My name is Doctor WeiĀ§zauber. I destroy plots. Sometimes. I'm well known for it. They hate me for it.

That's what makes the difference between a healer and another character class.

If you only know healing techniques- no fancy swordplay, no magic, no turning into monsters or stealing the enemies' possessions- the plot means a very different thing to you. If that's the only way to earn experience points.

I've been on games where I can resurrect members of the enemy party and gain as much EXP as I would for resurrecting members of my own party. Those games go on for hours and hours, days and days, years and years.

I've been on games with no healers in them. They don't last half a second.

When I went to Warhammer 40K, people didn't have HP, they just died with one hit, unless they were very lucky or weren't human. There were tuels for us medics but they were very old rules, and we weren't very useful. I don't like not being useful.

I completed a game with an all-medic party, once. That was an entirely different sort of game.

They hated me for that, too.

But they don't hate it when I keep them alive.