OotP Spoilers

Author's note: This is my first attempt with Harry Potter fanfic so I'm still feeling my way around. Some things are vague to begin with but will be explained in greater detail later since I'm still working on ironing out tiny details myself. If my characters don't match up with canon.oops. I'm trying but I hated Book 5 it was so not what I was expecting so I'm playing around with them. Also the fact that I'm not used to writing them is very important to remember maybe with time I'll get better till then enjoy my attempts or not its up to you. If someone could direct to a website that has things about weapons used in the Middle Ages it would be welcomed.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Co don't belong to me they are J K Rowlings. I don't own anything but my original characters and even they aren't so original since I ripped off their last names from some of JK's characters although some are completely mine.

Prologue: The Beginning

"Decide.you must decide. There can be no going back.once the path is chosen. To win over evil you must be ready to fight, sacrifice, and endure much more than you have so far. More than loosing mother and father.more than seeing friends die at your side.far worse fates than that of your godfather I fear. More pain than you have suffered till now awaits you on this path, you will lead friends into battle watch them die for they are not ready for this fight anymore than you are." The strange voice echoed around the strange emptiness that surrounded Harry Potter.

"But.I don't want anyone to die or to lead anyone to death!"

"Foolish boy!" the voice thundered. "Do you think you have a choice? Your path was written when the evil one marked you and the light one educated you. There is no want for you anymore, that time has passed."

"I don't understand."Harry shouted trying to figure out where in all the inky darkness the voice come from but everything seemed to echo endlessly.

"You can't go back so now you have to go forward. The time is at hand the choice must be made. You are destined to either be killed by this evil or to banish it forever, to lead the wizards of this age to peace or to hurl them into darkness. You cannot escape this it was written in the stars many many years ago."

"I already know this. I heard the prophecy. If that's not my choice then what is?" Harry's rotten temper was getting the better of him yet again. He hated not being in control of his own life being at the whims of Voldermort and to a certain extent Dumbledore's even if he meant well.

"You are the pivotal figure in this war. Your choice is simple. Lead your army as an equal by going away to learn the art of war or to stay and lead your army to their deaths as a wizard too young to know of war and too emotional to make informed decisions. Your foe knows much of war Harry Potter."

"What do you mean?" This was too much to take in. How could he Harry Potter be destined for such a fate.he had not chosen it and didn't want it.yet that was exactly what he had been doing for the last 5 years with Ron, Hermione, and later the members of D.A.

"You will be trained to marshal armies and lead them into battle. You will learn to use your head to make decisions in the middle of battle as you watch many killed or dieing all around you. Every weakness will be purged every emotion will be kept under tight control. Most of all you will learn the battle arts, as they should have been teaching you all these years. Death will be your gift. Your hardest lesson will be to learn to kill and leave guilt, sorrow, grief, and self-hatred behind. The death on one may save many be that person good or evil."

Harry could say nothing he was speechless. Knowing that he had to kill Voldermort was one thing but others? Going away to learn all this? Where and why now? What about his friends? So many questions he didn't even know where to start but before he could ask them the voice spoke again.

"You have much to ponder and yet still many questions. To learn of war and Battle arts you have to go to a place where only the strong survive back to the beginning where there were warlords and kings only to return and learn of the new war techniques of the future. But we cannot have you mucking about in time so well send you to an alternate time you could say. What you decide to tell your friends if anyone is up to you but giving them exact details is not wise. I give you one day to decide young Harry Potter." With that clear statement Harry Potter felt a sharp pain and the blackness disappeared.

Harry lay flat on his back, breathing hard. He had awoken from the vivid dream which he was glad wasn't his usual ones about Cedric and Sirius's deaths. He wondered if maybe it was his subconscious telling him to learn all these things but it felt to real but then again maybe he was touched in the head as Rita Skeeter and Fudge had thought. He didn't know anymore.he was tired of doubting himself in everything. Maybe it was true what the voice said about the time for his wanting being over. He didn't even remember how he started that dream one minute he was having a nightmare and the next the voice was telling him about choices and destiny.

Harry spent most of that day going over everything the voice had said. He decided that whether it was insanity or not he would do it by his own or with this voice. He also thought it could be Voldermort playing with his mind again but for some reason his instincts told him that it wasn't. He was glad that Dumbledore had decided to leave him at the Dursley's for his protection all summer. Of course he was still being treated as their house elf the only difference was that he know got food and was left alone for the most part as long as he did the chores he was assigned.

