The Best Hanukah/Christmas Ever
-Chapter 1-
By Georsama

The harsh winter wind whipped along, causing snowflakes to dance and drift lazily through the night time air. Piles of snow glittered in the moonlight and Christmas lights. The air was filled with a sense of magic and wonder, which was normal for this time of year. Of course all of this was lost on the young man walking along the side walk, his gaze focused on the small brightly wrapped gift he was holding.

It was smaller than he had thought it'd be, but then, compared to the other gifts that his best-friend was going to be getting it wasn't even worth giving. But he had to give her something, he just wished he could give her something else that was worthwhile. Sighing he kicked a block of frozen snow and stubbed his toe, which of course led to him biting off a yelp of pain and his tongue.

Ignoring the pain in his now wounded tongue he considered his present once more, wondering if maybe he should just get her something else and hide this one. He knew she wouldn't really like it, she would say she did, but it would be like that time he gave her free Buneo Nacho coupons. He never knew what to buy her, heck the one time he had enough sense to give her something from the heart he had managed to screw that up. He supposed it was just how he was, but still it didn't help him.

He paused, taking his last few moments of refuge behind the house to gather his thoughts, knowing that once he stepped around the corner he would see his target. If only it wasn't Christmas, Easter would be good, or Thanksgiving. Ron heaved a sigh stepping around the corner and into the blinding light that was the Possible Christmas display, his pupils dilated but he had enough presence of mind to shield his eyes.

Thankfully he had learned from last year to always stop and make sure he could identify shapes before he proceeded. As he stood there, hand over his eyes he couldn't help but wonder if maybe the twins were afraid of the dark or mutant killer snowmen.

"Bright light, Bright." Squeaked a small, bleached white Rufus from his pocket.

The boy nodded reaching down to pat his buddy "I know lil Bud, but hey, this year at least ya remembered sun glasses." When he received his squeak of approval, he started walking, taking his time hoping to reach Kim's house without falling. His goal was within his grasp, he was just starting up her walk way when he slipped on a patch of ice and slid along spinning out of control.

He couldn't help the yell of surprise that escaped him, nor the loud 'umph' sound he made when he lost his balance and landed on the icy ground. However things proceeded to get worse for the young man who, still spinning managed to slam into the side of her house and then rebound off to slam into her door where he came to a rest with a thump.

The now dizzy and sore boy looked down at his present, noticing that he was clutching it tightly. He couldn't help but laugh in relief, but this was abruptly cut off as he felt something plop onto his head. Blinking the blond slowly looked up, his gaze of one that already knew their fate. A large clump of snow slowly slid away from the roof and fell burying him beneath its cold weight.

The pile of snow sat there for a moment before it shivered and a now freezing form emerged from it. Teeth chattering they stood, muttering to themselves 'Yet another December where I'm buried in snow.' With a sigh he brushed off the remaining snow and turned knocking on the door. He stared at the wreath on it for only a moment before it swung open bathing him in a rush of warm air.

Before he could fully enjoy that he was yanked inside the home and into an overpowering hug; it only took him a minute to realize that it was his best-friend and he returned it the best he could. She swayed him ever so slightly, squealing his name. Despite his thankfulness that the present was safe he was far too caught up in enjoying the hug to really care.

It wasn't until she slowly began to loosen up that he realized that they were alone in the house, he couldn't hear any voices or the sound of a Tv playing some Christmas movie. He blinked feeling the now familiar and comfortably warm body of his best-friend slowly easing off his and he smiled "Hiya KP."

She smiled brightly at him, which in turned caused him to smile even more. Ever since Josh had broken Kim's heart she had very rarely smiled. But now here she was smiling at him as if nothing in the world had ever been wrong. She had to have some new crush, which was all that Ron could think of to explain the complete eradication of the pain she'd been feeling.

Kim was apparently oblivious to what was going on with her friend because she grabbed his present and began talking a mile a minute about various things that Ron honestly didn't care about. He was far too caught up remembering the smell of her hair and feel of her body to notice the way her fingers had brushed his or her blush.

"Come on let's go put it under the tree." She said as she turned and led the way into the living room, just as she always did.

Ron paused as he entered the living room. It was lavishly decorated, which wasn't unusual since this was the Possible house, but it all seemed a little familiar to him. The fire roaring, the huge Christmas tree with all of its ornaments and other decoration truly made it all seem familiar. He raised an eyebrow sure that it wasn't what he was thinking but he had to ask and find out.

