Title: Martin's Christmas Tale

Author: Danielle Swinton

Genre: General/Parody/Drama

Rating: PG-13

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Disclaimer: David and the Swintons were created by Brian W. Aldiss; Kubrick, Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks own them; I just play with them. Adam Stanton, Bonnie Anderson, Grandma Swinton, and the rest of the cast is 100% mine. Steal them, and I'll kill you. J/K!

Warning: Alternative Universe, own characters (self-inclusion also!), character death, and lots of Christmas spirit ahead!

Summary: A new version of the Charles Dickens' tale, where Martin discovers a new kind of Christmas.

Notes: This fic is based on Charles Dickens' "Christmas Tale" (you must have read this tale at least once in your life!) and I chose Martin because he seems to be one of the most complicated, a little cold - yet interesting character...and I wanted to write a Martin fic soooooo bad!!!!

Chapter 1: Prologue

One morning, Martin woke up grumpily when his mother called him for breakfast. He stood up from his bed, and went to the bathroom to have a quick shower and brush his teeth. As he wrapped a green robe around himself and watched his reflection on the slightly vapour-covered mirror, he looked to the calendar besides the cabinet, and sighed. December 24th, one day before Christmas. Another holiday with his family: his dad, his mom, and...a slight frown appeared on his face, as he remembered the last person on the house, a blond-haired, blue-eyed little boy.

"David" he said, frowning again. It had been 2 years since David had come back with the Swintons after his "Blue Fairy" trek, and the Swintons had learnt to accept him...except for Martin, of course. He didn't hate him as much as before, but he did feel an unease feeling around him.

He changed his clothes to a pair of jeans and a blue shirt, and he went to the table with the rest of the family. Henry and Monica were eating, and David...well, he was playing with Teddy, pretending to feed him with some cereal he had on a small bowl.

"Martin, what took you so long?, we almost ate without you" his mom said.

"Sorry" he said, as he sat down and took some eggs and bacon on his plate.

They ate quietly, as they talked about anything that came on the conversation. But in their talk, a special subject came in handy.

"What will we do this Christmas?" Monica asked "I mean, it's just one day ahead"

"Well...the company was planning to make a toast in the afternoon" Henry said "But my night is free" he added, when he saw a slight frown on his wife's face.

"That's nice...maybe we can make a dinner or something...to reunite the family, you know" Monica suggested.

"We can call Anthony to see if he can come with his wife" he said. Anthony was Henry's older brother.

"That would be great" she said, and turned to David "what do you think, David? Would you like to have a Christmas party with all the family?" she asked.

"Sure, Mommy!" David answered, with his cute little-boy smile.

"And what about you, Martin?" Monica asked her older son.

"Whatever" Martin rolled his eyes. His mother surprised at his reaction, although she was pretty used to it, since 3 years ago.

"Martin? What's wrong honey?" she asked.

"Nothing! I said you could do WHATEVER you want to do!" he answered, and stood up, walking away.

"What's eatin' that boy?" Henry asked.

"God, not again" Monica sighed.


Martin entered his room, slamming the door shut. Then he threw himself on a chair.

"Goddamnit, I hate these days!" he said, as his eyes saw a little Christmas tree his mom had put on his desk, as an adornment, she had said. But he didn't mind too much about that.

What was so special about Christmas, anyway? Now he was 15 years old, and obviously he had lost the innocent faith on Santa Claus he used to have when he was a child. Now the only thing he could associate with Christmas was his holiday vacations (a whole month away from school, which he used to hate), the silly presents he got from his relatives (ties and socks, maybe a sweater). And the noisy parties his classmates used to throw every now and then, where beer and girls were available 24/7. Nothing else attracted him. It seemed as if Christmas had lost its charm as he grew older...what was so special about it, anyway?

He rummaged around the room, and found a furry reindeer hanging on his closet. Probably David had put it there when he was helping Monica to decorate the house, "to let in the Christmas spirit on the house" as she had said. He sighed, and closed the cabinet.


Martin got out of his room, with a jacket and a pair of gloves. As he neared the door of the house, Monica called him.

"Martin, where are you going?" she asked him. He looked at her.

"I'm just gonna be...outside for a while" he said.

"David and I are decorating the tree, but we'll go out soon. Wanna go?" she proposed.

"Ehhhh no, I'll be fine on my own" Martin answered, and walked out.

"Teenagers" Monica sighed. Then she heard some soft footsteps close to her. She turned around and there was David, with a box on his arms, and Teddy besides him.

"Mommy, are we going to decorate the tree?" he asked. Monica smiled.

"Yes, hunny. Just give me a second" she said, as she headed to the bathroom.

"Come on, Teddy" David said to his furry friend.

