All I Want for Christmas


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Tea stood on the sidewalk in Domino, watching everyone bustling by, all them in a terrible hurry, doing their Christmas shopping. They were all trying to get it over with so fast she doubted anyone actually stopped to think about the gift they were giving. She was already finished her Christmas shopping.

For Yugi, she had gotten the rare Duel Monsters card he had been drooling over for the past six months.

For Mai, she got her the beautiful gold bracelet she had wanted.

Joey, a leather coat.

Mokuba, the CD he had wanted from some odd rock group or other.

She couldn't think of anything Kaiba wanted, or needed, that he hadn't already bought himself, so she didn't get him anything. It didn't matter. He probably wasen't getting her anything, either. He probably wasen't giving anybody anything.

And for Yami... well, his present came in a different form.

Tea looked down at the snowflake on the sleeve of her coat. It had just started snowing. She walked down the street carrying the gifts, stopping now and then to admire the pretty sights of the frost hanging off the trees and the red and green decorations everyone had hung up in their shops. She wasen't nearly in as much of a hurry as everyone else, her Christmas shopping already been done.

In fact, half of her wished Christmas *wasen't* coming.

She had invited everyone over to her place for a Christmas party. The Christmas tree was up in her living room, the ornaments were put on the tree with the tenderest care, the wreath hung on her door, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and now her Christmas shopping was done. Everything was perfect.

Well, almost.

*Something* had been nagging at the back of Tea's mind for the past year. The nagging had become an ache. Sometimes, she could push it to the back of her mind and try and forget about it. But it was always there, when she lay in bed, not able to get to sleep. And it was always, always there when she looked at Yami.

She had planned to tell him after the Christmas party. She couldn't ignore the ache in her heart any longer.