Sure the order members watched the house from somewhere outside but as long as he stayed inside which he had, he was alone just as he had wanted to be since the Department of Mysteries. He felt numb as if he would never feel anything else. When he forced himself to feel anything it was usually rage and a feeling of hurt so deep that it felt as if something was ripping his heart out from his chest slowly. He hated feeling numb and he hated the pain but he couldn't find middle ground maybe this opportunity could help as nothing else had. After careful consideration Harry decided to start writing everyone since he would be sending these letters back with the owls that brought his present tonight.


Hey how's it going? Well thanks for the present its great! I wanted to tell you that I'll be going away for a while because there are some things I need to learn that Hogwarts can't teach. Don't panic I have not been taken by Death Eaters and my muggle relatives have nothing to do with this. I would tell you not to worry but I got a feeling that you will anyway. I know this letter sounds strange but trust me I have to do this and I promise that I'll come back I'm not sure when but I can assure you that if nothing else I'll be back to roast Riddle's head on a spit. I hope the old crowd and Dumbledore can hold of Riddle until I come back. I wish I could take you and Herm with me but I cant.well at least I don't think I can.

Tell your parents that.just thank them for me for just being themselves. To Fred and George just make sure they are inventing great pranking supplies for when I get back. To Ginny I wish to tell her that she's a great friend and to thank her for last year. Make sure you include Ginny in this years escapades whatever they may be I have a feeling that she's going to be very important. Tell the rest of the Weasley's thanks for everything. call Percy a prat for me.

See ya



Hey Herm,

Hope your vacation wherever your visiting this summer is going well. Thanks for the present I liked it. Well no way to say this but I'm going to go learn some new things that aren't taught at Hogwarts.yes I know it's a shock but my Hogwarts education isn't as well rounded as I needed it to be or I wouldn't be going off to learn now would I? Don't worry about me this isn't about me trying to be a hero quite the opposite actually. No the Death Eaters aren't making me write this or Riddle for that matter. The old crowd is sitting just under my window so can't be the first two feel free to verify this with them. Hmm.try to not get involved in any Riddle plans this school year for Merlin's sake. Now the library won't help when you try to find where I've gone but if it helps you deal with this might I suggest starting with The Beginners guide to Dreams and How to Decipher Them also look into Wars: Making and Stopping them From ruining your Life. Please make sure you keep the D.A. going with or without Dumbledore's permission. Its very important. I promise to come back as soon as I can.


P.S. I'm leaving Hedwig with you so take good care of her.



I know that your taking Padfoot's death just as hard if not harder than I am. I know it was really stupid of me to go off and try to save him thinking untrained children would be a match for Death Eaters when many fully trained wizards' aren't. I know I'm not suppose to blame myself for his death and I'm starting to see that but I'm also old enough to admit that it was a stupid situation that I let develop because I was too bloody stupid to ask for help. When I did ask I had to ask the slimiest git ever created for it too. Then again I blame Dumbledore for treating me like a child and letting me stumble around blind in the dark. Anyway I didn't just owl you to talk about this. I wanted to tell you that I need some new training this year that I can't get anywhere else but where I'm going so I guess I'm probably disappearing after on my birthday and not gonna be back for while I think. Don't worry its something I have to do in order to be able to avenge Sirius's death. I might be starting to act responsibly but Bellatrix Lestrange will die by hand for her part in his death. I know it won't bring him back but it'll make me at least feel that his murderer was brought to justice. I promise to come back as soon as I can.



Professor Dumbledore

Just writing to tell you that I know you still haven't told me everything about me that you know because you don't think I'm ready. However someone out there obviously felt inclined to throw it my way in an obscure fashion to say the least but well at least I got it. I wont be coming back for school this year but I'll be back just not sure when. I have not been possessed by Riddle in any way shape or form. I'm just off to learn more about me you could say. I'm not off to do stupid things.well that's pending cause I'm sure I might do something stupid by accident but nothing as intentional as the Department of Mysteries. Don't spend time looking for me you wont find me. I mean it Professor you have to keep Riddle from causing more problems for as long as you can, until I get back.



It was just after midnight on July 31st when the owls started arriving at Harry's window. He took off their packages and sent back his notes not bothering to open present. Hedwig was the last to leave heading to Hermione with instructions to stay with her until he came back. He put away his presents under the floorboard and immediately went to bed hoping that it hadn't been just his imagination. He closed his eyes and willed himself to sleep and was immediately transported to the same inky blackness that surrounded him the first time.

"What is you choice Harry Potter?" The voice immediately asked.

Harry gulped but knew what his answer was. "I'm going to train."

"So be it Harry Potter you have chosen and we can do no less than deliver." Again he felt the sharp pain as he started to wake up everything went dark and he knew no more.


What do you think so far? Should I quit while I'm ahead?