

As he was making his was back, the strange scent of liquor was the only warning he had, before someone bumped into him. "'Ey! Wa'ch where yer head'en!"

Yami stared. "Kaiba??"

The brunette in question blinked at him blurrily. He was obviously drunk, because his voice was slurred as he said, "Yami? Wha' you doin' 'ere?"

Yami waved a hand in front of his face to try rid himself of the smell of Kaiba's breath. "I'm here with my friends..." He gestured in their general direction.

Kaiba nodded, before turning away and calling, "Ja ne!" Yami shook his head and joined his friends, who had suddenly become rather interested in getting onto the dance floor. The multi-color haired boy glared at them until they disappeared into the crowd. "Bakas," he muttered, downing the rest of his drink and sitting it one the table.

It hadn't even been on the table a minute, when three young ladies showed up with only the intent of: 'let's get him to dance'. And no amount of protest on Yami's part could get them to let up. As a result he spent the next half hour dancing with some of the strangest people, men and women...

Zura, a blue haired, medium tall, tan skinned beauty, was Yami's current dance partner. Sadly enough, Yuugi's other is so red from just the first few things she did, he's unable do anything but stumble along.

Suddenly, the world did a dramatic tilt, and Yami almost lost his balance. Zura noticed this, as she placed a steadying hand on his shoulder. "Oi, daijoubu desu ka? Too much drinkin' 'round the sides, ne?" Yami didn't answer her, instead pushing her arm away, and stumbling into the crowd. The blue-haired woman watched him go in concern. She shook her head. "You're gettin' too soft, Zura ol' girl." she muttered, then went to find another dance partner.

Yami pushed through the crowd hurriedly. Something was wrong, he was beginning to feel so tired... He had to get out of the place.

He didn't make it.

After he'd managed to clear the crowded stairs, his legs failed him and he slid to the floor. What's wrong with me? Why do I feel so weak? He put a hand to his head as a wave of dizziness almost sent him sprawling over the floor. He knew he couldn't stay where he was, someone was bound to step on him, but how was he going to get off the floor? He couldn't even stand! In fact he could barely sit up!

Out of nowhere, arms appeared and lifted him off the floor. Yami's muddled brain almost couldn't register the figure holding him.

"Wha'.... haf" Yami slurred, finding it incredibly hard to talk. He struggled weakly with person's grip, but even as his normal self, though, he probably couldn't escape, let alone this weakened one.

His kidnapper said nothing; just watched as Yami's struggles grew weaker and weaker, till he fell completely still. When the half lidded eyes and the limp body reassured him that the drug had taken full effect, all he did was walk right out of the club. Nobody saw him and nobody knew to stop him, even if they did, they wouldn't have stopped him anyway.

Well, almost no one saw him. A good distance away, but close enough to spot features, Malik had seen the whole thing. How he'd winded up on the top floor was a mystery, even to him, he just knew he was there, and he knew what he'd seen: the little pharaoh had been picked up by someone familiar, and carted off against his will. Yep, couldn't have gotten more complicated than that.

Malik shrugged in a tipsy way, took a swing of his... twelfth drink... and muttered, "Oh well, not my problem," before promptly forgetting the incident ever occurred.

To be continued....

What will the kidnapper do with Yami? (*rolls eyes* THAT one should be obvious...) When will Joey and Honda notice? Do you wonder what happened to Bakura? Will Malik ever remember what he saw? And WHEN will these stupid questions end?? Well you get one answer now! The questions have already ended! ^-^ (Minna-san: *takes dramatic dives*)


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Or option 2) Yami wakes up on the kidnapper's bed, a bunch of sadistic things ensue, and all that loveliness! ^-^

Also, if you don't know "-tachi" is a suffix that means "and company"

And "watashi no tomodachi" means "my friend"

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