Chapter 6: Welcome to Asgard

Harry could see dawn was coming from his vantage point in the trees surrounding their campsite. He wondered how long the normally two-day trek would take his new recruits. They were still pretty clueless about where they were other than they had been in the forbidden forest one minute and somewhere else the next. He decided it was time to awake his pretties as he climbed down and headed for the stream thinking he'd have a nice bath before waking everyone up. As he went through his morning abolitions he was distracted enough not to notice the figure walking towards him. He felt someone put their hand on his shoulder and before he knew whom it was they were on the ground with his dagger being held at their throat.

Ginny Weasley had never been scared of Harry Potter but she sure as hell was now. Gone was the sweet caring boy she had been unable to talk to. In his place was a decidedly dangerous person as it was shown to her by startling him into flipping her to the ground…hard. When she landed the air was knocked out her leaving her gasping that is before she felt the point of his dagger at her throat she pretty much lost the ability to breath then. He just looked at her like he didn't know who the hell she was much less what she was doing there.

Harry stared at the figure not really seeing him or her. He was working through his reaction to being startled and wondering why he had not been alerted of the danger before hand usually Shadow was pretty good at picking things like that up. He sighed and really looked at his assailant and immediately regretted it and stood up and sheathed his dagger. Fuck he'd royally scared her out of her wits if judging by the way she wasn't breathing and turning red was anything to go by.

"Breath Ginny." She sucked in a startled breath at his command all the while wondering why he cared since she had almost died at dagger point not two seconds before. Breathing actually felt good and the panic was starting to recede being replaced by righteous indignation. She gingerly sat up from her sprawled position at his feet while he squatted down.

"Was that really necessary? I mean I know your not a morning person but almost making with my dying was a bit much don't you think?" Ginny asked him making her sure he understood by her tone that he was in for a Thorough tongue-lashing.

"Actually I'm a everything person since I'm pretty much able to rise at any given moment wide awake no problems. As to your concern well what happened was reflexes. I didn't know that the person behind me who grabbed my shoulder was you so I unconsciously defended myself before even I was fully aware."

"Still doesn't excuse you from trying to murder me for touching your shoulder. In fact you'll just have to make it up to me." Ginny was everything but dumb and her here found herself in a prefect situation to get some much-needed answers before anyone else. Harry raised an eyebrow and wondered exactly what little Ginny had in mind…he might as well play along.

"Oh really? What would be the forfeit for accidentally almost killing you but stopping myself before any damage was done?" Harry smirked she knew not who she was playing with.

"I want to know where we are and why you wanted to talk to the Slytherins and don't give me the same "cant we all just get along" speech I'm not as thick as Ron. I'm also not judging them since I opened the Chamber and almost killed a bunch of people so I know evil is not festering in Slytherin although many do go bad. So get on with it Mr. Almost killed me." Ginny answered shrewdly knowing if Harry really wanted to he could get out of it but she had a feeling he would tell her.

Harry pondered what had given Ginny the idea that he had given Ron a run around speech and how she knew about that speech since she had not been anywhere near them at the time. He had wanted to talk to her anyway so he didn't think it would do any harm to let her know before he told the rest in about 10 minutes anyway. "You got yourself a deal. Now we are on a parallel dimension that is called Asgard. Now the Slytherins are very special since they are very powerful more so than anyone believes and I will be training them to be my elite warriors my Dark Knights as it's their birth rite. Now I am also offering you the opportunity to join since you have the same potential they do second only to my dragon. You my dear, know exactly what kind of monster we are up against you'd be a wonderful addition to my Dark Knights but first you have to ask yourself if you'd be able to renounce your family and all you hold dear for this chance. Once you make the choice there is no going back, everyone but your fellow knights will fear you. Everyone fears what they do not understand and you'd have to work hard. My very good friend Freya will train the other girls. She's the captain of the Valkyries in Valhalla. My good friend Tyr, he's the captain of the warriors in Valhalla, will train the boys."

Ginny almost wished she hadn't asked anything. She knew what he was talking about since she had on a whim read Muggle Mythology Fact or Fiction one rainy afternoon when everyone else was in detention. She had been stunned to say the least but maybe this world wasn't exactly like the book describes the Viking culture she doubted a god much less two were friends with Harry. However the opportunity to become a Valkyrie was very tempting as was the offer Harry had extended her. She would have to think about this carefully she loved her family very much. "What about Ron and Hermione?" She asked trying to give herself time to think more on her decision.