"Kim, this stuff-"

He fell silent when Kim turned around to look at him, still holding his present and smiling. She absently twisted her foot and ducked her head just slightly "It's from Snowman Hank, I had Wade pull a few strings for me. I wanted you to have an extra special Christmas this year and enjoy yourself even more."

"R-Really? You did that for me. Aww man, thanks KP." The blond said as he suddenly crossed the distance between them and embraced her in a tight hug, catching her off guard.

Kim blushed, with a silly half smile on her face as she hugged back "No big, really" Kim managed to say as Ron let her go. She spun around hurriedly hiding her face from view. Without thinking she bent over to place his gift under the tree, prompting the blond to look away, unable to keep from staring at the view he now had. He spotted more decorations from snowman Hank and couldn't help but feel even more like an idiot. "So, where is everyone?"

"Oh, the tweebs had a school play. I stayed to wait for you, thought you might want to go with me." Kim answered in a hurried, yet friendly tone, then added quickly "If you don't have any other plans that is."

Not that Ron noticed, he was to busy smiling like a fool. "Sure thing! I'd love to go with you." He blinked and immediately repeated himself trying to act cool "I mean, sure KP that'd be cool." He knew his act was stupid, but he couldn't help but give it a try. He nervously glanced down at his buddy who snorting climbed out of his pocket home and up to the blonds shoulder and squeaked something before taking a leap out into space to land on the warm mantel.

Kim watched as the naked mole rat curled up and slowly drifted off to sleep, she smiled walking over to stand next to Ron and spoke in a low voice "Aww...he's so cute when he's sleeping."

Ron bit his tongue, wanting to respond that he wasn't nearly as cute as when Kim was asleep. He remembered how she had slept on the way back home last Christmas; she was so cute, like an angel really. He was snapped out of his thoughts when she grabbed his arm and gave it a yank. "Come on, we need to get to the school. Get Rufus and well go."

Ron shook his head, taking one last look at his friend, then started turned towards the front door. "I think he wants to sleep here where it's warm." Kim smiled taking a firm hold of his arm as she led him to the front door, apparently pleased by the response.

The young blond male walking arm and arm with the pretty cheerleader couldn't help but blush from her closeness. It was easy for the young man to decide that this Christmas was the best ever, which of course was ironic since he didn't celebrate the holiday. The young red head was talking a mile a minute, which if it had been a couple of months of ago would have included Josh, but now there was not even the slightest hint of the boy.

"Hey KP," the boy asked looking around nervously "Gonna tell me who your crushin on or do I gotta find out from Monique?"

Kim giggled, glancing at the boy "Well, you could ask her but she doesn't know. He's a nice guy, cute too."

Ron nodded "So how well do I know him?"

"You know him pretty well actually." Kim quipped cryptically. With that answer given she resumed her one-sided conversation about fashion and the play her brothers were in. Her flow of words was cut off by the musical jingle of Christmas music flowing from her pocket. Kim, looking surprised separated from her best friend and produced the small blue PDA type device.

"Oi KP, did you have to bring that?"

Kim turned away but smiled to herself as she responded "Hey, can't help it. It's my job." Any further conversation was halted once the small screen came to life with a merry series of 'Ho ho ho' and Wade dressed like Santa.

"What's the sitch?" Kim asked, going into serious mode, which of course Ron enjoyed about her among other things.

Wade smiled a little waving her question off "No sitch. I was just stopping by to tell you Merry Christmas." His cheerful smile faded as he paused and began typing.

Ron stepped in close to peer over Kim's shoulder at the small screen, then winced when Wade looked back at the duo "We just got a hit on the site. It's been flagged as major important from Scotland Yard."

"So what is it?" Kim asked, seeming to press back into Ron, acutely aware of how close he was.

"Someone broke into Monkey Fist's old castle," Wade said fingers flying over the keyboard "No alarms went off, but they know it was broken into."

"What about the security cameras?" The red head questioned, keeping her voice steady while Ron pressed even harder against her back.

"Nothing. Infrared and standard film picked up nothing. There aren't even any witnesses." Wade said, pursing his lips in doubt "It's strange. Anyway, you want to save this for later or should I arrange some transportation?"

Kim glanced over her shoulder at Ron who shared a look. Kim sighed and looked back at Wade "We'll need transport and let the fam know what's going on."

Wade nodded and began typing, the screen momentarily going to the default green and yellow K and P.

Ron shook his head taking a small step back, just now realizing how close he had been to Kim "Man, your parents are not going to be happy."

