A Fruits Basked story

It was nearly midnight, when Honda Tohru came back from her part-time job; the only question is can she have her rest?

"Oh my, I'm so tired, but I have to finish my school exam before tomorrow." She thought to herself. She had hardly written few words, when she heard a knock on her door.

"Yes?" She said softly, hoping that it would be Yuki.

" Um.. Sorry, I hope that I didn't disturb you Honda-san. I just wanted to make sure that you're all right. Honda-san has been very busy lately. I think that it's because you're part-time job, right?" asked Yuki with great worry.

"Yes Sohma-kun. I'm fine, just a little tired." Answered Tohru silently.

"I'm glad to hear this... Well, ano... You know Honda-san that I take school very seriously, but I thought because Honda-s…" "Onegai Sohma-kun, you may already call me Tohru-kun, if it's okay with you." Yuki blushed.

"Tohru-kun… um, Tohru-kun has been working so hard I made an exception. I made Tohru-kun her school exam for tomorrow." "But Sohma-k... Yuki-san…"

"If it's okay with Tohru-kun, well I leave it on your table... O-yasumi nasai Tohru-kun."

" No, Yuki-chan.." A red faced Yuki turned around to face Tohru. "Um... Arigato gozaimasu, Yuki-chan..." and with that she placed a sweet kiss on his soft lips.

"I..." "Hai, Tohru-.." "Chan" He blushed in a soft shade of red. "..Chan, Tohru-chan..." he tasted the new sound.

"Yuki-chan I am in love with you but what to do you think, how is Kyo going to take the news?" asked Tohru worried. "To hell with that baka neko!" said Yuki angrily but calm. A loud crush, and with that Kyo was in Tohrus room. "Kuso nezumi, you thought I wouldn't hear that?!" screamed Kyo with great anger. Yuki and Tohru looked at Kyo with great shock. "Hmm... Kyo-kun, would you mind and step out of MY ROOM?! I and Yuki ---um, Yuki-chan had an intimate conversation!!" yelled the girl. Both, the cat and the mouse looked at each other and than at the now angry girl with great surprise, because they didn't know that she had it in her.

"Honda-san, onegai, calm down." "Oh gomen ne. I didn't mean to snap at neko-san, but I'm so fed up with you two all time fighting. Onegai... Yameru!!" then she broke down.

The cat left still in shock and the mouse stayed trying to convert the sweet girl beside him. Then he said"please relax, you're so much kawaii, when you're laughing."

"Oh thanks, Yuki-chan, you always find a way to make me smile again. You can't even imagine how I feel, but now everything is cool, because I'm in your strong arms." she sights and fell a sleep in Yukis arms and they stayed so for the rest of the night. (That what was left)?

In the morning Tohru slightly opened her eyes, finding Yuki next to her.

"Yuki, Yuki ohayo gozaimasu..." she said softly and the mouse then opened his eyes.

"Ohayo, Honda-san, um, Tohru-chan." She blushed but then asked because she had no other choice. " Did I say it last night, I mean out to you, loudly so you could hear it, the words?" she knew she was babbling but it didn't matter to him so he answered. "Hai you did and I don't know what kind of answer you expected but, my answer was positive." Her expression went from confuse to happy and very kawaii. "It appears, it was the right answer." She nodded, smiled, jumped into his embrace (AN: he didn't transform... TRUE LOVE *YAY*) and kissed him softly, yet with passion.

When it was breakfast time they went downstairs hand in hand.