"Hisashi," Sesshoumaru's deep voice sounded over the eastern palace's courtyard. He had just finished reading all the things that Hisashi had been charged with. He handed the large scroll to Tashiro, who stool tall with him, along with Hirotada, and Yoshi-Hirro.

Hundreds of youkai crammed them selves into the courtyard, wanting to watch Hisashi's execution.

"Any final words, before your death?" he asked.

"Yes," the snake youkai's eyes burned red. "BURN IN HELL BITCH!" he yelled, his eyes looking right toward Kagome. Kagome lifted her head up a little higher, looking right back into the hissing youkai's eyes. Sesshoumaru gave one curt nod toward the executioner, and several of the court youkai women, gasped in horror, as the sword unmercifully ripped through Hisashi's neck, sending the head, flying the ground. A pool of blood, stopped inches away from Sesshoumaru's highly polished boot.

Nodding slightly, Sesshoumaru walked from the stand and over to Kagome, whose stomach was showing her pregnancy quiet well. It was her last month in the pregnancy. OniGumo, in her arms, holding tight to the sleeves of her black kimono. "Come," he said curtly, placing an arm over her shoulders, and walking toward the castle. The people slowly made their way from the courtyard, many court youkai women fanning them selves with fans, trying to get the image of the blood out of their heads.

"Now!" Tashiro practically skipped up to them. "Only one more important thing to do!"

"And what is that?" Kagome asked smiling.

"Looking forward to a long and peaceful life ahead, with many grandchildren!" Sesshoumaru smirked at Tashiro's hopeful face.

"You only want us to have kids so you'll have something to spoil," Tashiro crossed his arms defensively over his chest, like he was going to say that wasn't true, but he said instead,

"You are absolutely right,"

"Why don't you go spoil your teenage son!" Sesshoumaru said, pointing behind his shoulder, to an inu youkai behind them, looking very similar to Kagome. The teenage boy was obviously to flirting with the young woman. "Oh never mind. He's too busy talking to woman,"

"He's only sixteen! Woman should even be on his mind!" Tashiro said walking away. "Oi! Souta! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Sesshoumaru and Kagome burst with laughter as they walked into the castle.

Hirotada then walked up to them. "Well, this is it," Hirotada said, rubbing his hands together. "We can finally start down the road of peace," Sesshoumaru smiled at his father, along with Kagome, as Hirotada smiled back. Looking over their shoulders, he smiles widened. "TouTouSai!" he called out. The old man walked up to him.

"I'm glad you are here. I need you to do me a favor . . . Yes, I need two swords for me two sons," Kagome and Sesshoumaru looked at each other and grinned. As Kagome had all ready told him about the two powerful swords.


Years went by, and everything was peaceful.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KANJIRO! ONIGUMO!" Kagome screamed angrily. A teenage boy ran down the hallways, his older brother OniGumo laughing hard with him by his side. The both ran into something soft yet hard, making them fly backward to the ground.

"Father!" The both gasped as they looked up at him.

"Terrorizing your Mother, I presume?" he asked, his arms crossed over his chest, lost in his bell shaped sleeves.

"It was only a little prank, father," OniGumo said getting up. Kanjiro stood up also. Sesshoumaru smirked.

"Little or big, it makes no difference. What did you to her now?" before the two brothers could answer, a little 6 year old girl came up Sesshoumaru, and wrapped her small arms around his leg. Another young girl about 7 attached her self to his other leg.

"Morning girls," he said softly to his two younger children, whose eyes still were fogged with sleep. OniGumo and Kanjiro where slowly backing up, using the momentarily distraction to their best advantage. "I wouldn't go that way if I where you," Sesshoumaru said still not looking at his two sons.

"THERE YOU ARE!" Kagome yelled chasing them down the hallways. Sesshoumaru laughed at her sight. Her hair was still not brushed, and looking rather messy, her clothes thrown on carelessly. "SESSHOUMARU! STOP THEM!" she yelled. Sesshoumaru effortlessly caught his two sons by the back of their haori collars.

"What did you do?" He asked Kanjiro, who cracked up at his mothers sight.

