In the Beginning 35/?

Disclaimer: I neither own nor created the character of Marcus, Neroon, Babylon 5, etc… No infringement is intended.
Rating: R for this chapter for m/m situations and violence. SLASH. If this offends you read no further.

The Gift of Appreciation

I found myself in an open glade, surrounded on all sides by trees, staring upwards at the purple sky. The two suns were hanging low in the sky and a harsh wind blew, causing the leaves to rustle and leaving me shivering with cold. Just as I was going to seek shelter from the wind in the forest, I heard a sound. I turned towards the noise, although unable to identify it's exact origin nor what it was, I did know the general direction from which it came.

"Ne-roon." A voice called me gently. "Come."

"What?" I asked the wind. "Who are you?"


This time the voice came from behind me, causing me to turn around so quickly that I stumbled.

"Where are you?"

"Ne-roon." The voice continued to call my name, ignoring my questions.

This time however, the call was fainter, as if moving further away from me. Before I could call out and ask it to stay I saw a darker shadow from the rest of the vista, detach itself from the trees and step into the sunlight. My breath caught in my throat as the Builder I met on their ship stepped from the darkness, purple light shinning off him, giving him an eerie appearance. He stood watching me in silence with a saddened look on his face.

"If you do not make haste you will lose him." The alien spoke melodiously, his voice blending in to the blowing wind.

"Who?" I asked in confusion, just as I heard my name called again, fainter still from the darkness. This time however, I recognized the cadence of my beloved Marcus. I looked between the forest edge and the alien, unsure of what to do.

"Go to him."

Well I did not need to be told twice and I set off at a run into the forest. For the first twenty or so steps the sunlight filtered through the trees, keeping the trek illuminated. This lasted maybe two minutes as I ran full speed ahead, until the forest got darker and darker, letting no sunlight through. Suddenly I was not feeling so peaceful as the trees blew furiously and the wind screamed. I stopped to listen for Marcus' voice but couldn't hear anything over the rustling leaves.

I began running again, while my heart was thundering in my chest from a combination of exertion and panic. Fear grabbed a hold off me, but I forced myself to continue to move onward.

"Come back." I called out hopelessly into the darkness as I knelt on the ground attempting to catch my breath. "Don't leave me, Marcus."

Just as I was about to give up and fall into despair I felt a solid pressure on my hand. The bright light blinded me as I opened my eyes, noticing a blurry figure next to me.

"I'm right here, love." Marcus told me softly, placing a sweet kiss on my head just as I focused my eyesight. "Not going anywhere."

"Marcus?" I asked, fearful that he was merely a figment of my imagination. I grabbed the closest appendage I could get and pulled. He ended up over balancing and landing on my chest. I let out a small breath as the wind was knocked out of me.

"Good to see you too." Marcus grinned at me from a foot away, moving slightly to my side. He laid an arm around my waist and snuggled closer. "What the devil were you thinking pulling a stunt like that, Neroon?"

It took me a moment before my still-fuzzy brain kicked in and remembered what happened.

"I did not want to see you blown up into fiery pieces." I answered quietly, holding him tightly and nuzzling his ear.

Marcus had nothing to say to that and instead relaxed into my embrace, careful of my head as he moved closer. We lay in comfortable silence for a long time, neither of us wanting to ruin a rare peaceful moment by speaking. I was just falling off to sleep when I heard Marcus speak. I tried to pay attention because he seemed somewhat tense.

"I spoke to Garibaldi before I left the station. They have larger quarters available in Blue Sector… enough room for the two of us. If you want to move in with me that is."

I did not answer verbally for I was exhausted but I did grin in response. I assume Marcus felt my smile for he relaxed greatly. I fell asleep cocooned in warmth and love, hopeful for the future.