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…This is very sad indeed.


Sera: Ok... Isn't there something I'm supposed to do here?

Yami (I CAN'T CALL HIM ATEMU! snifflesniffle I like calling him Yami, So Yami he shall be.): annoyance vein Reviews perhaps?

Sera: OH! Right! It's too bad there are no presents...

Yuugi: Bambi eyes sniffles No presents...?

Sera/Yami: OO Uh... scrambles off to find presents

Yuugi: -

Sera: back first HERE YUUGI-CHAN! presents him with a Atemu plush

Yuugi: Kawaii!

Yami: looking suspiciously ruffled and glaring at Sera(: ;p) Here Aibou! hands him a Mahaado(as Dark Magician)/Mana(as DMG) plushie set

Yuugi: Arigato!

Sera/Yami: -

Red Roses2-chan: Well, if you watch the English series, they've decided to call/keep him 'Yami', but in the Jap. anime and the manga our adorable pharaoh hadn't found his real name. 'Yu-Gi-Oh' means 'Game King' and is Yami/Yugi's title. - Hope that clears up some confusion!

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Kaiba: looks bored Maybe they're just saying that to be nice. There actually are people like that...

Sera: ;; snifflesniffle

Yami: Oh, damn it Kaiba! You made her cry! Now she's going to write a story to get you back, and I'm most likely going to suffer with you!

Kaiba: OO;; Anou... I'm... sure... it's not true...

Sera: - Yatta! Kaiba said it's not true!

Yami/Kaiba: o.O;;;

Anyway, I'd like to read your story. Tell me when you put it up, and I'll go check it out! -

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Yami: smirks Because you could have filled up this entire story with 'ah's and 'er's and you'd never tell her.

Sera: ;; NOW SHE'S GONNA KILL ME! dives for secret hiding spot No one'll find me here...

Yami/Yuugi/Kaiba: ;; She's hiding behind the couch.

Sera: oblivious

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Day Two


Discovered I could separate
from Aibou's body
when I decided to get up last night
but Aibou's body
didn't get up.

I'm not sure
if I screamed out loud
or just in my head.

Either way, it woke Aibou up
and he almost screamed
when he found the look-alike
laying in a undignified heap
on the floor
that was me.

Aibou quickly got over his shock
and much to my displeasure,
began to laugh!

I was not happy.


Aibou couldn't go back to sleep,
too excited over our new separation
and the idea of having a new 'Niichan.'

So he dragged me downstairs,
and insisted we do something together.
It didn't seem to bother him
that it was only 4 o'clock in the morning.
(I've learned to read
the ticking things called 'clocks.')

Aibou said
that we needed to get something to eat,
although I was sure I need any food to exsist,
but I still followed him
into the room with the cold box
the he called the kitchen.

While Aibou looked through the cupboards
for something to use,
I looked around
the newly christened "kitchen"
and discovered some things
with a bright, shiny material
sitting on the table.

The material,
upon further inspection
gave way to a strange brown food
that when put in one's mouth
was absolutely delicious!

When asked what it was,
Aibou giggled
and called it chocolate.
I nodded and didn't say a word,
for I had already popped
another into my mouth.

In the morning
I distinctly remember Jiichan
demanding to know
where all his Hershey's Kisses went.

No School on Weekends

Aibou didn't leave
to go to school today
something I've seen him do
at least four times now.

Sitting across form him,
both of us on the floor
playing with Duel Monsters cards
I asked Aibou,
"Why aren't you going to school today?"

Aibou blinked
and then smiled and replied
"Today is the weekend
and I don't have to go."

I must have looked confused
for Aibou frowned cutely
and supplied: "Weekends are off days.
That's just the way it is."

I nodded,
as if it made all the sense in the world,
Although I still didn't have a clue.

Evil Boxes

Aibou was in the shower
the night before a 'weekday'
and would be going
back to school tomorrow.

I'd stayed out,
bored of just staring at all the bricks
and stairways that made up my soul room.

Unfortunately I'd never counted,
on getting bored while waiting for Aibou.

Aibou had warned it might be a bad idea
to wander the house while he wasn't around
Or I wasn't in his body,
But my boredom and curiosity got the best of me
And I wandered out of the room.

I'd only seen two rooms and the hallway
on the several occasions I'd been downstairs,
so I ventured into a room I'd never been in
and paused to take it in.

This room was filled with many cushioned seats
all set in an semi-oval around a square box-


I gasped,
and called the attention of Jiichan
who was sitting on one of the seats
but I didn't sit around
to see his reaction
I was too afraid that the box
might pull me into it!

The Many Woes of Jounouchi Katsuya

Jounouchi-kun really does love Duel Monsters
it's just a pity
he can't ever win.

Jounouchi-kun decided
to play another game today
this time against Anzu.

…He lost.
Pretty bad.
I wonder if he will ever win.

After school I listened
As he asked Aibou what went wrong.
I wanted to ask 'where do I begin.'

Aibou is kinder
He just tells Jounouchi
To add magic and trap cards
To his deck

I wanted to say
'Get a new deck.'

The Return of the Evil Box

Aibou and his friends
Are glued to that… box.
I wonder if it also steals minds.

They are watching a tournament
And the creatures
All look the same as the ones
That Kaiba used on his VRG.

Jounouchi is convinced the 'dinosaurs'
Are going to win.
Again this shows how much he knows.

The bug boy wins,
And is given something
By a strange named 'Pegasus.'

There is something
Very wrong
About this man.

But I don't know what.
I should tell Aibou later.

The Evil Box Strikes Back

I knew
that thing was evil
But does anyone
Ever listen to me?

Jiichan was taken
Through the evil box
After a bizarre game
With an even more bizarre man.

Pegasus had the Sennen Eye
And read our minds
During a very unfair duel.
Not even I had a chance.

I must now help Aibou
get his Jiichan back.

I wonder how
we will get into the Evil Box.


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