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Chapter Two: Found

by Miss Sera


The thing people liked about the Flaming Gay was the fun never seemed to stop, and when it did end; it left them happy and wanting to come back for more. Amongst the people who enjoyed themselves where Joey, Honda, Bakura, and Malik, all of whom had accidentally discovered each other. Now, Bakura hadn't been happy to see his lover at a nightclub with another man, but Joey had been able to make it up to him.

Currently, Malik was passed out, Bakura was tittering on passing out, and Kaiba (who'd they'd found an hour ago) was completely wasted over by the dance floor. Joey and Honda were surprisingly rather sober and were searching for their missing friend, Yami, who had disappeared without a trace.  The two were really starting to worry. It was already four in the morning and the club would be closing soon, they needed to find him.

No matter where they looked, they couldn't find him.

Joey jogged up to Honda, who was watching over Bakura and Malik. "Any luck?" Honda asked, while holding Bakura up, though the latter almost looked like he'd rather be on the floor. Joey shook his head. "Nah-uh,* I looked everywhere. I definitely know he's not in the restrooms- err don't ask," He added when he received an odd look for the 'definitely knowing' part. Joey coughed awkwardly and moved on. "He's not on the dance floor, and he's not with any of the drunks around the tables. I just don't see him anywhere!"

Honda bit his lip, though whether it was from the strain of keeping a drunken Bakura from slumping into his lap, or because he was thinking, Joey couldn't. Eventually he just handed him over to the hassled blond and let him deal with him. Honda sighed. "I think, perhaps we should go to Yuugi's and see if he went home." The above-mentioned blond was quick to counter: "And why would he leave without us?" Honda shrugged. "Maybe an emergency?"

Joey had to agree. It was the only explanation. I mean if he wasn't at the club, he had to be home, right? Ok, that settled, they moved onto their next task, what to do with Bakura and Malik. Now, it wasn't that Joey didn't mind carrying around his drunken lover, it was getting the other Egyptian around that bothered him.

"Well," Joey said, picking up the tipsy almost-albino, who nearly cooed, which in itself was rather scary, and turned to Honda. "Looks like you get Malik. Have fun!" Honda glared at him and slung the unconscious blond over his shoulder while muttering, "Uresei...*" The awake blond merely grinned and exited the club with a grumbling best friend behind him.

Word of warning, never spend the entire night at a night club, get semi-drunk, and then cart two completely drunk people through half the town. It is very tiring, as Joey and Honda could vouch for as they slumped exhausted on the doorstep of the Turtle Game Shop.

"Next time I suggest carrying anyone nearly my size, shot me." Joey stated. He was leaning against the wall, his burden half slumped over him, half sprawled on the ground, totally out of it. Honda nodded readily in agreement, Malik no better off in his lap as Bakura in Joey's.

Joey looked up at the door, which suddenly seemed a hundred feet away, rather then the three feet it actually was. "So, who gets to knock on the door?" The brunette gave him a tired, exasperated look, as if to say: 'Does it look like I'm getting up any time soon?' Joey's eye twitched as he came to the conclusion Honda was basically saying, you do it, or it won't get done. The blond groaned and pulled himself up knowing Bakura would probably kill him if he ever found out he'd let him lay in the mud. He knocked.

The TV was on, long since forgotten, and showing some report on a local school's portable being torched*. Yuugi Mutou was sleeping blissfully on the couch, dreaming about silly little things that could easily please him.

That is, until a obnoxious knocking came one the door.

The small boy moaned, fighting against losing fading dreams, before being forced to give it up when the knock came again. With an annoyed look, he rubbed an eye and glanced at a clock. 3:45am?? Who in their right mind would be at him door at this time?? Wait, hadn't Yami, Joey, and Honda gone out? That hadn't come back so it had to be them! But... Why were they knocking?

Curious, Yuugi padded over to the door, undid the numerous locks, and through open the door. And instantly got a face full of Joey, Honda, and Bakura and Malik? What on earth...?

The multi-colored hair boy hastily got out of the way as he two conscious friends stumbled into the room and dumped their loads on the couch (They made sure that if the two decided to lose their liquor before they woke up, they didn't choke.). Yuugi, after a long moment of staring, looked out the door, and seeing no one closed the door, and turned to the other two with a frown. "Ne, where's Yami? And, anou, why are they with you?"

Joey and Honda both looked at Yuugi like he had suddenly grown an extra head. "Yami's not here?" Yuugi blinked, and then shook his head. Joey cursed.

Yuugi looked between them, it slowly dawning on him something was wrong. "Joey, Honda, what happened?" Joey hesitantly told him about how they'd been together up until it had been necessary to almost flee away from the former pharaoh if they wanted to live through the night. They didn't really tell him what happened after they left (Yuugi did not need to know what they'd spent most of the night doing.), and summed it up to when they were ready to leave, Yami was gone without a trace.

Yuugi was unsettled by this, and worried. When Joey had finished telling him what happened, he'd tried to contact his other, but all he got was a chaotic jumble of nothingness. Yami was asleep, or worse, unconscious.

