Chapter 5:
New Years Eve
By Georsama

"Tell me again why were in Sweden?" Ron asked as he crept along behind Kim, the two teen heroes paused and pressed themselves up against the wall of the lair. The girl held her finger up as a security drone hummed past, ignoring them since it was on a preset course.

Once it was past Kim spoke in a whisper "Ron, where here because Dr. Dementor escaped from the federal detention center. Remember?" she glanced at him, but the blonde haired boy was busy scanning the roof top. She elbowed him in the side lightly causing him to let out a soft yelp.

"Right, gotcha KP. Dr. Dementor escaped, so why are we in Sweden?" he asked softly again.

The auburn haired girl let out a soft groan and peeked around the corner, then settled back into her hidden location. "Because he broke into a factory and stole the Cybernetic Neural Network."

The blonde boy nodded then shook his head "Man, why can't this guy be like Drakken and take a holiday? Doesn't he know it's New Years Eve?"

Kim ignored her boyfriends complaining, though she silently agreed with him. Still it was a mute point. "Alright, plan forty one."

Ron gulped and kissed her cheek slipping out and running around like a crazy man as a distraction, yelling and waving his arms. It had the desired effect and the henchmen were immediately after him.

Kim did her part of the plan once more flawlessly, slipping into the lab through a window several feet off the ground with her gloves and shoes that had built in suction cups for climbing.

Rufus had already sneaked in and disabled the alarm system, so when she forced the window nothing went off. She slipped inside and dropped to the ground without a sound and looked around.

Expensive looking machines and pieces of technology littered the lair, it looked exactly like one of Drakken's hideouts it was pathetic. The only difference was that this bigger and more populated.

Kim began to move but suddenly felt a shock shoot up her legs, it raced through her body and in the minutes before she blacked out she realized that some how Rufus had missed the fact that the place was equipped with a stun floor.

" are awake." Kim tilted her head to look down at the demented evil scientist, who was smiling up at them. "Good, good. I so wanted to say goodbye before we left."

Ron groaned, speaking up for the first time. "What not even going to gloat? Tell us the master plan?" He sounded very dazed.

The mad scientist gave a short laugh and shook his head "There's no need for that. You two already know it I am sure..." he sighed and looked around as the lair was stripped to it's bare essentials "If only you'd have arrived sooner I could dispose of you permanently, but alas, that would take to much time since I am moving."

He clapped his hands and a handful of guards filled in to stand in a circle around the room. Kim counted, only enough to slow them down when they got free, she gave herself an inward smile. Even Duff would know to dispose of her if he had her in this position.

Ron groaning, closed his eyes and sighed talking more to Kim than anyone else "Is it me, or is he even shorter than last time?"

She heard the snorts of barely contained laughter from the henchmen along with the harsh command for them to be quiet. Kim shook her head closing her own eyes, her voice sounded tired and drained "No Ron, he's the same size, were just dangling upside down ten feet in the air."

Ron didn't respond and for a moment Kim though he had passed out, but then he let out a low sigh saying only one word "Oh."

Kim looked back down to the scientist and watched as he and the henchmen not staying behind left the lair. She closed her eyes and listened for the familiar noise of a helicopter starting up. So only about twenty henchmen to keep them occupied and the mastermind was gone, good.

Today was definitely not a good day for missions, she just hoped it wasn't a sign of what was to come in the new year.


"A New Years Eve party?" The young man whisper-asked in a rather disbelieving voice. He looked at the auburn haired girl curiously while he hung upside down still tied tightly with rope. She nodded ever so slightly her lips pursed as she concentrated on freeing him. The boy struggled briefly before stopping to sigh softly.

"Aww, come on. You'll have fun." Kim wheedled quietly, as she hung upside down by the deadline that extended from the communicator, which was attached to her belt. The ropes that had been binding her hung limply from the chain hook which explained why the henchmen below, who had fallen asleep just a few minutes before she managed to get free, were still asleep. "You girlfriends going to be there." she added trying to get him to agree.

The boy snorted, giving her a small smile "Good argument. " The girl pulled him towards her by the rope that was still tied around him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, she broke it and finally managed to free his upper body of the rope.

Smiling she let him go, which caused him to swing back "Of course it is, I'm Kim Possible." she said as she held her arms out for him, he took her wrists as she grabbed his. Rufus dropped onto her back to detach the communicator, seeing that they were ready to move, once it was gone she swung down to hang from his grip. She looked up and winked "Plan six."

The boy nodded and slowly began to move his body, which caused them to build momentum so that they moved like a pendulum. He silently counted to ten and released her on the back swing once they had gained enough momentum.

