Okay It took me long enough to get this written. It is done and over and very Waffy. It wasn't my intention. Even Kate seemed to be a bit Waffy at the end. Is that good ? I don't know. I do know that I for one am glad that this story is over and hope my lack of interest in this chapter doesn't show that much. Happy reading. I haven't proof read this very well do to the fact I never want to look at this story again so if there are errors and typos please forgive me.


The angels drove down the Pacific Coast Highway towards Dimitri's old house. Spike sat patiently in the back with his nose sticking out of the window smelling the damp sea air. Alex lowered her cellular from her ear and dropped it in her lap. Natalie could tell she was frustrated. "His flight hasn't come in yet?" she asked concerned.

"No, well if it is he isn't answering. He didn't tell me what flight he was taking so I took the liberty of looking up all the American flights from San Jose to LA and determined the most likely flight."

"Then he isn't expecting you to pick him up?"

"Not really. I thought it would be surprise." Then changing the subject she asked, "Do you really think Dylan is in danger again?"

Natalie glanced at her passenger and said, I suppose we will find out in a few minutes. This is the turn off." Then she turned the signal on and pulled off the highway on to the smaller road that lead to the small rundown seaside town in which the house was located.


At the threat a low sounding growl came from Anthony's direction. Christoph directed his attention then towards the assassin and lowered himself to his level. "It looks as though the Chief was wrong. He said that Dylan turned you into a lap cat. To me it looks more like she turned you into her own guard dog. Keep in mind rabid dogs need put down," he said shaking the gun at the bound assassin. He stood and looked at Rutherford. "Other shoulder hey?" The collector said nothing. Then thoughtfully Christoph said, "Obviously you both think that Dylan is something special. I wonder why that is. Maybe I should find out." He moved his hand towards the zipper of the beige suit pants he wore.

Noticing his leer Dylan said, "Whip it out and your eye will be the least of your worries."

"Ever had a real man Dylan?"

"Everyman I have had is more of a man than you are," she said with a sweet smile causing the leer on Christoph's face to fade. "Even the Chad," she added silently.

He ordered her to sit but she stood there just looking at him. "I said sit damn it." Dylan smiled even wider upon hearing the evident panic in his voice, but she sat carefully on the edge of the couch. "Good."

Christoph had expected her to run sniveling for her life, to beg anything for him not to kill her. Of course she hadn't been that way at the Chief's. He knew it was hard to respect a man that dressed like a cross between Elvis and Liberace and wore more make-up than Boy George yet he had expected her to give him the respect he was due. Dylan's words regarding his manhood caused him to reflect on the story the Chief's client, Vivian Wood told months before about her encounter with the Angels after Jorge had asked about her condition. One quote in particular stood out in his mind, "And then Eric, my lover and associate looked at her and said, 'You know Dylan, you're a tomcat in the sack.'" He looked at the red-head sitting on the couch and felt a wave of wanting her come over him. He wanted to take her power from her, break her, it had nothing to do with lust it had everything to do with power because regardless of him being the one holding the gun she seemed to be the one in control.

Anthony caught Dylan's eyes and looked back and forth between her and the bottom edge of the couch on which she was seated. She knew what he was thinking because it had already been on her mind, the sword. The problem was she would need Rutherford's help to get it. The rapier had slid too far towards the back of the couch and was parallel to it. If they could find away to tell the old man to push it closer she could finish this. She turned and looked over the back of the couch as Rutherford coughed and said to Christoph. "You don't want to be responsible for his death and mine do you? Let me take care of him."

"In for a penny in for a pound," said their captor. "Plus it doesn't matter; once you are dead I'm going to Mexico. I have a nice little house there and all the money I could want. The Chief had accounts that the FBI had no clue about. I'll spend the rest of my days doing Tequila shooters." Then he called out for his partner in crime, "Kate, make Dylan's last moments happy ones, tend to the old man will you."

Watching the scene unfolding before her Kate shifted nervously from foot to foot. This wasn't what she had expected. Had Christoph just shot Dylan then disappeared into the night that would have been one thing but now there were too many people involved and she counted herself as one of them. Slowly she walked from her spot in the doorway over to Rutherford. She removed the linen table cloth from one of the many small tables that dotted the room and used it as a bandage.

"Now Dylan, take off your shirt."

"Hell no," she said angrily. "I told you, if you take it out your eye isn't the only thing you will be missing."

Christoph didn't betray any emotion. Calmly he walked over to Anthony and pressed the tip of the gun barrel against the back of his head. "I said take your off your shirt." Once again she shook her head and as she did so she felt something hard press urgently against the back of her ankle, it was the handle to Anthony's sword. Rutherford coughed and Dylan looked over the couch again. The old man raised his arm carefully and wiped his mouth on his sleeve, his fingers coming together to form an "Okay" sign. She looked at Kate who nodded slightly and smiled. That was something she didn't expect, Kate to help her but she knew that Kate loved Anthony albeit in a weird slightly twisted way.