"Yes, David" the bear said, as they walked to the tree, humming "White Christmas", the song that Monica had taught them.


Martin walked through the city, watching all the people in the street. With just one look, you could tell it was Christmas time: lots of presents on stores with discount, young mothers with their children buying some toys, hurried up fathers on stores trying to get a good present for their wives and children, and the unmistakable figure of a fat, old, white-haired man dressed in red, with one or two kids on his lap, asking him for presents they wanted to have this years for being such good kids, although some of them weren't.

Martin sighed, wondering what his family would be doing.


"Ummm...let's put some golden balls here" Monica said, as she decorated the tree, helped by David and, of course, Teddy.

"Yes, Mommy" the boy said "What about these red balls?" he added, handling her one shiny red ball.

"We can put them here, near the top" she said, and David put some there.

"What do you think, Teddy?" he said.

"We can put these" the bear said, getting some tiny brown reindeers and giving one to David.

"Great!" Monica said "David, you and Teddy put some on the front, and I'll get some boxes to put them under the tree"

"Okay, Mommy. C'mon, Teddy" the boy said, as he and the bear started their work.


Martin stopped in front of a department store, and entered. All he could see was Christmas adornments, trees, toys and season gifts. Even a bunch of Santas in the toys department. He kept walking, until something caught his eye.

There was his mom, with David and Teddy. They had finished decorating the tree, and now they were buying some presents. He could see David's big smile when Monica bought him a toy pony, and the big hug the boy received from her.

Martin's face was serious, but a sadness lay behind...


The day wasted away quickly, and Martin soon went to sleep. After he changed his clothes, he heard a soft knock on his door, and he opened it.

"How was your day, hon?" his mom asked him.

"Pretty good" he said.

"Did you go to the Haddonfield Dep Store?" she said, and Martin surprised. Did she catch him there?


"David said he had seen you there...but maybe it was another person"

"Yeah, maybe" he said, relieved.

"Okay, I'll go to bed" she said "It's been a very busy day"

"G'night, mom"

"Sweet dreams, Marty. Tomorrow's the big day" she said, as she closed the door. Martin lied down on his bed.

"The big day...yeah, right" he said, as he covered himself with the green sheets and closed his eyes, falling asleep.


His sleep was plain good, but at midnight a cold breeze entered through the window... he shivered, and covered himself more. But no matter how many blankets he used, the freezing cold didn't go. So he stood up.

"Stupid weather" he said, as he walked to the window.

But when he was going to close the window, a shadow appeared in front of him, coming closer and becoming more recognizable...

"W-Who are you?" Martin managed to say, frightened.

The figure entered the room, the window slammed shut, and a thunder silenced Martin's terrified scream...

"Who are you?" he repeated.

The fog cleared, and there stood a teenage boy, his face ashen, his body as white as snow, with ripped up clothes. He also had chains on his hands and feet.

"Martin Swinton..." the strange guy said.

"Do I know you?" Martin said "What do you want from me?"

"Don't you remember me...Marty boy?" the guy said, and Martin's face went pale.

"You're...Stanton? Adam Stanton? From 8th Grade?"

"Bingo!" the guy said.

"What happened to you? I didn't see you since you left school last year"

"I didn't leave" Adam said "They kicked me out...for stealing, and...smoking pot, ya know. But now I'm paying for everything I did" he said, looking at his chains.

"What...you ran away from prison?"

"No...I'm not in your world anymore" Adam smiled. In fact, he had died from over-taking drugs.

"Wait...you're dead?!" Martin asked, and Adam nodded.

"Only you can see me"

"This is a joke...this has to be a f*ckin' joke!" Martin screamed, running to the door.

"Don't even try to wake up your family. They can't hear us" Adam shrugged.

"What do you want, anyways?" Martin asked.

"I'm here to warn you! You're losing an important part of your life, and I must help you to change!" he answered in a loud voice.

"What part?"

"It has to do with...C-day" Adam answered, and Martin understood.

"Christmas? Don't be ridiculous!" Martin snorted.

"Well, I can't do very much for you, but there are three people...who will visit you tonight...and if they can't help you, nobody ever will..." Adam said, as he began disappearing.

"Wait, where are you going?" Martin asked, when he saw Adam fading away.

"To hell, where I belong...consider it, Martin. You can change, and be saved from ending up like me!" he said, and disappeared. Martin stood there, a little confused.

"Adam is dead? And what was he doing here? What was all of that?" he asked "Neh, it sure was an illusion. Silly Martin, better go to sleep" he added, as he lied down in his bed for the second time that night.


Author's Note: Well, I guess this is enough for a beginning. What will happen next? Who are those three special people Adam was talking about? What will they show Martin? Read next chapter to find out! And don't forget to leave a review! (I'd love it if you do! *makes cute pout eyes*)