She soared through the air perfectly, her legs and arms tucked in, her head pressed down tight as she spun traveling through the air in an arc. She timed it just right and grabbed the handrail of one of the observation decks. She preformed a handstand for a split second and then let momentum carry her over to land on the metal deck in a fighting stance.

The boy meanwhile continued to move with the momentum, trying to sit up and grab the chain to climb up, but found it impossible. He fell back, but kept the momentum up watching the henchmen, who had woken up when his chain started to move, head for the stairs to face Kim. He smiled as he called for his friend Rufus.

The pink naked mole rat ran down the chain and tossed him the communicator, Ron quickly hit the button to activate the deadline, but got nothing. He hit the button bringing up Wades image he managed to yelp "Help!" as he swung free of the remaining ropes binding him, his momentum sending him towards one of the other observation decks.

Ron held onto the communicator for dear life, praying something would happen. He inverted suddenly from his momentum at the same time that the deadline came hissing out of the communicator.

It jerked itself free from his grasp as the grappling hook snagged his belt pulling his pants, and for the first time ever, his boxers down around his ankles as its hurtled upwards to latch onto the underside of the deck.

Ron hung there, confused and surprised he looked down, or was it up, to see himself exposed and quickly moved his hands up to cover himself wondering why he always had to be the one that something like this would have to happen to.

He winced as a metal ball fell out of the pocket of his pants and hit his chin, he gave a jerk and watched as it continued its downward fall a misty white smoke hissing out of it. Maybe it would land on one of the henchmen and knock them out, it was all he could hope for.

Kim preformed a spin heel kick lying out the last henchman and quickly scanned her area, none of the others were getting up, and nobody was rushing in to surprise her. She turned to the stairs and quickly descended them coming to a halt seeing the remaining henchmen laying out on the concrete floor unconscious.

She blinked and reached up rubbing her eyes disbelief, she stepped over the bodies spotting a metal ball in the middle of them. She put two and two together and was glad for once that Wade had given Ron at least one of the mission tools. She snapped her head hearing Ron yelling her name "KIM!"

She covered her mouth, trying to stifle her laughter. Ron twisted a little in the air, his pants and boxers still at his ankles, he was covering his front and he looked decidedly un-happy.

"Hold on, I'll be right there." The red haired girl called trying to hide her amusement and interest but it was evident in her voice.

She quickly stepped over the unconscious bodies of the henchmen and headed to help her boyfriend, trying to keep from staring at what she could see of him.


Three hours later after the mission to Sweden and an extremely awkward plane ride home, due to the fact that to get him down Ron had to help which meant he wound up exposing himself, Kim was seated on her bed talking with Ron and Rufus.

They were both seated on the floor next to her bed. Ron had been going out of his way not to met her gaze which explained why he was flipping absently through one of her old teen magazines. Kim figured he just needed time to adjust to the fact of what had happened. Lord knows she had to when he saw her.

"Kim, do girls really need a relationship quiz?" He asked absently, Rufus who was perched on his shoulder tilted his head reading it.

"Totally. It lets us know if were with the right guy." she answered absently, then reached over and grabbed the magazine from his hands, glanced at it and smiled "I remember this one, we passed with flying colors."

Ron raised an eyebrow and for the first time since before the mission looked at her "But wasn't that issue before we got together?"

She blushed lightly and tossed it near a stack of other ones " can't tell me you never thought about us before now." She sounded defensive, which struck Ron as being cute.

Ron smiled "I'm taking the fifth." His response earned him a pillow over the head from Kim who immediately stood heading for her closet.

Ron rubbing his head watched her progress, he guessed Kim knew he was watching since she seemed to swing her hips just a tiny bit more than normal "So about that party I mentioned earlier." she asked off handily as she disappeared deep inside her closet.

"Kim, you know me and parties..."

There was a moment of quiet, where the only sound was the rustling of clothes from the closet. The sound ended and Kim stuck her head out into the doorway. "Come on, I want you to go. It'd be nice, besides it's not like you'll have to worry about getting a date." She gave him a smile.

Ron returned it, though mentally he added to himself and I won't have to put up with seeing you with the moron. Still he was reluctant. "Kim are you sure you want to go?"

The auburn haired girl nodded smiling "I wouldn't have mentioned it if I didn't want to go." Ron propped his head back against the wall and closed his eyes.

"Alright, I'll go." he said in defeat, though secretly he did want to go.

"Really?" Kim's voice sounded excited by the prospect. She emerged from the closet heading towards him, he didn't move, but he was smiling, which meant he was in his fantasy world. He looked so cute, she smiled and leaned over planting a kiss on his forehead.

He opened his eyes and smiled wider seeing that she had yet again changed her shirt "So, when is the party?" he asked as he stretched. Kim sat down crossed legged next to him so that the front of her knee was touching his. She propped her elbows on her knees and held her hand out for the phone.