Kim nodded and rubbed the bridge of her nose "I know."

"Kim, got you a ride," Wade said reappearing a few minutes later "Your mom said to try and not miss too much of the play. You got about an hour till it starts."

"Thanks Wade, you rock." Kim responded a little distracted.

Seated in a comfortable seat, letting the smooth motion of the plane lull them into a sense of relaxation, the red headed teen hero watched her best-friend out of the corner of her eye. His chest rose and fell in a slow even manner, giving testament that he was apparently taking a cat nap.

The girl couldn't help but smile a little, he was just to adorable not to. Still she couldn't help but wonder about why it took her so long to realize just how sweet and adorable he was. She turned her full attention to him, twisting in her seat, wanting to do nothing more than snuggle up to him and stay like that for the rest of the night.

With a wistful sigh she tapped her finger on the armrest of her seat, it was so tempting but she didn't dare. He wouldn't say anything she was sure, but it wouldn't be right since he didn't think of her like that. Still, she could dream and that's what she did. Day dreams, nighttime dreams, every time she went to sleep she dreamt about it. Every night since that kiss and since she'd finally cut Josh out of her life.

She still couldn't believe that he had actually attempted to face off with a mad scientist just to give her a night off. How many guys would do that? When she compared that to what the others guys she'd crushed on done for her they all seemed dull.

She nearly jumped in surprise when Ron sat up suddenly and looked at her "Hey KP," He yawned smiling "So what play are your brothers doing?"

Kim answered him a little distracted realizing that she was still staring at him and for some reason unable to look away. "It's called the 'First Christmas'. They're playing two of the wise men."

Ron gave her a sleepy smile, which still caused her heart to beat a little faster. Distracted with his just awakening he began to talk about all the plays they had been in when they were younger. It wasn't long before both teenagers were laughing and talking happily about the plays. It wasn't until Kim got up to check on they're ETA that she realized that those memories were his best one. She smiled like a foolish girl with the knowledge that he treasured those memories so much and it only caused her to crush on him even more.

Ron for his part kept his eyes locked on her as she bent over slightly to talk to the pilots. He admired the view before suddenly snapping his head around to stare out at the night sky guiltily.

"Well be there in a few minutes, were going to have to jump."

Ron looked back around at her and nodded "Lead the way KP."

The red head flashed him a friendly smile and started down the aisle way heading for the door and the parachutes. Ron stood following her keeping his eyes on the middle of her back, although he would have sworn she was putting an extra sway in her hips as she walked.

Ron realized something as he plummeted towards the ground, the cold air feeling like knives slicing into his skin, he hated jumping. But since he was already committed and the ground was fast approaching it did him little good. Closing his eyes the blond grasped his rip cord and yanked, expecting the familiar jerk as his parachute was released, but he merely continued to plummet towards the earth.

He snapped his eyes open, straining in the darkness to see the shapes on the ground. Almost immediately he pulled his emergency cord and received no response, he eyes grew wide as panic began to wash over him. He started to scream, but he bit it off, unwilling to spend his last moments screaming like a little girl. He watched the ground racing towards him and then clenched his eyes shut, praying that his descent would slow. Just as he began to brace for impact his body jerked sharply as a hand grasped his pulling him out of his free fall.

He lifted his head and looked up to stare at his savior, at first thinking it had to be an angel, then realized that it was actually Kim. He started to smile a little, maybe the two weren't mutually exclusive.

Ron was the first to land, he automatically bent his knees as if he knew what he was doing. Being Ron this of course insured that he found the only ice patch and pitched forward onto his face, sliding with his momentum before he began rolling along the ground getting tangled in his parachute. When he did finally come to a stop, he groaned struggling to get free from both his parachute and the shrubbery that he had came to a stop in.

Finally freeing himself he stood brushing snow, twigs and dirt off his now slightly damaged clothes. He looked up just as Kim reached his side, looking at him worriedly "Are you alright?"

Her voice carried a note of concern, which made him nodded his embarrassment obvious as he muttered his response "Yea just bruised my pride."

She smiled in relief and kissed his cheek without a thought, then turned towards the castle "Better than bruising something else. Come one lets get this over with."

Ron smiled foolishly, then nodded following along behind her not really thinking or paying attention to much of anything. But the closer they got the castle the more he dreaded entering the dark and imposing brick building, he could still remember what happened the last time he did.

If he had the choice he'd leave it be and just go home, but it didn't matter since he didn't really have a choice besides he'd been to far scarier places and he'd follow Kim anywhere she went.