The gun against Anthony's head was the last straw for the Russian woman. She remembered Christoph complaining in the car about the failure of elaborate plans. Well his simple one was just as big of a failure if not more. She knew good and well when to cut her losses and maybe, just maybe if Anthony saw that she helped he could see that she truly loved him.

In the quiet of the room they all heard the familiar sound of the gun hammer being pulled back again. "Dylan come now, you don't want to see him die for a third time do you. Mind you if he does die this time he isn't coming back. It's hard to come back from the dead with your brains splattered all over the wall. Or can you manage that as well Thin Man?" Anthony had managed through the talking to loosen the knots in the ropes that bound his wrists. It would only be another moment before he had his hands completely free. His eyes met Dylan's again and what was there surprised the angel. He wanted her to comply with Christoph's wishes. "Should I count down like I did with Mr. Rutherford? Or should I just shoot him?" asked the large blonde man.

"Okay okay," said Dylan crossing her arms and grasping the bottom of the T- shirt she wore. She slowly lifted it over her head, placed it on the couch next to her then demurely crossed her arms over her bra clad breasts.

"Modest? Fine, take off your pants," he ordered and lowered the gun away from the Thin Man's head.

"I have to remove my shoes first," said Dylan as she bent forward and pretended to untie the laces of her Converse all-stars.

"Quickly. I want to do this tonight." Behind him Anthony freed his ankles and from under the window Kate said, "A car just pulled up in the drive." As Christoph's attention was directed towards what was happening outside Dylan tossed the sword to the Anthony. The motion caught his eye and he turned to face the assassin. Dylan quickly pulled her shirt on missing that Kate left the room.


Alex climbed out of the passenger seat and watch Natalie climb into the back seat with the dog. "Now Spike, stay here and be a good doggie. Yous a good doggie aren't you," she could hear Natalie saying in a baby voice as she rubbed the dogs head. "Yous a vewy good doggie. Yes yous are." Alex just rolled her eyes and impatiently tapped her foot in the wet grass waiting for the blonde angel to get done playing. Suddenly Spike gave a loud sharp bark. "Shhh," whispered Alex leaning in the car.

"I know," whispered Natalie back to her. "You have to be quiet Spike." Then turning to Alex she said, "Maybe we should let him come. I don't think Anthony would mind." Actually Alex didn't care one way or the other she just wanted to make sure Dylan was okay and in once piece. "It's up to you."

"Come-on Spike we're going to see your Uncle Anthony."

Alex just rolled her eyes and started towards the house.


The two men stood there sizing each other up, Anthony the rapier in his hand Christoph the gun. "This isn't a fair fight is it?" asked the blonde man. "A gun against a sword? You take one step and I will shoot you." Anthony said nothing, his eyes angry and cold as the steel in his hand. He swung the sword in a quick arc hitting nothing. His opponent was quicker than he anticipated and jumped out of the way chuckling at dodging the blow that would have caused him to lose the gun. It was the blood trickling down the back of his neck, the way the room swayed, it was making concentration difficult. Still he wasn't going to let this man escape. Anthony closed his eyes for a brief second to try to clear his head then lunged again.

Christoph jumped and avoided the second attempted blow. He was always good at anticipating his enemy's moves and in fencing he was the best. Oh, he knew the Thin Man's reputation but he had been captain of the Harvard Fencing team. He hadn't participated in the sport for quite awhile but he told himself it was just like riding a bicycle. "I could kill you here on the spot and the angel but let's make this more sporting, okay?"

Anthony arched an eyebrow trying to figure out what he was implying. Kate didn't particularly like the direction the evening was taking. She went over the plan that Christoph had told her in her mind and this was as far from it as it could get. In her anxiety she yelled, "Just kill her and get it over with." Then slammed her hand over her mouth realizing what she gave away. Her eyes wide as Dylan, Anthony and Rutherford all looked at her. Christoph just laughed, "Get me a sword, Kate. There must be another one in this rat trap of a house." Quickly recovering from her faux pas she straightened herself and walked quickly yet purposefully from the room.

"That's Kate always playing the victim. She isn't a victim except maybe of her own ego and vanity." Christoph shook his head and a loud insistent knock at the door startled him. "Damn," muttered Christoph turning slightly to the door, "she wasn't making it up when she said someone was outside."

