Titled: The One You Love

Author: Moggie

Rating: PG-13

Category: Romance

Spoilers: You never know

Summary: [GSR] Do the 'Rules and Regs' get in the way of a relationship?

Old Summary: It's about time they got together and there are no rules and regulations to stop them or are there?

Notes: This was my very first fanfiction. Some may have read it, some may have not. I felt the need to adjust it slightly. Give it some looking over and a spelling test. The grammar and language has also been adjusted, but the storyline is same. Reviews are welcome.

Chapter One

Over the past few months they have been growing closer, both trying to get over the confusion, pushing away and the leave of absence. They began treasuring the time they had been sharing. Reading each other's minds when on a hot case and working on experiments late into the day shift.

They had been out to eat together a few times, but never alone. The gang was always there. They both hadn't come up with the courage to take that next step.DATING. but there was still plenty of time. But who knew that one- day could change it all. No more brief touches, foreheads bumping, speaking at the same time, picking up the same things at the same time, stealing glances when they think no one is watching or. the list could go on.

They were walking down the street towards the diner for breakfast to meet the rest of the gang. It had been a long gruelling few days and when that vital clue was discovered, the case came to a close, the good guys won and the bad guys went to prison.

The sun was still down, but the rays had started to show in the distant. It looked like it was going to be another steaming hot day with barely a breeze in the city of Las Vegas.

The two in question walked side by side, dodging a sweaty jogger heading in the opposite direction of the diner. They were about to cross the road when Sara stopped dead in her tracks. Grissom suddenly realised he was walking alone and turned back to see what was wrong.

Sara was practically hiding next to a dark overhanging building they had just passed. Walking up to her, she seemed distracted and looking across the road. Grissom turned to see what had caught her attention and saw whom she was trying to avoid.

It was Hank.

'What was she doing? I thought she was going out with Hank.'

"Sara, what are you doing?" He asked as he moved to stand next to her. Her delayed reaction amused him.

"Sorry.what?" Before he had a chance to repeat the question, Sara panicked. "Oh no! He's coming this way."

Grissom looked over her shoulder as she turned away from Hank. He was crossing the road and seemed to be heading straight for them. 'I don't think he's seen us.'

"Sara, I thought you were seeing Hank?"

"I wasn't 'seeing' Hank, we went to movies, but not anymore." She furrowed her brows at him. 'Like he would believe her.'

"Then what are we doing hiding." He looked around them once more and continued. "In the shadows of an empty building?"

"Damnit!" She cursed.

Hank was half way across the road and Sara thought she saw a look that he registered his seen them, which made Sara turn back to face Grissom so quickly she stood on his foot.

"Ouch!" Grissom said as pain surged through his big toe.

"Oh Griss, I'm so sorry." She apologised as she placed a hand on his arm as a small apologetic gesture, but her panic kicked up a gear when Hank got closer. She gripped Grissom's arm, hard in her panic, causing more pain for Grissom.

"Ow Sara!"

Hank looked up from his inspection of the road as he crossed and turned his head in the direction of the familiar voice.

Grissom just stared at Sara in amazement. 'What was she trying to do, kill me before breakfast?'

"Grissom!" She practically whispered, but before thinking of an escape, she said the first thing that came to mind. "Kiss me"

Grissom's head snapped up, instantly forgetting the pain in his foot and arm. "Quickly." She added.


Sara turned them so Grissom was standing where Sara was and Sara was standing where Grissom was.

"Sara?" He whispered back as she looked over his shoulder then back at him.

Grissom searched Sara's face when she looked at him, for something, anything. All he could see was sheer panic and worry. The next thing he knew was Sara, still holding his arm, pulling him quickly to her and wrapping her other arm around his neck as she hastily pressed her lips to his.

Grissom stood there in pure shock. After a few seconds, he had to support himself by resting both his hands on Sara's waist. He couldn't believe what she just did, but as the shock left him, he relaxed and returned the kiss, not knowing what else to do. Not that he ever wanted to kiss her, he just thought it wouldn't be sneaking around the shadows, hiding from Hank.

Hank passed them with a glance, but didn't recognise them. He continued down the street.

Both Grissom and Sara had their eyes closed so they didn't even see Catherine leave the diner and get into her Tahoe. She didn't see them until she drove by. She nearly hit a traffic cone that was in the middle of the road blocking any vehicle from going over a rather large hole in the road. The shock left her face as the huge grin replaced it, She shook her head at them as she continued to drive down the road. 'I'll talk to Gil later.'

Getting carried away in the moment, Sara let go of Grissom's arm and gripped his shirt by his waist not wanting to let go. She ran her fingers through the hair on the back of his neck. Grissom wrapped his arms around Sara and ran his hands up her back between her shoulder blades.

As they pressed against each other, Sara moaned into Grissom's mouth. This immediately registered in Sara's mind and she pulled away quickly, almost falling backwards, but Grissom grabbed her arms to steady her. He let go as soon as she got her balance back. They stared at each other, not knowing what to say. Sara's face reddened with embarrassment and broke the stare to look at the floor. Grissom noticed Sara's face go red and knew he had a similar colour shade his cheeks too.

Sara was the first to break the silence with a hesitant apology. "I'm sorry, that wasn't supposed happen. I just panicked and."

Grissom chuckled softly at her embarrassed apology. He took a step closer and she looked up. They stared into each other's eyes. Sara was about to close the distance between them when they were interrupted.

"Hey Sara! Grissom! You coming or what!? Foods getting cold!" Nick yelled from the diner window.

Grissom and Sara looked up at Nick and shouted back "Yeah!" Taking their time, they cross the road. Grissom gently took Sara's elbow as they started across the road.