Fallen angels

Angel of midnight

Warnings/notes : Schuldich/Nagi/Omi, Schuldich pov

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'Fallen angels' belongs to Aerosmith.

written at 7th july 2003, by Misura

Chapter note : this is mainly Schuldich/Nagi


//There's a candle burning

In the world tonight//

I love to watch you while you sleep. At first, you often frowned, when bad dreams came to haunt you, but recently they have stayed away.

Because of me, or so I'd like to think.

I'm a telepath after all ; I ought to be able to manipulate your dreams, make them more pleasant.

I want to be able to say I used my gift at least once for something good. It gets tiresome after a while, you know, the killing and the torturing and the mind-twisting.

I don't like the intimacy I have to experience with my victims.

Every kill leaves me feeling dirty.

I can't touch you when I'm like that, can't brush the hair out of your face like I do now.

//For another child

Who vanished out of sight//

You are smiling ; I suppose you're having a nice dream.

I'm tempted to allow myself a taste of it, to dip into your mind. I taught you how to shield, which means I also know how to get through.

But no, I feel sinful enough already tonight.

You're like a child, except that you're not.

That didn't make much sense, did it?

//And a heart is broken

Another prayer in vain//

Nagi's not a child, an innocent anymore. At times I wonder if you've ever been.

You must have had a family once ; did they care about you? Or did they hate you, is that why you ended up on the streets?

You don't have any memories of them. A blessing or a curse?

On the streets, no one can stay innocent and alive very long. It's the one or the other ; survive by being guilty or die pure.

If Crawford had picked you up sooner, would you be different?

Only the Oracle knows, and he keeps silent about this as about everything.

//There's a million tears

That'll fill a sea of pain//

Should I be grateful to him for saving you before you were lost completely, or should I hate him for waiting until your mind was suitable to become one of us, one of Schwarz?

He can be ruthless like that, heartless.

You were a lot like him once though ; perhaps I judge him too harshly.

You told me you loved me, and I swore I would never betray the trust you placed in me by telling me those three precious words.

I love you too.

//Sometimes I stare out my window

My thoughts all drift into space//

When I hold you like this, you feel so light and vulnerable, like a porcelain doll I could break with a mere touch. It scares me.

You claim it's an illusion, that I'm imagining things.

And then you laugh, and I hear the child in your voice. And I'm not so sure anymore.

Your forehead feels soft and cool to my lips as I kiss it.

"Hmmm, Schuldich?" You blink sleepily.

"No, I'm Farfarello. Geez, of course it's me." I roll my eyes.

//Sometimes I wonder if there's a better place

Tell me//

You look cute when you're a little mad at me.

Because there's always a hint of laughter in your midnight eyes, to show me I can make it up to you again with a kiss or a word.

"Just checking." You mumble, nestling yourself against my chest.

Funny ; you probably do that to feel at ease and comfortable, but in fact I'm the one who experiences those things most keenly when you do it.

"My angel of midnight." I murmur, wishing your face was a bit higher so that I could kiss you good morning more properly.

//Where do fallen angels go?

I just don't know (I just don't know)//

As if you've read my mind, you raise your head to gaze up at me.

"Why are you calling me that?"

: It's how I see you. : Quite useful ; the ability to talk and kiss at the same time, even if it does give me concetration-problems at times.

: How come? : Even more useful ; the ability to share your ability with others.

: Your eyes. Your soul. : I'm focusing on the feeling of your lips against mine now, so sweet and soft. Soon, if we keep this up, I won't be able to mind-talk at all.

: My eyes ... midnight blue, I can understand that. But my soul? I'm not a saint, Schu. :

: And I'm glad of it too. : Not to be able to touch you would be Hell to me.

//Where do fallen angels go?

They keep falling (They keep falling)//

: If I'm an angel, you're one too. : Your wandering hands command me not to argue this point.

So I don't.

Even if a detached part of my mind considers your remark, while the main part focuses on you, the feel of your naked skin against mine, the way your breath catches when I touch you ...

Am I like you? Was I ever?

And if I am, what about the others?

Are all of us angels, fallen from the heavens of innocence to wander in the world below?

It's a nice, depressive thought.

I like it, even if Farfarello probably wouldn't thank you for suggesting it.