Soft footsteps echoed in the vast expanse of the dark castle, twin beams of light sweeping over everything in slow steady movements. The two black clad figures diverged from the side of the other, the blond male moving over to study some books while the red headed female moved just slightly forward. Neither said a word, nor did either one make much sound.

The blond paused, running a gloved finger along an antique table, then snorted seeing the amount of dust he found. He sneezed and shaking his head turned jogging to catch up to Kim who was busy staring at the painting of some woman.

"Kp, I don't think that butlers been doing his job." Ron whispered standing just behind her.

Kim turned looking at him a small smile on her face "So I've noticed." That said they turned and continued off down the hallway resuming the search. After nearly an hour of searching the castle, they had found nothing. Nothing except dust and books but no signs of forced entry or missing items.

She came to a stop, Ron bumping into her slightly. She hid her smile pulling her thin blue PDA device out of its pocket home opening up a line to talk with Wade. "Wade, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong here. No clues, nothin."

"Except for all the monkey statues." Ron muttered.

"Well, I got you guys a ride home," The genius said, ignoring the blonds comment "Should have you back in Middleton with time to spare."

Kim nodded "Thanks Wade, you rock." then shut off the communicator and turned heading back for the main entry "Come on Ron, lets get outta here."

Ron nodded, obviously quite happy to be leaving the castle. He paused looking around, as if he felt like something was watching him, shivering he disappeared down the hallway joining Kim. They passed the time in silence, not speaking until they reached the massive front doors where Ron showed a streak of gallantry opening the door for her. "You first Milady."

Kim laughed "Why thank you kind sir," she graced him with a sweet smile then disappeared out into the cold night, followed swiftly by Ron who let the door slam shut behind him. Kim came to a stop a few feet from the castle, crossing her arms shivering slightly.

"Cold KP?" Ron asked, seeing his own breath hanging in the air. The red head turned and nodded, giving him her patented puppy dog pout. "Oh no, you can't have my shirt."

"Pwetty pwease Ronnie wannie? I'm cold." Kim said, increasing the trembling of her lower lip. Ron resisted the best he could and then seeing that it was useless pulled off his shirt tossing it to her. Kim gave him a victorious smile pulling the shirt on over her own, it was a bit baggy on her since Ron was slightly bigger than she was but she seemed unconcerned.

Ron crossed his arms, watching his breath freeze in the air, glancing away from her as he muttered "Life would be so much easier if you couldn't do that."

Kim laughed looking over at him "Hey, a girls gotta have tricks. How else are we suppose to get you boys to do anything?" When Ron didn't respond she smiled stepping close to him "Seriously though, thanks Ron. I was freezing."

"No problemo Kim but I want my shirt back when our ride gets here." Ron said looking over at her with a small smile.

"I promise." Kim said then looked up at the night sky "You know, my brothers almost didn't make it to the play tonight. They thought it was so cute when they tried to steal my diary."

Ron chuckled "You know, I've finally come to the realization that we should sic them on Bonnie."

Kim laughed. "That would be sooo evil." She flashed him an approving smile "I like it."

Any further conversation, mainly that of turning Bonnie over to the evil torture the tweebs could come up with, was cut off as a helicopter landed just a few feet from them. Kim laughing ran towards their ride still wearing Ron's shirt, causing the blond to run after her calling her name.

To the two pilots watching it looked every bit as if the teenagers were little children. Once the two teens had climbed aboard, and began bickering over the shirt, the two pilots shared a glance and a smile as they lifted off.

If any of them had looked back at the castle they would have seen a shadowy figure standing in the window, hands held behind their back, watching them leave with a cold look.

The dark auditorium was nearly silent as the children on the stage over acted, but held everyone's rapt attention. The first three acts had went quickly, but several adults were getting anxious as the fourth began to drag, due mainly to the fact that they couldn't get a few of the 'actors' to perform their parts.

This all allowed the two rather sneaky figures to slip into the crowd with ease and actually settle into their seats before anyone noticed their presence. It wasn't until the play actually got moving once more that their immediate neighbor noticed them and smiling nudged her husband in the side. The older man momentarily diverted his attention from the play to the two teens and then smiling looked back at the play.

The two teens, who had come directly from the mission, were still dressed in mission clothes and Kim had her head resting against the blond males shoulder as she napped. The blond, who was known far and wide as Ron Stoppable, was blushing as he watched the play without any real attention. He shifted his gaze from the stage to the girls parents who were absorbed in the play and then to the girl herself.

