In the Beginning 1/?

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Rating: PG-13 (possibly R in later chapters) for m/m situations and violence. SLASH. If this offends you read no further. Thank you kindly.

Neroon's POV


Contrary to popular belief, the Denn'Sha was not the first time I had seen Marcus Cole in my lifetime. Although the only other time I laid eyes on him previously was for merely a few minutes, while he was training with Master Durhan using quarterstaffs. I had been staying at the Anla'shoc training facility for a few weeks vacationing from the Ingata, having been injured in battle previously.

It was my stubborn healer Vatir, who insisted that I needed time off to heal, relax and avoid any strenuous activities. I have never been good at following orders as my teachers can attest to. I was quickly bored and so I entered the training facility at night so that I could practice undisturbed. It was because of this that I found myself watching a young human male with long flowing brown locks, sparring with my old master, Durhan himself.

I became fascinated in spite of myself, and continued to observe them discreetly as they fought on. At the time I assumed that the human was just another trainee, or perhaps a warrior. Even then Marcus moved with a warrior's grace and confidence. It was during this brief period that I have come to realize my views of humans began to change. Of course I wasn't aware of this change within myself at the time. It was only after fighting Marcus in Denn'Sha that I had an epiphany of sorts. But that is further on in my tale. I shall start at the beginning…

Three days after a fight with a rebel group of Narn dissidents, found me pulling on my Star Rider robes slowly in an attempt not to exasperate my injuries. The overall battle was quick and decisive in our favor, however before the Narn ship surrendered they managed to fire a lucky shot at the Ingata. During the explosion I had been thrown from my position and through the weapon's console. As a result the whole left side of my body was badly burned.

Just as I pulled my outer robe on Vatir, the head healer on my ship entered the room, walking determinedly over to my bed. I purposely kept my face impassive as he approached, although nearly smirked at his cautious approach.

I have known Vatir since our training together twenty cycles ago. Originally he was my second in command until his heart called him to the path of healer. After five cycles of training Vatir returned to the Ingata as my head healer. Still, Vatir is the only one who sees past my gruff intimidating exterior and gives me counsel at times. We have been friends for long enough that I allow him certain rights that I would not otherwise.

Due to our friendship, as well as his authority as my healer, I reluctantly took his advice of a rest period off of the Ingata. Had anyone else even suggested such a thing I would have taken it as a question of my fitness to lead. Coming from Vatir I knew it for genuine concern and worry for my welfare. It was because of that only that I agreed with somewhat ill humor.

Before I knew it, along with the customary guards, I was shuttled to the Anla'shoc training facility. It was my intention to visit Sech Durval and Master Durhan for a few weeks, while watching the progress of the Anla'shoc trainees as well. I had not kept in close contact with Durhan as much as I would like since I achieved the rank of Satai, but I decided that this vacation would be a fine opportunity to reacquaint myself with my old pike master.

I entered the compound under my own power, flanked on each side by the best warriors that the Star Rider clan had to offer. I barely kept my impatience off my face as they walked a step away from me. Since I have never been to found of the pomp associated with my position, the guards only served to exasperate me further.

The students ceased their sparring as me entered to look at the precession in awed silence as we passed. I happened to notice a human standing near Master Durhan as I approached the elder Minbari who was grinning slightly as I approached. Before I was in hearing distance I noticed Durhan speak softly to the human who obediently bowed before joining the others forming rank behind us.

This was not the first time I had seen humans up close, for besides fighting in the Earth-Minbari War, I had had dealings with then Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. I had only seen that particular human once since he had come to Minbar and it was not a diplomatic meeting. Even with my low regard for humans, the dark-haired trainee caught and hell my attention. He was wearing the signature plain brown robes of the Anla'shoc and intelligence sparkled from his chocolate-colored eyes. He walked with sure steps and the other trainees made way for him as he approached. A vast show of respect from the other warriors, especially the Minbari among them.

I was disrupted from my musing when Durhan placed a hand on my shoulder lightly, almost causing me to jump in surprise. Thanks to the proper training my face showed none of my interest nor my surprise. Instead I turned fluidly to greet my old master.

"Master." I acknowledged bowing deeply in a show of respect for an elder.

"Satai." He answered in an equally somber voice bowing as deeply as I had before raising his eyes to show the mischievous sparkle hidden therein. He was well aware that I hated the formalities that came with my title. "I trust you had a pleasant trip?"

"Quite." I answered abruptly, keeping my serious-minded persona intact. I wouldn't want to disappoint my audience after all.

It was only after Durhan had dismissed the class and the last straggling student left that I allowed a broad grin to spread across my face in response.

"It seems that old age is catching up with you, Neroon." Duhan commented as I walked closer carefully.

"You should not talk about old age, Master." I teased him in return. "It is a surprise to find you still walking upright."

"Insolent." Durhan shook his head as he cuffed me playfully. "You look tired Neroon. Come I will show you to your quarters. Rest and after you will join Sech Durval and I for dinner."