A/N: I'm sorry it always takes me so long to update, but I've got a major writers block (at least on this story). It's a short chapter, but I hope you like it.

Patty pushed open the door to the bedroom her two youngest off-springs shared. Phoebe, who apparently was singing, stopped in the spot. "Hi mom." Patty frowned. "What's going on here." The two girls burst into giggles. Patty sighed with a smile. "What am I going to do with the two of you?" The girls shrugged, but couldn't stop laughing. "Are you going to tell me, or shall I shake it out of you?" Paige suddenly shot the same look at Phoebe that Piper had shot at Prue during dinner, just before the whole confession began. "Paige?" Was therefore Patty's second question. The girl looked at the floor. Phoebe couldn't retain herself any longer. "Paige is in love!" If that was everything. Patty sat on the bed next to Paige. "There's nothing to be ashamed about darling." Her mother was smiling. She'd thought they were in trouble of some kind, but this surely explained all the giggling. "Phoebe, leave your sister alone." Patty wasn't that serious of course. Phoebe shrugged, she was just having a good time. "Behave yourselves." Patty joked as she left the room. At least they were still best friends.

"Piper?" "Leave me alone Prue." Piper really didn't feel like a sisterly talk right now. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to apologise." "You're forgiven, all right, now go away." To be honest, Piper didn't want to be like this at all, she just wanted to make up with her sister. But a part of her was mad, and it was going to stay mad. Prue probably knew this, and Piper heard her sister leave her bedroom door. "I'm sorry too." She whispered. Piper took her pillow and started crying. She hated being a teenager. Everything was so hard and you always did things you didn't really wanted to. Life sucked. Still sobbing, she took her diary, but just as she opened it, she heard something behind her. Surprised she turned around.

"Leo?" The man had a comforting smile, very whitelighter-ish. "Hey kiddo, what's wrong?" Actually Piper hated it to be called kiddo, but with Leo she didn't mind that much. "Nothing." She tried to whipe her tears away. Leo frowned. "That doesn't look like nothing to me." He sat down besides her. He was kind of a big brother, or even a second father to her. "You know you can tell me anything." Piper leaned against his chest. "Everything is just wrong. I'm fighting with Prue, Mary's heartbroken and I made mom mad. I never make mom mad. Prue does, Phoebe does, even Paige, but not me." Leo sighed. "You don't have to be perfect all the time, you know that." He put his hands on her shoulders and looked in her eyes. "Now stop crying, your beautiful eyes are growing red." Piper smiled. "Why are you here, anyway?" "I sensed you were confused." Sometimes a whitelighter like Leo was much more convenient than a mother or a bigger sister. "Thanks, for everything." The man nodded, put his fingers through her hair and orbed out. Piper put her diary away.

"Prue?" Prue sighed. A few minutes earlier she'd been on Piper's door, only to be sent away, and now she was coming here? "Come in." She grunted. Piper had been crying, Prue could see it in her eyes. "I'm sorry. I know it wasn't your fault." "It's okay." Piper didn't mention Leo's visit, it wasn't important. Prue smiled. Fighting with Piper was a lot more fun than with Phoebe, they had a disagreement, but they'd always make up very quickly. With Phoebe there could be fighting for weeks, from silence to yelling to pulling each others hairs… "Wanna go see what our little sisters are doing?" Piper grinned, gave her sister a hug and then followed Prue to Paige and Phoebe's room. Without knocking they entered. "Here comes the big bad wolf!" Prue yelled as she started to run after her younger screaming sisters and Piper followed her example.