As he turned Dylan attacked. She had enough of playing games with both him and Kate. Her foot connected with the hand that held the gun. A shot went wild and into the ceiling raining a cloud of plaster of Paris and wood splinters down on them. The coughed trying to clear the dust from their lungs but never missed a beat fighting.

Outside Natalie and Alex stood at the front door. "Did you hear that?" asked Alex when the gun went off. Spike dropped to the ground and covered his nose with his paws then crawled on his belly to the car and hid underneath.

"Not a good sign," said Natalie then she lifted her leg, pulled her foot back so her knee was against her chest and with full force kicked the door open. The hallway was hazy from the still hovering powder and refuse particles. Alex coughed and they crept down towards the living room towards the grunting of a fight.

Dylan ducked a blow that the large blonde man threw and then punched him in the face causing his lip to split. "Bitch," he yelled lunging at her, his hands around her throat. Anthony then attacked him and he let go throwing Dylan against the fireplace. "Looks like my fate is to be Santa Claus", she mumbled trying to get out of the iron basket within that held the logs. Anthony swung his sword and lunged but still Christoph jumped out of the way. "It's in your eyes my friend. It's in your eyes. Every move you make I know before you do because I can see them."

In the living room doorway Alex turned to Natalie, "Should we join them?" Natalie simply nodded and off they went. They did have to give it to Christoph, he was an excellent fighter. Four against one and he was holding his own. They had him cornered now against the wall. "I was only planning on using this on her," he said motioning with the point of the gun towards Dylan. "I guess now I have to use it on all of you." He fired the gun as the three angels moved towards him. Flipping out of the way they managed to avoid the three shots fired and landed each of the opposite corners of the room. "Kate, so glad to see that you're back," he panted as the Russian woman stood in the doorway. In one hand she held a sword in the other hand she held Rutherford's gun.

"Back? Yes, I've brought you the sword you asked for but it doesn't look like you'll need it."

"Right well I can use the gun. Bring it here like a good girl."

Kate took a step slowly forward. "Kate," called Natalie, "you don't have to do this. I thought we were friends. I wanted to be your friend anyway." Kate hesitated a moment then continued towards where Christoph and Anthony stood.

"Hand me the gun Katie," said Christoph with an out stretched hand. She shook her head. "I said hand me the gun Kate, I'm done here, give it to me so I can make sure this is over." Still she stood there looking at the two men. Her partner raised the gun and aimed it at Anthony's chest in one swift movement but before he could pull the trigger she fired herself. Two shots at once in the small room were deafening. Suddenly there was a dull thump which no one heard due to ringing ears as Christoph slid lifelessly to the floor.

Dylan ran from her corner to Anthony's side. "Are you alright?" she asked throwing her arms around him. The top of the right shoulder of his jacket was ripped from the bullet grazing there but he was uninjured.

"Are you?" he asked her softly wiping away blood from a cut on her cheek.

"Other than looking like I'm 80 I'm fine," she said catching her reflection in the mirror hanging on the wall. Her hair was a dull grey color, a mix of the plaster from the hallway ceiling and the soot of the fireplace. She ran her hand through it trying to get some of the dirt out. Anthony reached over and grabbed a strand then let go. She looked at him curiously wondering why. "I can wait until it's clean."

Kate took in the interaction between them with wonder. Anthony never spoke. She had known him on and off for the last ten years and he had never uttered a single syllable. Handing the gun carefully to Natalie she said, "He talks?"

"Only to Dylan, or when he has no choice," she replied.

"He really loves her then?"

"Really he does.. Weird isn't it? You would never have thought they were each others type but it works for them."

"I guess it does," said Kate sadly as she came to the understanding that he would never learn to love her as he already loved Dylan. She hated Dylan for it but part of her didn't care anymore.

"Uh excuse me, aristocrat bleeding to death here," said a weak voice from the floor. "If someone could be so kind as to call and ambulance and if possible help me to the davenport." They all turned to look startled to remember Rutherford on the floor. Dylan and Anthony rushed to him as Natalie pulled out her cell phone and dialed 9-11. "I don't plan on dying before I see you two kids exchanging vows." He raised his eyebrows and looked back and forth between the angel and the assassin helping him to the couch. Dylan blushed and Anthony said nothing. "You are going to ask her aren't you?" the older man inquired wincing as they lowered him into a reclining position.

"We haven't really thought about that," replied Dylan. Of course she had thought about it. Many times she told herself after the kiss on the rooftop that the one man she was supposed to marry was killed by her monster of an ex-boyfriend and the thought had gone through her mind many times since she discovered he was alive as well but it wasn't anything they had discussed together. It concerned her that Anthony would bolt at the mere suggestion of matrimony and she wished to herself that Rutherford would change the topic.

"So Kate," asked Alex staring intently at her, "what are we going to do with you?"

