by Yih

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I have fallen
There is no escape
This is my destiny
My fate is yours
Do what you will
I am yours
I have fallen
Fallen hard for you
Save me
I need you
I want you
I love you

1: Fate (December 9, 2003)

He knew he could not kill him.  But he knew that he could not let him go.  Their destinies were uniquely entwined for some fateful reason.  If only that stupid mudblood hadn't cast her protective charm over the baby.  Then he could have killed the child.  But he couldn't now, not unless he wanted to risk tampering with possibly the most powerful magic in the world.  Love and blood magic mixed together was simply too strong to overcome. 

He couldn't leave the baby.  If the child fell into the wrong hands, there would simply be hell to pay.  This child, this Potter child was his worst enemy yet his greatest asset.  There was a reason their fates were connected; this boy was going to be a powerful wizard.  No, he simply could not let Harry Potter fall into his enemy's hands.  He had no choice; he had to take the child with him. 

Touching the child should have been painful, Voldemort thought, but it wasn't.  Looking down at the solemn green eyes, Voldemort felt himself almost feel something other than the hatred and vengeance in him.  This child was innocent, pure, and untainted by the world.  It was the first time in decades that someone had looked at him not with fear or hatred or disgust.  It almost made him feel human again.

But why did the touch not hurt?  He had instantly recognized the powerful charm that had taken every bit of Lily's strength to cast to protect her child.  It was not something that could easily be removed, and it would not fade for many years.  So what then?  Why?  Maybe because he meant to do no harm to the child.  The love and blood spell only protected against harm.  It did nothing for indifference or detached obligation. 

Maybe he would take it and he would starve it slowly at his mansion.  That would rid him of the child permanently.  The soft mewling from the baby distracted him on his plans to snuff the life out of it.  Glancing down at those sparkling emerald eyes, he found his reserve to murder the one that had the power to kill him drained.  He could raise this child and make sure that it never turned on him.  Maybe he could even make it love him. 

Reaching with a pale hand, he stroked its cheek.  He was surprised when the baby turned its face to him and seemed to yearn for his touch.  It had been years since anyone had yearned only for his touch.  Oh, he fucked his Death Eaters, especially certain ones that were beautiful to behold--- but it had been a long time that anyone had responded to his touch without wanting something other than a simple physical gesture. 

Lucius Malfoy was especially gifted in bed, Voldemort thought with a smirk.  He would even go as far as to say that Lucius was better in bed than he was as a wizard.  That was a high compliment indeed for Lucius was one of his strongest Death Eaters, and he was still quite young.  The things that he could teach that young man to do excited Voldemort.  But he wasn't delusional.  Lucius might crave his touch, but he also craved power. 

His finger traced Harry's soft pink lips.  Curious how soft this child was.  One day it would grow up and it wouldn't be soft and unbearably sweet.  He didn't even know why he was staring at this intolerably incapable thing.  He had better things to do, like plotting how to conquer Europe and this was an utter waste of time.  There were things that needed to be done, but first--- he had to get rid of the evidence that this child ever existed.  Let Dumbledore think that his greatest asset had died. 

The Dark Lord pointed his wand up at the roof and exclaimed, "Cremare!"

Fire shot out of his wand and quickly started burning anything that it touched.  This was the most powerful destruction charm imaginable.  It wouldn't be long before the house burned down and any evidence that the Potter family had once resided at Godric's Hollow was erased.  It gave him precious little time in which to apparate out.  Normally a simple spell like that wouldn't even cause any thought, but he rarely apparated with someone else.  He studied Harry carefully.  He wanted to make sure it arrived to his mansion in one piece.

Once he got there, he could decide whether or not to let it live or to simply let it die. 


There was only one creature he trusted with his life, his soul, his very existence.  {Nagini,} Voldemort hissed once he'd apparated into his mansion.  {I have a task for you.}

His faithful and loyal serpent slithered out from underneath a pile of pillows that graced the middle of his lair.  The room had been created and designed especially for Nagini's pleasure.  It was almost as lavished as Voldemort's own bedroom, almost but not quite.  He would have done so if Nagini had desired, but Nagini hadn't. 

{Yes, Tom?}

Nagini was the only one that he allowed to dare call him by the name his mother had given him.  He didn't mind that name, but he did despise his muggle surname.  His muggle father hadn't deserved his precious mother's love.  He removed his cloak to show Nagini the infant he'd brought back. 

{You must take care of the child,} Voldemort declared.  {No one else must know yet that it lives.}

Rising up to her full and impressive height, Nagini wrapped her neck carefully and tightly around the baby so that it was in a snug hold.  {I have it.}

Voldemort released his hold and watched his favorite serpent cradle the young child like it were the most precious thing.  He guessed it made sense that Nagini would be maternal.  She had never gotten the chance to raise her own young because she was too busy caring for him, guiding him, and teaching him.  This would give her a chance to be a mother to a real child, something he had never been.  

{You must take care of the child,} Voldemort declared.  {No one else must know yet that it lives.}

Rising up to her full and impressive height, Nagini wrapped her neck carefully and tightly around the baby so that it was in a snug hold.  {I have it.}

Voldemort released his hold and watched his favorite serpent cradle the young child like it were the most precious thing.  He guessed it made sense that Nagini would be maternal.  She had never gotten the chance to raise her own young because she was too busy caring for him, guiding him, and teaching him.  This would give her a chance to be a mother to a real child, something he had never been. 

{Take care of it.}

{I will,} she promised, placing the baby gently on one of the fluffier pillows.  Her tail wrapped around a blanket and she jerked it toward where it was resting.  Pulling the blanket over it, she tucked it in tightly.  {You have nothing to worry about Tom.}

He nodded.  He knew that.  If he didn't have Nagini, he didn't know what he'd do.  There were times that he wished that Nagini wasn't a serpent, but then if she hadn't been--- they wouldn't have the special relationship that they had.  He was the only wizard in the world that could speak to her.  That made him irreplaceable and secured his position. 