Ron taking the cue reached up and grabbed the cordless phone from her bed and handed it to her, smiling she hit the memory button and put it to her ear brushing her hair back out of the way. "Hey Monique." Kim locked her eyes with Ron's as she spoke "He said yes, so I need to know..." Kim nodded listening not looking away from Ron's eyes. "Thanks girl. Hold on I'll ask."

Kim lowered the phone down to hold it against her shoulder to "Ron, can we pick up Monique on the way?" The blonde nodded in response, not saying a word, he never talked while she was on the phone. Kim blew him a kiss and put the phone back to her ear "He says yes, so well see you then." she giggled and started talking in a rapid manner with her girlfriend about pointless things, at least they were to Ron anyway.

Ron sat there for another few minutes then realizing she was going to be talking on the phone for awhile got up and retrieved her communicator. He turned it on quickly settling on the bed tuning into the GWA, his way of handling the age old situation.

He settled onto his stomach to watch the show, with Rufus sitting on his shoulder cheering the wrestlers on in his naked mole rat way.


Ron nodded his head slightly in time with the music, scanning the room. The crowd was definitely diverse, but thankfully it was not the party that he had been expecting since everyone here was enjoying themselves and where the nicer people in the school.

He looked around trying to spot Kim. She had gone with Monique to get something to drink, but he knew it was really to go off and talk about him, his car, and the other various guys at the party. Hopefully the only one that would notice the other guys would be Monique.

He spotted Kim eventually, near the table with the food and drinks and narrowed his eyes. Monique was building up her own plate, but what had caught his attention was the guy who was talking to Kim. She was being polite from what he could see, but he still couldn't help but get a little jealous.

He looked away knowing if he continued to watch he would loose it, something that Kim would not appreciate. He bounced the back of his head against the wall and sighed. A few dances, some great snackage, but except for Kim and Monique he hadn't talked to anybody all night.

He began to stare out across the dance floor and wonder how exactly he looked dancing, horrible he was sure since he didn't have much of a rhythm. He was pulled out his reflection on his dancing skill by a female body pressing up against his side and a warm pair of lips pressing against his cheek.

He turned to see who it was and found himself staring at Kim who was smiling at him. He smiled back relaxing; she offered him a cup which he took. She looked out across the floor enjoying the music as she sipped at her own drink "So how's it feel to be at a party with a date?"

Ron shook his head and sipped his own drink "Feels pretty good. But you know what feels better?"

She shook her head looking at him, he gave her a goofy smile "This." and then glancing at the crowd to be pretty sure that no one was looking, he leant over and gave her a soft kiss. Of course as is unavoidable when kissing in public, someone noticed and pointed it out.

When they broke the kiss Kim smiled and made a pleased sound, sadly though the communicator beeped and a disgruntled Kim answered it "Wade what's the sitch? It's just a few hours till midnight..."

Wade looked apologetic "Sorry but I found Dr. Dementor's new lair, thought you might want to handle it ASAP since he's building an army of robots."

Kim sighed glancing at Ron who was already sitting down his drink looking a little annoyed. She looked back at Wade and nodded "Your right, I had just hoped we'd have the night off. So got us a ride?"

The boy genius nodded "A private jet at the Middleton Airfield. Think you can get there?"

Kim smiled nervously at him "We can get there, but I'm not sure if we'll make it in one piece."

Wade couldn't help but lift an eyebrow "Why do you say that?"

She glanced at Ron, who was talking to Monique probably telling her happy new years since she would they were going off on a mission, then back at Wade "Because Ron's driving."

The boy genius looked at his computer then back at her, then back at the computer and then back at her then back one last time before saying "I'm glad I'm not riding with him."

Kim gave a half growl and hit the off button, one of the few times she didn't tell Wade exactly how much he rocked. She grabbed her boyfriend and dragged him through the party saying "Come on."


Kim ran across the crumbling rooftop of the building her eyes locked on the ascending helicopter. She pumped her legs extra hard as she reached the end of the building and leapt out into the air. Her shoulders jarred as she caught hold of the landing bar. Kim hung there her body swaying with its motions. She glanced down then looked back up; the ground was a long way down.

She grumbled and swung her leg up to put a foot on the landing bar and started to push herself up when the helicopter pitched to its side trying to send her tumbling off. It only succeeded in causing her foot to slip back off and jar her shoulders as her body weight dropped down once more.

She bit back the curses that wanted to escape her, just once she wished that an evil genius would be as easy to capture as it was to destroy their machines. Dr. Dementor's robots hadn't been much of a challenge; apparently he had missed the memo about the flaws in robots and a hypersonic signal.