The Russian woman cast her eyes downward and traced the ornate pattern of the hallway runner with the toe of her shoe. She was ashamed by her action, the fact that she let herself be caught up with the likes of the Chief and Christoph.

"My first choice would be to say lock her up for being an accessory to kidnapping and holding us hostage." Dylan's voice caused Kate to look up. "But seeing that she did help us and Neville by killing Christoph I think we can say it was self- defense when the police come."

Kate was confused. She had done everything she could to hurt Dylan and now the angel was suggesting that they all lie to the police and she would be free. "Why?"

"Because of your Uncle Dimitri. He saved my life and I think that this is the best way that I could return the favor. Trust me, Kate. It has nothing to do with you. In fact when this is over I want you to stay as far away from Anthony and me as possible." She turned to go back to the couch with Anthony and Rutherford.

Swallowing hard Kate nodded her head. "I understand and Dylan," the redhead turned at the sound of her name. "I am sorry. I hope one day you can forgive me." Dylan turned back on her way to the living room and stopped in the doorway to listen to the conversation that Anthony and Rutherford were having.

"Ask her my boy." The assassin shook his head. "Why not? Trust me there are more than enough men out there willing to snatch a good looking woman like her up without hesitation. Trust me I am one of them so I can imagine how many more are out there."

"I don't have a ring."

"Ah but you do." Rutherford reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. "It was the engagement ring I gave to my sweet Olivia. An unfortunate accident took her from me too soon and I have carried it with me since. I think it would suit Dylan perfectly." Rutherford opened the box and revealed a platinum ring with a one carat emerald cut diamond. Anthony stared at the ring the collector was offering him. "Take it Anthony, and her and live happily ever after. I didn't get to so you might as well do it."

"Its lovely," said Dylan. Both men looked up at her; Rutherford smiled while Anthony looked shocked.

"I thought you would like it. I bet it fits. Anthony, why don't you let her try it on?"

Anthony arched his eyebrow at the man. This was going way too fast but it was exactly what he wanted. He just wasn't sure if it was the right time. "It's okay. I don't have to the ambulance is here anyway." She turned disappointed. She knew it was too soon and he wouldn't ask her. Their relationship hadn't gotten to that point yet and she wasn't going to be the one to rush it.

Alex opened the door and let the paramedics and Spike inside. Two officers took everyone statements about the events of the evening and a little over an hour later everything was once again quiet. Kate had gone to her room to pack saying that after what had happened she couldn't bear to stay there any longer. She would get a hotel room until she found a suitable apartment. Alex and Natalie called Pete and he picked Jason up from the airport. Both of the young men were on their way to the old house and they would have dinner there.

"Here," said Natalie, "handing a pile of silverware to Dylan, "you set the table. Alex is making the salad and I am ordering the pizza. Dylan simply nodded and started to set the places. "Sweetie what's wrong?" asked the blonde noticing her friend's mood.

"I don't know. Well I do.it's..it's that Rutherford tried to force Anthony into proposing to me and of course he didn't. "Dylan stopped and took a breath neither angel noticing the silent assassin just outside the dinning room door. "I understand that it's a big commitment and Rutherford pressuring him wasn't right but part of me really wanted him to ask." Her declaration surprised Anthony. He was certain that she would say no and that she was happy with the status quo.

"Nat," called Alex from the kitchen, "Uh I could use some help."

"We'll talk about this later," she said patting Dylan on the arm and heading into the kitchen to assist Alex.

Turning to finish setting the places she saw Anthony light a cigarette and look at her with his intense blue eyes. "I guess you heard that," she said as she placed a fork to the right of the plate. Anthony walked up behind her and moved it to the correct side, then brushed her hair back from her neck. "I'll understand if you don't want to come home with me and stay here instead." She shivered slightly at his touch.

"Dylan," he said snubbing out his cigarette. She turned and looked at him wanting to see his face when he told her that he wouldn't be coming back to the condo. He knelt in front of her and took her hand in his. Her mind was spinning as she tried to figure out what was going on. With his other hand he reached into his pocket and produced the small box that Rutherford had given him before the ambulance took him off to the hospital. "Will you marry me?"

From the kitchen door came a loud squeal and a "YES!" as Natalie jumped up and down clapping her hands together. Alex just stood there smiling. Dylan wasn't quite sure what to say, she looked at her friends and the man kneeling in front of her.

"I don't want you to do this because you feel obligated."

Anthony just shook his head. Sometimes she just didn't get it. He thought. He stood and softly said, "I'm not. I'm doing it because," he paused then said, "Te iu besc." That was all she needed to hear as she threw her arms around his neck. "Te iu besc, Anthony," and she pulled his hair.