"Well, you see, she was sound asleep, we slowly crawled up to her, and we took these 'poppers', as Uncle Souta calls them," both sons opened their clenched fists, to show the empty shells of the poppers, from the future. "We popped them all at once, right in mothers ears . . . You see, if you where our age, father, and looking for some fun, you would see why our pranks are so funny, and genius really," Sesshoumaru looked at his son with a raised an eye brow at those words. {Only I would have a cocky smart-ass as a son,} he thought to himself.

"Mamma," the little 8-year-old girl said.

"Yes, Akiko?" Kagome bit out.

"Are you going to hurt Uncle Souta?"

"After I'm done with these two boys, yes I am,"

"Can we help?" the little 7-year-old girl said. Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru.

"Wonder what side they got that from?" Kagome asked. Sesshoumaru smirked.


"You . . . Are . . ."

"Now, dear!" Sesshoumaru said. "Not in front of the children! We all know that you want me back in that bedroom with you,"

"THAT IS IT!" Kagome screamed. She stomped down the hallway. OniGumo smirked up at his father.

"You're going to die now, father," Sesshoumaru let go of his sons collar. He winked at them.

"Children. Go now, you might not want to see this!" Sesshoumaru said. The two brothers each picked up one of their sisters and marched down the hallway. {Way to go father! You all ways find a way to get us out of trouble!} Kanjiro smirked.

Sesshoumaru smirked at Kagome. "You look lovely this morning," he said. She glared at him, stopping inches from him. She was about to say something, when a babies cry sounded from another room, and Tashiro stumbled down the hallway, one more girl and boy attached to his legs, laughing as he dragged his feet along the hallway, trying to make it to breakfast in time.

"When I said I wanted grandchildren, I didn't mean for you and to go ahead and double the youkai population," he said, as he inched his way to the dinning room. "You two down there!" he called to the two children at his legs. "You can let go any time now! You grandfather needs to go get some food, 'please'?!" he begged, trying to get the kids away from his legs. He smirked. "Look!" he said pointing to Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru glared at him, as two kids tackled his legs, all most knocking him off his feet.

"Oh!" Tashiro said smirking at Kagome and Sesshoumaru.

"Your seventh child is crying for you," he turned down the hall, and ran for dear life, as two children dived of his fathers, and closed in on him. Reaching him at the end of the hallway, sending him flying to the ground. Turning to Sesshoumaru and Kagome, he said through gritted teeth. "I am banning you from sleeping in the same room, ever AGAIN!" he said, as he once again inched his forward. "Looky, children! Staircases!"

"TASHIRO!" Kagome and Sesshoumaru screamed as they ran after Tashiro.

"I was only joking! I wouldn't hurt these angels!"

"Sure, you wouldn't!"

"Well, it's not like you don't have other children!"

"That isn't the point!" Sesshoumaru said. "How would you like if we through Souta down the staircases?"

"Go ahead!" Souta walked by, giving Tashiro the middle finger. "See! Right there! The kids got no respect!" InuYasha, and Sachi walked by laughing their own two children in their arms.

"I wonder why. Who would want to respect an old ding bat like you?" InuYasha asked.

"Excuse me?!" Tashiro said. "I should just lock you back up in the dungeon cell!"

"Like you could catch me, you old geezer,"

"WHAT WAS THAT?! LESSON HERE YOU LITTLE PUP!" Nanami sighed as she walked, shaking her head, grabbing Tashiro by the ear, and pulling him down the staircases with her. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" he said all the way down.

Kagome laughed. "Let me go change," she said waving her arms in the air giving up on her anger. Sesshoumaru smirked his eyebrows raised high on his forehead.

"I'll come . . . Help," he said, following her. Seconds later, Sesshoumaru found him self being tackled, by who else, then his own father.

"Father," Sesshoumaru said, slowly as Hirotada pinned him to the ground.


"What the HELL are you doing?"

"Stopping you from making a big mistake!"

"And what is that?"

Hirotada looked him right in the eye. "Do you really THINK it's necessary for an EIGHTH child?" Sesshoumaru smirked.


"Well that is just to bad!" Kagome laughed all the way, back down the hallway. {The typical day in the eastern palace} she thought with laughter.



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