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One Mistake

They say that my kind is infallible, cannot make mistakes. Once I thought they were right. Now I laugh at that- but it's a bitter laugh. I never made any mistakes- except one. But one was enough; enough to send me reeling into a never ending cycle of grief and loss. I never doubted myself. Now, I doubt that I was ever right.

I kept secrets that should not have been kept. I allowed secrets to be kept when I should have demanded to know the truth. And then I had to choose. Choose between what I wanted and what had to be, what I had to do. I don't think there's a harder decision that any mortal or immortal ever had to make. Which would it be? Their lives or our hearts, minds and yes, our lives? The lives of two or three or the lives of many? And I had to choose.

I made my decision and wish I never had. Pain, grief and loss swirled around and around. And then, I made the other decision that went hand in hand with the first. I had to. There was no other way for me. I ran, ran into the embrace of the Shadow-Lover, with no thoughts other than the eternal grief, enraged tears and the never ending pain.

They say I should be able to share the blame, but they're wrong. It was all my fault, because I was the one that was unable to make mistakes. All my fault. I repudiated the one thing that ever mattered to me. I repudiated my heart, my other self. I cast him away, told him I did not know him. Those words hurt more than arrows and knives ever could.

They say my kind is infallible, unable to make mistakes. How very wrong they were.