"Joey, Honda, something's wrong." Yuugi slowly said, turning large, fearful violet eyes on his two friends.

"What? Why?" Joey asked a sinking feeling in his stomach.

"I can't reach him. I think- I think something has happened to Yami."


The phone hit the receiver with a small click, followed by a frustrated moan from Yuugi as he rubbed his temples in vain attempt to stop his on-coming headache. Those bakas people called the police had told him they couldn't begin a search for his missing 'brother' till he'd been missing for twenty-four hours. The bloody bast--idiots didn't seem to care that Yami had been abducted from a nightclub. They'd even had the gall to say that Yami had most likely gotten drunk and was out with some lady friend. Of course Yugi had proceeded to tell the man off in a very un-Yuugi like way that would have had his friends' mouths hanging open.

Yugi sighed and padded over to the couch, and plopped himself down allowing his tired body to rest. It was late into the afternoon and the long day had been tirelessly searching for his absent other- Bakura and Malik (Who still doesn't remember what he saw, btw) were asked to help. But nothing came up; not a single trace. Oo, it was so frustrating! Yami could be in serious danger and he couldn't even feel him enough to tell where he was!

Yugi was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed the twinge of pain at the base of his spine. Nor did he notice it when he sat up to go answer the phone that was becoming as annoying as it had been when it couldn't get him the help he needed.

"Mushi, mushi, Mutou residence."

"Ohayo Yug', any luck?" Ah, it was Jou.

"Iie, the police said they couldn't do anything for another ten hours."

"What? What a loud of Bullshit! Shimatte, that leaves them out..."

Yuugi chuckled slightly; he felt very much the same, and he might have voiced it to had he not heard something softly thud against the door. "Oi, Jou-kun, matte secondo."


Yugi rested the phone on the coffee table, and went to answer the door. He opened the door, and gasped. "Oh my God, YAMI!"

There, lying on the doorstep wrapped only in a sheet was his unconscious other.

Yugi knelt next to him and pressed two fingers against the spirit's throat, trying to ignore how cold the skin was beneath his fingers were. There was a heartbeat of panic, in which the spiky haired boy felt nothing, but he found a pulse. It was strong and beat regularly under the seeking fingers. Yugi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yami?" the hikari gently shook his dark's shoulder. No answer. Again a try and fail. Yugi bit his lip. He needed some help, but he didn't want to leave Yami's side. Finally the need for help won over the to stay, and Yugi ran into the hallway. He snatched up the phone.

"Jounouchi-kun!" He moved back into sight of the body on the doorstep. "I found Yami."

"That's great! How is he? Did you find out why he left?" Jou felt like a large weight had just been lifted from his heart. If Yami was with Yugi...

Yugi shook his head even though he knew the blond couldn't see it. "Jou-kun, I found him on the porch and he- he- he won't wake up!" Tears welled in Yuugi's eyes and his heart was beginning to pound hard.

The weight came crashing back onto Jou and his knees nearly buckled. Please let him be alright. "Yugi, breath! Did you see any injuries? Anything that could account for him being unconscious?"

Yugi took a deep breath, and it almost got stuck in his throat. Placing the phone between his shoulder and his ear, he knelt by his other and examined what of him he could see. Bruises and small cut littered the pale flesh, but there was no serious injury he could see. "Iie."

Jounouchi breathed a heavy sigh. "Okay, I'm going to get off the phone. I want you to call the hospital. I'll meet you there, okay?"


"Good." Jounouchi hung up. Yuugi breathed in, trying to calm his fluttering heart.  With shaking hands he hit the "off" button, and then turned the phone back on. His mind couldn't quite focus as he dialed the number he'd been forced to learn in case of emergency. Better to know it on hand than have to waste precise time looking for it. Yuugi could remember being a child, and thinking: Why should I have to learn this? I'll never need it.

Oh, how he wished that was true.

A woman picked up the phone, greeting him with "Hello Domino General Hospital, how may I help you."

"My… brother is injured. I found him on the porch and I can't wake him up."

"We will send someone over. Can you tell me your and your brother's name, and where you leave?"

"Yuugi and Yami Mutou. We're at the Turtle Game Shop."

"Ok, an ambulance has just been dispatched. It should be at your house in five minutes. Can you tell me what caused your brother to pass out."

Yuugi's voice shook slightly. "No, he disappeared last night, we couldn't find him! And now I found him and he won't wake up!" He was panicking again. Why would Yami wake up?

"Calm down, Mutou-san. If you can't see an injury, that might mean he was drugged. Do you see any pricks or irritated area."

Yuugi checked Yami's bare arms, relieved when he saw nothing. "Iie."

"That could be a good sign. Do you see or hear the paramedics. They should be driving up about now."

Yuugi looked up started to see that indeed there was ambulance in his driveway. "Yes, they're here."

"Ok, I'm going to hang up now. They'll be able to get your brother to the hospital, and check him out. You can ride them, ok?"

