Push You off a Cloud

Chapter 5

Loophole for Love

By: Rachel*

Rated: PG-13

Genre: Romance/Drama

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         Spike shut his eyes tightly as he felt the white mist surround him. He was back at the Golden Gates. To him it was more like the Gates of Hell at that moment. He shook with anger. "Damn you," Spike cursed looking up at Shin.

          Shin pierced his lips together. "Do you love her?" Spike narrowed his eyes and shuddered. "Do you love her Spike?" Shin asked again.

          Spike looked up at Shin and shook his head in disbelief. "Yes, and you took me away from her!" Spike jumped up and checked Shin to the ground. "You bastard!" Spike punched him. He stopped when Shin didn't fight back.

          Shin sighed and shoved Spike towards the edge of the cloud. "Jump." he growled.

          Spike gritted his teeth. "You said that I'd go to hell!" He was ready to tackle Shin again when he smiled brightly.

          "We've got, well, it's a loophole really…" Shin sighed shaking his head. He grimaced as he wiped a small amount of blood that was dripping from his lip.

          Spike arched an eyebrow up at Shin and walked to the edge. "So I just…jump?"

          Shin's eyes widened. "No!" Shin waved his arms in all directions to get Spike to stop. "You can only jump and go back to her if she loves you with all her heart and you feel the same way." Spike blinked and bowed his head. "You'll go to hell if one of you doesn't love the other with all their heart…so I'll let you think about it—"

          "I'm jumping." Spike mumbled. He looked up at Shin who blinked several times. "I love her…I know I love her with everything I have to give." Spike smirked. "If she doesn't love me just as much, then I belong in hell." Spike smirked.

          Shin sighed. "Do as you wish…only you and her will remember that you were dead. Everyone else…they'll just think you were alive the whole time you were dead, do you get what I'm saying?"

          Spike nodded. "Thanks a lot Shin." Spike whispered. He turned and walked to the edge of the cloud. Looking down, his hair blew back and he nodded keeping Faye in the back of his mind as he took a deep breath and raised his arms into the air. "If I don't make it, I'll send you a postcard from hell!" Shin laughed nodding head. Spike shut his eyes and took one step forward and fell from the cloud holding the Golden Gates. "Faye…" He breathed.


          It was night. Faye sat on her bed holding onto the stuffed bear that Spike had won for her. "Spike, are you watching over me still?" She sighed, falling onto her side. Her hair fell into her eyes and she clung to the bear. "I love you…" She whispered.

          Jet knocked on her door. "Faye, come on…dinner's ready." She blinked. Jet hadn't willing made anything for the longest time, let alone had he ever announced that he'd made anything. "Faye come on, Spike should be home soon too."

          Faye's green eyes widened and her gaze hazed as tears filled her eyes. "Not again…don't haunt me again. I don't want to have the nightmares again!" She cried into the bear shaking. "Go away…" She shuddered. "Why now…?" She sat up and rocked back and forth holding her knees to her chest, and hiding her tear stained face from the world.


          "Faye, what's taking you so long?" Faye stopped shaking. Her eyes grew wide, and she took a deep breath. She slowly looked up and let her arms fall to her sides as she gazed into Spike's two-toned brown eyes. He smiled. "Miss me?" He was dressed in his yellow dress shirt, and navy pants. His shirt was un-tucked and his tie hung around his neck. He carried his suit jacket over his right shoulder as he leaned into the doorway.

          She blinked and hugged the stuffed bear to her chest. "How can you be real?"

         He smirked. "I just jumped off heaven's cloud to be with you." He sighed. "Jet doesn't know I died, no one does…only you and I will remember that." He shut his eyes and walked closer to her.

          Faye reached her hands out and grabbed hold of Spike's and tugged him closer. Spike fell into her arms and hugged her close as she silently began to cry. "I missed you," she whispered.

          Spike smirked. "I wasn't gone that long, was I?" He whispered shutting his eyes and resting against her as Faye held onto him. She shook her head. "I'm not leaving you again, I swear."

          She smiled and nodded kissing him before wrapping her arms around his neck. "Faye, where's Spike…" Jet straightened and stared at Faye who cried into Spike arms holding him close as Spike leaned into her. "Never mind, I'll eat alone…" His eyes were wide as he shut the door. "When did that happen?" He muttered to himself and scratched his balding head.

          Spike laughed pulling her on top of him. "Jet seemed a little shocked…" He smiled as she leaned her forehead against his. "What do you think?" He tilted his head eup and kissed her lightly on the lips.

          "I think he was surprised to say the least. How are you going to explain it to him?" She rested her head in his left shoulder as she glanced at the door.

          Spike thought for a moment. "I suddenly realized what I'd been missing all along and fell helplessly in love with you…" He trailed off.

          Faye smirked. "That's as bad as the space aliens on the ship." Faye muttered.

          Spike punched her lightly in the side. "Don't laugh, besides there were aliens on the ship." Spike shut his eyes in a huff.

          "You're lying, you know I'm right. That thing was your stupid lobster that you let rot in the fridge. The clement and atmosphere that it was in was good enough to grow new kinds of life in a year…" She sat up and played with his tie, letting it fall across his face.

          Spike rippled his lips together and pulled her into his arms. "Just promise that you won't hurt yourself again, okay?" Spike was serious now, his voice was deep and lulled as he ran his fingers through Faye's hair.

         "I won't." Faye kissed him. "Even if you have to leave again…" She sighed and cuddled against him. Her stomach growled and she blushed as Spike poked at her side. "I'm kind of hungry."

          Spike nodded and sat up, lacing his fingers around his left hand with his right. "Same here, I've been dead for how long now, and still have barely had a bite to eat." He pulled Faye to her feet and the two of them walked side by side towards the living room not caring what Jet, or anyone thought…


          Shin stared down below. "Wonder how he's doing." Shin turned to see Vicious walking up behind him.

          Vicious scowled. "Not that I care…" Vicious lamely remarked. "Now where's Julia?"

          Shin sighed. "Waiting for you inside…" Shin frowned. "Didn't mean to lie to you, you and Faye were just meant to be Spike." Shin smirked as a gust of wind blew his hair in all directions. The gates opened and Julia walked out, her golden hair flowed down her back and she was dressed in a white silk dress.

          Vicious smiled taking her hand. "Took you long enough." She whispered and smiled when Vicious wrapped his arms around her.

          "You two were pretty brave…" They both turned to Shin and stared in question. "You two went to Hell so he wouldn't sense you in Heaven, so he could find out how he really felt for Faye."

          They both nodded. "It was worth it though, it's better off this way in the end, don't you think so Shin?" Julia sighed closing her eyes.

          Shin shrugged his shoulders. "Guess so…" He smirked as a girl with red hair and green eyes popped out, waving.

          "Can I come out now?" She whispered. Shin nodded and she smiled running over to him and holding him close. They were all happy, but most off all Spike and Faye had truly found their happiness…you just have to find way.

…Just Pushing You Off A Cloud…

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