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Aren't I Supposed to Kill You?: Chapter 1

           Hidden behind the leaves, a dark figure watched as the man strode across the pier. The forest crept almost to the water's edge around this part of the coast. It was unusual for anyone to be out this late at night, being that this was youkai country and all.

But the man on the dock seemed to pay no attention to anything around him. He sat dangling his feet in the water, face upturned towards the full moon. The figure in the trees gasped as the moonlight illuminated his features. His hair glinted silver and his skin glowed a pale white. The ears definitely attracted her attention. She had the oddest urge to get up and rub them. He was definitely handsome, to say the least. What the hell was coming over her?! Damnit, why did she have to meet him under these circumstances?

She studied him as he continued to sit peacefully, occasionally tossing a pebble and making little ripples in the water. His eyes never opened, not even when he stood to leave a few hours later. The dawn was just beginning to tint the sky with pink when he disappeared inside his home, presumably to bed. She, too, retreated to her makeshift home, deeper inside the tree line.

When the sun had risen above the horizon, she walked back out, stretching the kinks out of her back. A catnap was all she needed to carry on with her day as she normally would.

"Good morning Sango-chan. I trust you slept well," Sango was the first person Kagome saw as she scurried out from behind a house.

"Hai, I did. And you?" everyone here was convinced she was a traveler staying at the local inn.

"I slept just fine, thank you. Where is your husband at such a late hour? Not in bed still?" In a few short days she had come to learn much about many of the villagers. Including the fact that Sango's husband, Miroku, was first mate of the ship manned by the man from the night before. They had come into port two nights prior from a trip to the islands to the north to 'trade' for gold and other goods.

But Kagome had been informed differently. She had it from good sources that they were the crew of the pirates that had terrorized ships and coastal towns for nigh on seven years. Her master had sent her on this mission because she was the best in her trade. No one walked away when she was assigned to the task. She could easily adapt in any situation and before the target saw it coming, they were down and no longer a threat.

"He sure is, the lazy good-for-nothing. Comes home after a month at sea and expects me to wait on him hand and foot. Like an overgrown child, he is," Sango ended with a chuckle, and continued walking towards her home with her bucket of fresh water from the stream.

"I hope you plan to use that water wisely!" Kagome called after her, and the woman ahead of her laughed louder.

"Oh, I do. Trust me!" She couldn't hold in her own giggles as she pictured poor Miroku sopping wet with a pout on his face. Continuing on her way as well, she came across the home of the infamous captain. With a knock, she entered, setting the tray she carried on the table by the bed.

"It's passed mid-morning, Taisho-san. Time to wake up!" Kagome threw open the curtains above the massive bed, revealing a shining sun and stirring the man on the bed into semi-consciousness. He groaned and rolled over, burying further into his coverlet.

"Go 'way, Sanchi," calling her by the name everyone here knew her by; he seemed determined to sink into the mattress and disappear.

"No, no, sir. You must get up! The day has long since started and—"

"I said go away! I didn't have a good night, so leave me to my sleep," he interrupted her, nearly shouting and looking quite alert.

"Ah, but I have succeeded in waking you, so why should I leave?" she couldn't help the smug grin on her face. Inuyasha just growled at her.

"I've brought you coffee and breakfast, so eat and I will see you later on," with that, she turned and left him sitting there, slightly stunned at the young woman who had so suddenly swept into his life.

Some time later, when the sun had just begun to set, he found Kagome brushing down the horses in the stable. Being a coastal town, they were pretty far from other civilization and needed quicker ways of transportation than walking. A beautiful tawny mare tossed her head with a whinny as he entered the building, alerting her to his presence. She turned with a bright smile pasted on her face.

"'Ello, sir. Come for a ride, have you? I'll finish up and be out of your way," She hurriedly began to clean up. But Inuyasha stopped her with a hand on her elbow.

"Come with me. There's something I'd like to speak with you about." He knew it wasn't proper, but there was this niggling little bit of information burning in his mind, desiring answers to the many questions it inspired.

"But, Taisho-san—" she started, only to be interrupted again.

"No, no ifs, ands, or buts. You are coming with me. There's something I need to know," she nodded slightly, and went to gather saddles for a pair of horses. She chose the mare she had been brushing, and he picked a strong chestnut stallion from the corner stall. The devil threw his head about and puffed out his stomach when he tried to tighten the girth. While he got frustrated, Kagome just sat on the stall door and giggled.

"You think this is funny? The damned beast won't cooperate!" her laughter only increased, the cute face he was making was too much. Wait—cute?! She was trained to be an emotionless, remorseless killer, and yet, here she was going gooey over some hanyou-male! Immediately her chuckles died and she hopped down from the stall door.

"Kizu is just being stubborn because he doesn't know you yet," she poked a thumb into the horse's side until he let out the breath he was holding. Then she pulled the girth tight and stood up, stroking Kizu's neck to calm him down. Ever since she had been little she had been good with animals, and even with her profession, the gift hadn't faded. Like magic the horse stopped thrashing and allowed Inuyasha to hop in the saddle.

The captain grumbled something about smart-ass wenches and dumb animals, thinking the woman hadn't heard him. He waited for her to climb onto her own mount and then started out the stable. The ride through the forest was rather peaceful, and no words were spoken as they each took in the scenery. Blood red stained the sky to the west, fading to a deep purple on the opposite horizon. Kagome let him guide the way, not caring where he led her as long as they came nowhere near her shelter. But she was careful to memorize the path they had taken.

He stopped abruptly in a grassy meadow, swinging down and tying the stallion to a gnarled tree that cast a bit of shade. Plopping down in that shade, he patted the ground next to him. When she sat down, he turned his face away from her and began talking.

"Sanchi, you know you can trust me, right?" he asked. 'I can't trust anyone, certainly not you,' she thought while outwardly nodding, unsure of where this was leading.

"Then why has the innkeeper never even heard of you? I thought you were staying there?" she was silent for a moment, not letting her surprise show. When she didn't reply, he continued.

"You have to know that I was curious about you, showing up out of nowhere and making yourself right at home. I can't bring myself to just trust you, because I can't help but feel you're putting on an act," his face was still turned away, and he only met her eyes as he waited for her answer.

"Why would you ever think that, sir?" she said, while thinking, 'damnit, how could he tell?'

"You still haven't answered my question," he pointed out.

"And I don't plan to. What makes you think that you can pry into my life, Taisho-san?" she stressed his name, trying to remind him that he was stepping over certain boundaries.

"I'm looking out for my village. What if you were some bandit or assassin sent to get close to us and gather information? I can't leave that to chance!"

"Of course not. You're the perfect gentleman, aren't you, sir? You're just so honest and trustworthy," she couldn't help but turn the conversation away from herself. It irked her that he was able to pinpoint almost exactly what she was sent here to do, even in jest.

"Feh. What the hell do you mean by that?" now it was his turn to get defensive. 'This girl knows something she isn't supposed to,' he thought.

"You know exactly what I mean, Captain Inuyasha. Tell me, what is it like to be a pirate king?" she stated with a calm, emotionless mask. His shock was almost palpable as he choked and turned to stare at the ground. 'Who the fuck is this woman? How did she know that?'

When he looked back up at her, she was smirking wickedly.

"Who are you, woman?"

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