She just wished that Ron would have stopped him from reaching the helicopter, but he had somehow managed to get the henchmen out of the way so she wasn't going to complain too much. Grumbling she once more swung her foot up to place it on the bar and this time she managed to stand and force the side door open as the nose of the helicopter dipped down.

She grabbed what she could in surprise, somehow managing to remain standing at an angle. She heard the vaguely familiar voice of Dr. Dementor shouting words she didn't recognize from the cockpit. She waited for the evil scientist to emerge from the cockpit, when she saw his helmeted head she planted a kick sending him slumping to the ground of the now spiraling out of control helicopter unconscious.

She grabbed him by the arm and pulled, he was heavier than he looked. She grunted and tossed him out and away from the helicopter then followed after him. She fell quickly her arms at her sides, her legs together stream lining herself, keeping her eyes on the doctor. She plummeted to the ground quickly, but not so quickly that she was worried, after all they had been a good twenty miles in the air.

She touched the button that caused her backpack to tear apart to reveal her bluish silver jet back and place a helmet on her head. With a roar from the pack she caught up with the limp body of the evil scientist and snagged him under the armpits.

She guided herself in a controlled downward spiral slowing her descent as well as getting as far away from the helicopter as she could.

She let Dr. Dementor fall to the ground unceremoniously when they were only a few feet from the ground and landed a few feet away. Her joints were sore, but she was just happy that they had caught the scientist.

There was a crash and then an explosion several yards away in the rather barren landscape, not that it affected her, she was quite used to explosions.

She was removing her helmet when she was embraced tightly by a blonde and pink blur. She tried to hug them back but she was caught off guard and her arms were pinned to her side.

"Ron! Rufus!" she managed as the two continued to hug her. Ron let her go eventually holding her at arms length by the shoulders. He was smiling; Rufus was still hugging her cheek though.

"Oh man Kim, when I realized that you were on that...oh man it dived...I thought you were…oh man." He babbled and pulled her in for another tight hug.

She couldn't help but laugh "Ron, its so not the drama."

Ron shook his head sounding relieved "Yes it is so the drama. Rufus played with the wires before he took off."

Kim kissed his cheek touched that he was so worried about her "Relax, it's no big. I'm fine, though my shoulders are sore from all that exercise.."

Ron let her go reluctantly eyeing her up and down then looked at Rufus who had jumped back onto his shoulder, they both nodded in unison and Ron thrust his finger into the air exclaiming "Warm bath!"

Kim rolled her eyes, but suddenly felt mischievous. She gave him her most innocent smile "Are you thinking about my poor ol' sore body?"

It took Ron several minutes to get what she meant by that and blushing looked off taking a sudden interest in the stars. Rufus did much the same thing disappearing down into the pocket of Ron's pants.

Kim poked him in the sides with both her fingers laughing "I'll take that as a yes." she gave him another quick kiss on the cheek then glanced at her watch "Oh man, we'll never make it back to Middleton in time for New Years. We've only got another five minutes before the years over."

She sat down on the ground and rested her elbows on her knees. Ron sat next to her, looking around. They were going to be alone, the henchmen were unconscious as was Dr. Dementor. The lair was in ruins and the authorities had to have been only recently contacted.

Ron put his arm around her and she leaned against him, resting her head against his shoulder the best she could. She was a little disappointed, she had wanted to be at the party when the New Year came chiming in, it would have been so much fun.

Ron spoke softly to her "I know that the party was important to you, it was just about all you talked about today." She nodded not wanting to really dwell on it "But I think the important thing is were together when we usher it in."

She leaned against him a little more sighing "Ron, the party was going to be so special. Our first New Years as a couple."

He shrugged a little sounding amused "I think this is pretty special."

She sighed maybe he was right, but she had wanted to show they were couple. "Ron, were sitting in the ruins of a villains lair. Alone. Just me, you and Rufus."

Ron shrugged and stood up then offered her his hand. She took it and stood, looking at his smiling face "Exactly, were together and I want to be together next year. Tradition says if I'm with you this year then I will be next year to, don't matter where were at as long as were together."

Kim blinked, thinking he did have a point they were together and that was what she really wanted. She checked her watch quickly and started the final count down "10"

Ron leaned his face in a little closer counting down with her "9"

Kim leaned in towards him "8"

"7" he said moving in a little closer

She moved her face a tad closer "6"

"5" Rufus squeaked from his spot in Ron's pocket

Kim whispered "4" as she moved her face in even closer

"3" Ron's voice dropped an octave lower as his face moved in closer

Kim's voice dropped lower as she moved her face in closer "2"

"1" They said it in unison, their voices just barely loud enough to be heard. They closed what little gap there was between their mouths and kissed.

It was a loving, soft kissing that grew into a more heated one. But most importantly it was a promise between them that they would be together in the New Year.



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