"Ok." And she hung up. The paramedics wasted no time, checking Yami's vital signs and injuries. They found a fractured, perhaps broken rib when one tried to lift the boy jostled it. The pained expression on his other's face made Yuugi's heart clench. They offered Yuugi a ride, which he accepted, and they were off to the hospital.


Yuugi dozed in his seat, the exhausted boy's head resting on Jounouchi's shoulder. Jounouchi had an arm around his little buddy's shoulders, and his thumb was absently moving up and down soothingly on the smaller one's shoulders.

Jounouchi glanced up at the clock. An hour. It had been a whole hour since he had arrived, an hour and quarter since Yuugi had. He hoped Yami was ok. He hadn't seen him, and Yuugi was too out of it to speak.  First and only thing Yuugi had said was 'he won't wake up.' Jounouchi sighed. He really hoped Yami would be fine.

A rustle of clothes and a flash of white alerted Jounouchi to the doctor's approach. His heart started to pick up the pace, while his mind told it there was a possibility that this doctor had come for someone else. There was also an elderly woman and her granddaughter, who he'd heard was waiting for news of the little girl's sister 'Jeanna', and a man waiting for news of his son's operation.

"Mutou Yuugi?"

A mixture of relief (for it was them the doctor was for), anticipation for the results, and sympathy (for the other two families the doctor wasn't here for) rushed into Jounouchi's belly. "Here," he called.

The doctor took the final steps needed to reach the two as the blond gently shook his small companion. Yuugi blinked twice before it seemed to remember where they were. In the next moment he was as awake as Jounouchi.

The doctor, a 'Dr. James Burke' his name tag read, stared at them. Seeing that they were the only two there he nodded and gestured for them to follow him. He led them through a small maze of doors, hallways, and gurneys before he stopped at door #335. Yuugi immediately noticed the name on the little plack read 'Yami Mutou.'

The doctor opened the door and motioned for them to enter. Yuugi found it difficult to move. Dr. Burke stood there patiently, willing to wait as long as the boy needed. The spiky-haired boy swallowed hard, stepping forward before his nerve deserted him.

The scene he saw made him want to run back out; to scream that this wasn't real. There was no way that the person in this room could be his other, right? His other was safe at home and this was all a dream. Please let this be a dream… He silently pleaded, but reality is never so kind.

Yami lay unmoving in an ocean of white cotton. A large, ugly purple bruise stood out on his left cheek, looking angry and harsh against his pale skin. With each rise and fall of his chest his breath hitched, showing he was having vague problems breathing. Yuugi almost couldn't believe this was his proud and strong other.

The door closed behind him, startling Yuugi. The boy jumped slightly and turned to the doctor, dread filling his heart. "Is there a parent or perhaps other relative you would like to wait for, before I read the diagnostics?" asked Dr. Burke.

Yuugi shook his head, unable to speak. Jounouchi, who was staring at the figure on the bed with clouded eyes, said; "I called their grandfather. He won't be back until tomorrow." The doctor nodded. He pulled his clipboard out in front of him, and opened his mouth, but instead of saying the report he asked, "Are you sure you want to hear this, Mutou-san?"

Yuugi heard the question for what it was. Dr. Burke thought he was younger. It was a common mistake, one Yuugi usually had the patience to deal with, however Yuugi's nerves where at the end of his tether. "I'm sixteen, I can handle it," he snapped.

The doctor blinked, and then shook himself. Midgets were hardly uncommon. Clearing his throat he began. "Mutou Yami has sustained a variety of injuries. There a few lacerations on his back and arm, all of them were shallow and didn't need stitches. There are bruises littered on his stomach and left side, we believe this is what resulted in a single broken rib and a fractured one below it on the same side." He paused here, as if choosing his next words.

Jounouchi sensed Dr. Burke's hesitance. There was something more, something worse then just the other injuries. He looked away from Yami for the first time since he had come in and laid eyes on him. "There's more. What is it?" His eyes were hard and his tone left no room for refusal. Yuugi looked distraught at the thought there was more.

The doctor sighed. There was no easy way to say these things. Sometimes the best way to tell them was to just get it out in the open and pray they could handle it. "There is a drug in Yami-san's system, 'flunitrazepam,' which goes by the brand name 'Rohypnol.' It's a sedative. On the street it's mostly used as a date-rape drug. I'm sorry, but… Mutou Yami was raped."

Yuugi whimpered and sunk to the floor. "Usou..."

Jounouchi suddenly appeared in front of the doctor. Dr. Burke almost wondered how the boy could move so fast, but the possible thought was lost on him as the blood grabbed a fist full of the doctor's coat collar. Baring his teeth, not unlike that a furious dog with a stranger on their property, he hissed, "Who did it?"

Dr. Burke looked flustered. This had happened before, several. Once even, a seemly kindly woman had turned ugly, causing all the destruction of a hurricane upon hearing of her son's death, putting him in the hospital for a week. Something told him that this boy, though, could leave him beyond the hospital's care if he said the wrong thing. His next words almost sounded like a funeral song

"The rapist used a condom. We don't know who raped him."


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