"Alas Ron isn't open minded enough to join with Slytherins and he's too good for lack of better word to join what would be considered my death dealers. Hermione is a powerful witch but she lacks the breeding necessary to withstand the training as well as lacking certain powers that are passed down by blood since the time of Merlin. While her brain would be a great asset it wont help you to be clever when someone's trying to cleave you in two or curse you into next Tuesday."

Harry had a wonderful point with that one. That still left her wondering if she could become a death dealer. How easy or hard would it be to become essentially like Harry? Would her family really shun her as he said and would Ron ever forgive her for being different from him? So many questions and not enough answer and by Harry's amused expression he knew exactly what she was thinking.

Before she could answer he figured he'd give her a little more time to think about it. "Go wake the others tell them to pack everything we leave at first light."

"Where will you be?"

"Making sure we aren't attacked while you lot aren't even completely awake."

"What if they don't believe me or listen?"

"Hex them or not. Kick them or levitate them and drop them in the water…I care not just make sure they are awake, fed, and ready to go in an hour or I'll blame you." With that Harry was gone just blended right into the shrubs behind him. Ginny didn't even hear the shrubs so much as rustle or move to indicate someone had just passed through. Damn leave it to Harry to give her a taste of what would be expected of her by making her order a bunch of older kids around, this morning was sure to get a lot more interesting.

Draco Malfoy and his entourage were ready to hex anyone who even looked at them funny. While they had chosen to follow the nutty dangerous Potter they had not signed up to be awaken by Ginny Weasley. The girl was a menace and Potter thought it amusing to have her ordering everyone about and the worst part they couldn't even complain. Ginny was as hard on Slytherins as she was on everyone else and why he hadn't known she had such repertoire of interesting hexes and curses was inexcusable since he prided himself on keeping tabs on the Golden Duo and associates.

The fact of the matter was that little Virginia Weasley had told everyone in no uncertain terms that they were to get up and wash up girls first while the boys cleaned up their sleeping area. When everyone blearily looked about and saw it was just her they ignored her. Weasel even told her to shut-up and go to sleep he was the first person she hexed. Technically she set his bedding on fire but it was effective as she cocked an eyebrow and asked if anyone else had a problem with her instructions. Truth be told everyone had scrambled to do her bidding aware of the fact that Harry bloody Potter had given her permission for this and was sitting somewhere laughing his ass off as he watched since everyone could clearly hear him.

That was two days ago and since then with Harry's permission she had taken over the immediate caring of the group and had them all marching to the tune Harry wanted. While she wasn't cruel or a tyrant she let everyone know in no uncertain terms that she was following Harry's dictates and if that meant making them do things they never had or didn't want to well they would do it voluntarily or otherwise. Everyone except Parkinson, Granger, and Thomas had been hexed or cursed at least once for being insubordinate or not doing what Harry wanted them to fast enough. She had graduated from simple hexing and cursing to physical labor as punishment needless to say Ron had been the worse offender and had therefore suffered the most. Harry for the most part was only seen at meal times and more often than not he was in the company of Draco Malfoy or Ginny. While he occasionally popped up to chat for a few minutes with anyone at any given time only Draco and Ginny ever had whole conversations with him.

Harry couldn't help but laugh at all the disgruntled and hostile expressions directed at Ginny. She had taken him at his word and shaped his band of merry magic users into cautious and sometimes helpful band of losers… She had them working together and changing shifts to do the different chores. No one questioned her auTyrity after she had hexed and cursed her way through at least half of those present and the other half while not questioning her got hexed for not doing what she told them fast enough to suit her needs…well his really but it was amusing to see her in action. She had taken to leading in a ruthless but fair fashion like a duck to water much like Mrs. Weasley except for the obvious of course.

He knew he had yet to actually talk to any of his recruits but he wouldn't not until they had finished training and were about to be initiated into an actual battle were survival was the leading force not ideal. He was pretty sure he would loose more than a few after training before he actually tested them in battle. That didn't worry him since they would return to Hogwarts under his instructions to teach the rest and to defend the wizarding world as much as they were able from Hogwarts.

It had been a very long journey to Valhalla one he didn't want to make again anytime soon with an untrained bunch of magic users. In fact they would be meeting his friends at the top of the hill they were currently climbing and from there things would definitely be stirred up. As they reached the top of the hill Harry mentally went over who he had felt needed extra training due to an ability they could develop outside regular magic. He was glad his friends had seen them and were waiting for him outside Valhalla as it would make things much easier.