His nose was buried in her hair and he couldn't help but catch the scent strawberries, he turned away smiling stupidly. He managed to concentrated on the play for a whole three minutes before his eyes began to drift closed. He shook his head, forcing himself to stay awake unwilling to fall asleep, but his resolve dissolved and he began snoring softly.

Ron jerked awake looking around panicked before he realized it was Kim that was bent over and insistently shaking him. Blinking he yawned adjusting in his seat, finally noticing that everyone around them was giving a standing ovation.

"Aww man, I missed the play?"

Kim nodded "So did I, but lets not tell the tweebs." Ron nodded, opening his mouth to say something when someone bumped into Kim causing her to move forward so that their lips met. It didn't last very long with Kim standing up right her entire face red and Ron looking everywhere but her.

"Kimmie, Ron, you two alright?" Kim's mom asked, turning to stare curiously at the two.

"Yea, fine, just fine!" Kim responded stepping over Ron's legs "I'll go get the kis(SPACE)I mean tweebs, I'll go get the tweebs."

Ron stood smiling nervously "So, cooked a good Christmas eve dinner?" The older Possible woman raised a single eyebrow but didn't say a word.

"So what did you" a new voice said from behind Mrs. Possible followed immediately by another "guy's think?"

Before either could answer Kim reappeared frowning, holding pages in her hands "Tim! Jim! You're so dead!" That said she made a move as if to grab the two surprised looking twins but was restrained by a fast acting Ron.

"Kim," the first one said hiding behind their mother, immediately followed by his brother "Calm down."

Kim, who was looking decidedly angry turned grabbing Ron's hand and declared "We'll wait in the van!" as she stormed off, dragging Ron behind her.

When the rest of the family finally reached the van they found Kim and Ron located in the back seat, sound asleep. This it seemed was fair game for Tim and Jim who began singing in loud voices. "Kim and Ron sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love, then comes..' They were cut off by their mother who promptly covered their mouths.

"Tim, Jim don't tease your sister or her boyfriend." Their mother whispered, failing to make a distinction between boy-friend and the romantic boyfriend, which was something always made quite clear. The twins, looking crestfallen plopped into their seats arms crossed and decidedly unhappy.

The mountains of snow that littered the landscape seemed to glitter like diamonds and glow beneath the clear December moon. Among these mountains in the silent winter night a shadowy figure slipped unseen, taking refuge behind various mountains as they approached the now dark and lavishly decorated ranch style house. The figure, who had a mop of unruly blond hair that seemed to glow slightly in the moonlight, made it undetected to the front door of his target.

He smiled letting out a breath he'd been holding, he was still nervous about actually breaking into his best friends house but he was a mission. No way was he letting the red headed girl open his horrible present. Reaching under his shirt he touched the new one to reassure himself that it was there. That done he turned his attention back to the locked door in front of him.

He puzzled over how to open the door before on impulse he reached out and tried the knob. Much to his surprise and delight the knob turned easily and the soft click signaled that it was open. He eased the door open and stepped inside, pausing to see if anyone was up and about. Once he was sure that everyone was sound asleep he closed the door and eased towards the living room.

At the sudden sound of footsteps from just around the corner leading to the living room he paused and pressed himself against the wall to listen. They were light, as if someone was trying to not disturb the silence in the house. Thinking at first that it was a burglary he peeked into the room, then blinked in surprise.

Bathed in the semi-darkness of the room was a slender figure that was shifting through the presents at the base of the Christmas tree on their knees. Ron opened his mouth, to say something, but instead remained silent as the figure picked up his present.

"Ok Ron, what'd you get me this time?" a familiar voice asked as they began to carefully work at one of the folds of wrapping paper.

"Stop," Ron suddenly said stepping around the corner and into the room eyes wide but froze when he realized what he just did. The slender figure on the floor froze as well, holding the now partial unwrapped present.

She turned slowly from her kneeling position, eyes wide and stood "Ron?" she blinked in confusion "What are you...why are you..." she couldn't seem to find a proper question so instead she settled for staring at him.

The blond thought of a dozen lies, even opened his mouth as if to tell her one, but instead settled for the truth "I was coming to switch the presents." As he said this he produced the new present which was larger than the one she currently held.


"Because, look KP we both know that present isn't all that good, so let me just switch the-" He paused seeing that she was on the verge of either cursing him or crying.

"Ron, it's a picture of us."

The blond blinked "Yea, but you have bunches of them, that one's not to special. Just us at some family portrait type thing when we we're kids."

