Chapter Ten: Lance and Peter

"Psyche Out must hate us," Lance stated. "He wants us to kill each other. I'm almost certain of this."

"Oh, I don't know, I halfway agree with him. Kitty would be much better off without you in her life," Peter replied.

"I hate you. So much."

"That goes double for me."


There once was a beautiful Princess named Kitty. She had her pick of all the eligible bachelors in the land and after meeting them all she had just about given up hope of ever meeting a man who could steal her heart. Then one day she met the dashing Lance, who had loved her from the first moment he saw her. He was lucky enough to be the one to whom she bestowed her heart.


Then along came the kind, caring, compassionate Prince Peter who saw the wretched Lance for the villain he was. He carefully got proof that Lance was evil as the day is long and showed that proof to the fair Princess Kitty, who then bestowed her heart to him and banished the Evil Lance from the land forever.


She's not going to choose you, Rustbucket.


Well she's certainly not going to choose you, Rock-for-brains!


Of course she is, you moving anchor!


"Get over here, Rockhead!" Peter yelled as he launched himself at his foe. Soon an all out fight had broken out between them and a few of the other couples.

"No! You can't watch Firefly when we get home and that's final!" Beach Head yelled.

"Get back here you annoying yahoo! I rue the day you were ever born!" Rogue screamed.

"You're cheating! There's no way that was twenty freaking questions!" Remy yelled.

"I'm not cheating! Count them, those are twenty questions!" Xi replied.

"I do not have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and I do not think I'm better than my teammates!" Bobby shouted.

"Oh yes," Hank said. "This was a smashing success."

"We just got in a new shipment of alcohol," Xavier said. "I say we all retreat to the safety of my office until this latest fight is over.

Well, there it is. The end of Narratives From the Edge. I hope everyone enjoyed it and I hope the last two chapters make sense...I was watching Absolutely Fabulous while writing it so I may end up not making any sense...