"Welcome to Valhalla my pretties. This is where we go our separate ways now before I divulge any secrets that could endanger you or me everyone will go through training. After you have mastered the basics you will be tested in real battle how you perform at that juncture will determine your place at my side. Now let me introduce you to your trainers for the near future." Harry turned towards what many muggleborns considered a Xena look a like down to the outfit she wore on TV. "This is Freya captain of the Valkyries and she will be training all the little witches except for those I've singled out at Hogwarts." The group just looked at Harry like he'd lost more than just his mind.

Ginny could only laugh at this as she cleared her throat and everyone gaze swung around to her. She rolled her eyes and sighed before waving her wand threateningly and the group whose eyes widened in understanding before splitting into two groups. She smiled and nodded at the smallest group then glared at them. "Well what are you waiting for? A written invitation from Freya to follow her?" The group immediately headed for their trainer everyone knew that little Ginny Weasley was not someone you wanted to piss off.

Freya laughed out loud the girl had real promise and from the fearful gazes that kept her wand in sight at all times she had talent. She briefly wondered if she could steal her away from Harry but when she caught the loyalty in the girls gaze directed at Harry she shrugged knowing it would be pointless to try. She looked over the group and saw determination to follow through with what they had started by coming here. She could see which would be too soft for what was needed while she could see others that would go all the way with no regrets. As of right now they were all too soft and that would change, yes it definitely would. "So this is my new challenge?"

"Afraid so Frey, while they are shall we say soft as a baby's bottom in everything they have a lot of inner strength… I hope." It was the truth and while he hated to say it out loud he knew the comment would garner better result from his followers if they heard it.

"Don't worry my girls and I will mold them to their best and if at first they don't succeed they'll die in the attempt…." She shrugged it was a well known fact that training could be lethal. Harry nodded knowing that it was a possibility.

"See ya in a year Frey." She nodded her understanding and motioned for the group to follow her, they did so reluctantly and mostly because Harry and Ginny stood waving at them to go. "Bye little witches, follow everything Frey and her girls say. I'll come check on you don't worry. Oh yeah above all else have lots of fun." All the former Hogwarts students knew without a doubt that Harry Potter was nuttier than a fruitcake when he uttered the last statement.

"Harry you really need to tone done the quirky insane thing you have going on…you're scaring everyone." Ginny told him in all seriousness.

"Aww come one Gin I'm not scaring anyone." He turned towards Tyr. "Tell them I don't scare anyone Tyr."

"Youngling you scare everyone." Tyr agreed with the little red hair though not for the same reasons the little red hair thought. He'd had both the privilege and misfortune to see him in battle. It had been a truly astonishing sight especially after the youngling had lost his shield brother. Not an experience he wished to have again.

"Tyr you wound me. I am not scary."

"That is my opinion on the matter. However, I believe I am here to do more than give my opinions." Tyr immediately looked at his new group of trainees and knew he had a lot of work ahead of him if he wanted to turn them into warriors. "I am decidedly not impressed with my pickings. I believe Freya got the better end of the deal."

Harry looked at the boys as if trying to see what Tyr was seeing in them but shrugged as if unconcerned. "Well, do you best. If they are untrainable despite your efforts you can give them to Frigga and hopefully she'll be able to train them so they can become houseboys." Harry almost laughed at the outraged gasps that escaped from group. He was well aware that their anger at him and their desire to prove that they were in fact better than the girls would be the only thing to get them through the first leg of training.

"We shall see..." With that ponderous statement Tyr turned and headed back towards the castle that was located in the middle of the valley at the bottom of the hill they were currently on.

Ginny wondered if antagonizing his followers was part of Harry's plan because he was doing a fine job of it, even Dean looked like he wanted to hex him. In fact the boys trainer expected the group to follow since he just turned around and left.Iit seemed they were too thick to notice since they were all still glowering at Harry. She wondered how anyone would want to be in charge of large groups of people if they all became this stupid when mixed together. Though some of them were pretty thick regardless.

"I believe that if you boys don't get a move on Tyr might be a bit put out with you lot. I will also start hexing you if you don't get a move on in the next five seconds." Ginny twirled her wand which was now emitting angry red sparks. It seemed the boys didn't need anymore encouragement than that since they quickly took after their trainer. After making sure none of the boy decided to turn back she looked around and found that the only students left where the thirteen, Harry and herself. Somehow she wasn't reassured by Harry's mad grin.

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