"But Ron, it's a picture of us." Kim said again, her voice firmer this time.

He reached up, rubbing the back of his neck as he lowered his gaze "Well, yea, I just didn't think you'd like it."

Kim, held it to her chest and spoke in a small voice like back when she had first met him. "I love it." She gave him a determined look "I won't let you take it from me."

"Alright KP," Ron muttered in defeat and then held up the new present "Here, take this one to. Marry Christmas." Once the red head took the offered present he turned "I'll go home now-"

Kim caught his arm before he could take a step and pulled him back. "No, No. Stay." He nodded as she guided him to the couch where he promptly sat down.

Kim sat the still partial wrapped picture on the table next to the couch and then sat down next to him. She glanced at him then anxiously unwrapped the present, she paused and with trembling hands picked up the new Club Banana Jacket. She turned to stare at him in awe "R-Ron, this is a hundred and twenty dollar jacket."

The blond shrugged "Well, I had money from Hanukkah and I wanted to get you a great present."

Kim blinked lowering the jacket back into the box "Ron, it's mail order..."

Ron smiled slightly "Wade sorta...expedited things." Kim in response to this set the present on the coffee table in front of them and turned to stare at the boy studying him. Just as Ron was beginning to prepare of a lecture she pounced on him .

He blinked bouncing on the cushions of the couch while Kim embraced him in a tight, though pleasurable hug. He wasn't all that comfortable laying on the couch in the embrace but honestly it wasn't much of an inconvenience. As the minutes ticked by and Kim had yet to relinquish her hold on him it became apparent that she was actually cuddling. It was an odd sensation, but enjoyable.

"All I gave you were some Snowman Hank DVD's" Kim whispered before she lifted her head to stare him in the eye, faces inches apart "I want to give you another present."

"KP you don't have t-" He started to say when she pressed her lips to his, kissing him. It was shy, much different than any kiss she had given him before, but it was definitely not a kiss one gives a best friend.

The kiss stretched out through several minutes and then finally broke, thankfully Ron had recovered from the surprise to kiss her back before then. Blushing both teens remained silent, Kim contenting herself to lower her head to his chest and breaking her hold on him grabbed the blanket draped across the back of the couch and pulled it over the both of them.

Ron, still dazed and amazed just laid there, letting her do as she pleased. His stupid smile grew as Kim rubbed her head against his chest and yawning made approving noises when he finally worked his arms free and held her. "That was the best Hanukkah present ever KP."

Kim smiling herself made an agreeing noise, apparently lost in the feel of his arms encircling her narrow waist.

"Kim, that guy your crushin on, he wouldn't happen to be me would he?" Ron asked before yawning.

Kim laughed sleepily "Gee Ron, however did you guess?" that said she snuggled against him a little more, trying to get as much warmth and contact from him as she could.

"Kim, I want to tell you something." She made a soft, on the verge of sleep noise prompting him to continue "I love you."

"Well, Happy Hanukkah Ron," she paused yawning "I love you to." This statement was followed by loud snoring, not that it mattered to Kim who was snoring softly as well.

It was a bright Christmas morning that found the two Doctor Possible's and the twins in the living room staring at the sleeping couple. As if some silent understanding passed among them, none made any undo noise to disturb them. However, Kim's mother was unable to resist taking a snap shot of the sleeping teens.

"What are you going to do with that dear?" The salt and peppered haired rocket scientist asked staring at the picture over his wife's shoulder.

The red headed brain surgeon turned kissing his cheek lightly, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips "It'll make a great Christmas Card for next year."


I bid you welcome to my first Kim Possible fan fiction, my first journey into the KPverse. Actually this is, if it was to be properly introduced, 'Kim Possible: The Best Hanukkah/Christmas Ever (Redux)' I wrote the original at the end of 2003, December to be exact. While it wasn't my first Fanfiction I ever wrote it was my first Kim Possible one.

Sadly, it did not turn out the way I wished. It was well received, fluff stories always are, but it was not written to the standards I had set for myself. I took me nearly a year before I even thought of going back to change things and make them better.

But it wasn't until I neared the end of 'Kim Possible: Fate of the Monkey Master' that I actually started to do the work. I would caution any new readers that there might be some things that might conflict with the show but this was written before we had any new episodes. I could of course change things but that would alter key parts of the sequel so I left it as is.

Future reference my Redux's will entail the following: Changes to the flow of the story, the deletion of some scenes or minor plot points, the addition of scenes or new minor plot points and of course the increase in plot development were needed.

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