Title: When Reality Strikes

Disclaimer: I don't own the Superstars but with Christmas on the way I have my fingers crossed.

I can't believe this weekend has finally arrived. I'm going to Wrestlemania. As I get on the line to check in I can't help but want to jump up and down with excitement. " You know Erica you should really cut down on the sugar." I turn around and stick my tongue out at my best friend Amber. " Please you are just as excited as I am. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And think about it Sunday morning we have that very special autograph session followed by breakfast with the superstars." She just laughs at me and nudges me to go forward. Once we check in we decide to go downstairs to the conference room to get our tickets. When we get down there we see there are already quite a number of people waiting.

Amber pokes me in the side and points to a man in the corner dressed up as Hulk Hogan. " Gee there goes your future husband now." I smack her on the arm and get on line. " Very funny jackass. I guess you have forgotten but our seats are in my name. Good luck getting in on Sunday." She starts to pout at me and I turn my head laughing. Once we get up to the table I tell the lady my name and she hands me the envelope containing my tickets. " Um I don't mean to be a pest but do you know who will be at the autograph signing tomorrow?" The woman consults with the man next to her. " I'm sorry, every hour it keeps changing so I don't want to name someone and then you will be disappointed." I thank her and walk away.

Amber suggests we go have some dinner in the hotel's restaurant. Once we are seated we start talking about this weekend's events. " So you never told me what you've decided to wear tomorrow? Please tell me its not slutty." I glare at her and take a sip of my wine. " For your information I am wearing a pair of jeans and a v-neck shirt." Amber raises her eyebrow at me. " V-neck hmm all the better to see down your shirt right?" I toss my napkin at her. " I hate you sometimes, I really do." When I notice Amber's attention is not on me I turn around in my seat to see what she is staring at. I try not to spit out my wine when I see the Undertaker standing at the bar and at a table behind him is a group of WWE superstars. When Amber pinches me I turn back to her. " What the hell was that for?"

Amber points over my shoulder. " I was trying to get your attention. I think you should go over to him." I start laughing and flip my hair over my shoulder. " Ok no more wine for you tonight. I could just picture it now I walk over to him. Hey nice to meet you Mr. Undertaker or should I just call you Mark? Anyway I've had the hots for you for a very long time and all I have to say is my room number is 2025. Then he can laugh in my face and I can come back over here wishing I was dead." Amber is holding her sides by this point. " Oh my god stop it, if I laugh any more I think I may pee my pants. Please Erica we both know you have more self control then that. Why don't you just go say hi? You know you want to."

I sit there for a minute thinking it over. I seriously doubt he will flip out if I just go say hi and tell him I am a fan. I mean if I was famous it would make me feel good if people told me they liked me. I stand up and fix my shirt. " Ok I'm going in. Wish me luck." Amber holds up her wine glass in salute. As I head over to the table I see another woman already heading in that direction. She's dressed in a black leather mini skirt and a top so low I think she may fall out of it any second. I decide to head over to the bar till she is done talking so they all won't feel overwhelmed. As I lean against the bar I can hear their conversation. I look in the mirror behind the bar so I can see what's going on behind me. I laugh when the woman leans on the table giving all of them a nice glimpse of her cleavage. When the bartender walks by I ask him for another glass of wine so I have something to do while I pass the time.

The woman tells the guys she is a big fan and is very excited about Wrestlemania. I notice she keeps giving little sly glances at Brock Lesnar. She asks them if they could possibly give her autographs. Glenn reaches out to take the pen and paper she has when Mark yells at him. " We're having dinner. If she can't wait till we're done then that's her problem. Besides from the way she is glancing at Lesnar I doubt all she wants is an autograph." The woman looks so embarrassed my heart goes out to her. She apologizes to all of them and quickly walks away. Glenn starts yelling at Mark telling him he is being rude for no reason all the lady asked for was an autograph. I walk back to my table so I don't hear the rest of their fight. Amber looks at me when I walk back. " That was fast, you didn't even go over to him." I shake my head and tell her I don't want to talk about it right now. A little part of me can't help but feel let down. I just found out that in reality my dream man is a total asshole.