Striding out of the room, he remembered that he'd left some of his important papers in his bedroom.  He grimaced when he thought that even as the Dark Lord, he still couldn't quite escape the necessary paperwork.  Not that it was bureaucracy like the Ministry of Magic, most of it were detailed plans for attack.  Now that the Potters had been eliminated, he'd move on to other prominent Light wizarding families. 

He flicked his hand toward the door, not even bothering to take his wand out of the leather holder that he kept tethered to his thigh.  Why bother?  It wasn't well known, but he was almost as proficient with wandless magic as he was with wand magic.  It did take more out of him though.  To be the most efficient, he ought to use his wand.  But this was so small and he liked to used wandless magic to keep him used to using it. 

There was no telling when a wizard might lose his wand in a battle or a duel.  He liked to think that he didn't need his wand.  He liked to keep that ability from going rusty.  He used it whenever he could, whenever there was no one around.  It was his special weapon.  He didn't need to go revealing it to everyone.  Not even to his Death Eaters. 

Once he was in his room, he immediately crossed the room toward his desk where a pile of scrolls were strewed around.  It was as he was about to grab the scroll he was looking for that he heard a distinctive moan.  His crimson eyes narrowed as he knew where that sound was coming from and who it was coming from.  The scroll laid there forgotten while he moved in the opposite direction to his elaborate four poster bed. 

Lucius.  He should have known.  The brief flare of anger that he'd felt rise up in his blood faded when he saw the delectable site that Lucius made stroking himself to orgasm.  He was displeased that his lover had decided to masturbate in his bed, but he was willing to forgive Lucius when he made such a delicious vision.  Yes, he'd forgive Lucius but the arrogant Malfoy would have to plead.  Beg for it. 

"Lucius," Voldemort hissed, seeming to glide across the empty space in a flash.  "You are not suppose to be here, you slut." 

Slowly Lucius opened his steel gray eyes.  "I missed you," Lucius moaned, continuing to pump his hard glistening penis.  He was so close, so very close to coming.  "And I knew," Lucius murmured lasciviously and suggestively, "you'd be coming." 

Voldemort whispered a binding spell, watching with malicious glee when Lucius groaned as his hands were ripped from his groin and bound to his side.  Reaching into a drawer next to the bed, he pulled out a cock ring that he fastened tightly around Lucius's throbbing arousal.  "You should have learned," Voldemort replied darkly, "that you should never assume." 

"I--- thought this would--- please you," Lucius gasped, his eyes rolling back into his head as he had been on the verge of a powerful orgasm that had been stopped.  It was painful, exquisitely painful.  "I only wish to--- please you, Master."

"Oh you please me," Voldemort murmured, his hand tracing down Lucius's muscular and well formed body until he reached Lucius's hard-on.  Rubbing his thumb hard over Lucius's slick head, he grinned cruelly.  If Lucius hadn't been under the powerful binding spell, he would have expected Lucius to be thrusting his hips up desperately.  Not that it would do him much good.  He couldn't come with the cock ring on. 

"I'm glad," Lucius panted, his eyes glazed over with desire and need.  "Please," he begged.  "Please, Master?" 

"You beg so prettily," Voldemort remarked, his forefinger and his thumb pinching Lucius's head lightly.  "But you still need to learn not to ever come into my rooms without my expressed permission." 

As much as he would like to fuck Lucius raw and sore, this was something that was necessary.  Besides, Lucius needed to learn some self control!  Lucius was possibly his most talented Death Eater, but his lack of restraint would doom him.  Getting what he wanted when he wanted it was the problem.  Voldemort wasn't going to give it to him this time.  It might please his ego tremendously to be wanted by this beautiful young man, but he hadn't gotten to where he was without his impressive control. 

"I am not going to fuck you," he stated coldly.  He removed his hand from his lover's arousal and moved his fingers up to his mouth so that Lucius could clean his fingers.  "You need to learn some goddamn restraint, Lucius.  You are a Malfoy, or have you forgotten?  Or are you merely a whore now?"

Lucius licked Voldemort's fingers compliantly, but narrowed his eyes at that sharp insult.  "I am not a whore," Lucius sneered with that condescending tone that all Malfoys seemed to be born with.  Voldemort was glad to hear it even if he didn't like it directed at him.  There was one reason that Lucius was going to be his most talented Death Eater in and out of bed.  It was because Lucius had such a high opinion of himself and would not allow himself to be anything less than the best. 

"Then prove it," Voldemort countered, his hand caressing Lucius's silky skin.  "Prove it to me, Lucius." 

"How?" Lucius asked, the fire of determination in his eyes.  "How, my Lord?"

"By showing some self-control," Voldemort responded harshly.  "I don't trust you not to bring yourself off if I release you from the cock ring, that would be too much to ask you.  But I'm going to leave you here for an hour while I deal with some issues and when I come back I expect you to be able to play with yourself but not come, understand?"

"Yes," Lucius answered hoarsely, his eyes still determined though weary. 

"And I expect you to make it painfully hard to not come." 

"I understand, my Lord." 

Voldemort chuckled darkly and lowered his head so that he could give Lucius a bruising kiss.  It was not gentle, not at all.  It was brutal and meant to show Lucius who was in charge and who was in control.  "One hour, Lucius." 

{How is it?} Voldemort asked when he entered into Nagini's lair for the first time in a week after having dropped the child off.  He knew that Nagini was perfectly capable of taking care of it and had not worried about it.  While she wasn't able to feed the baby by herself, a house elf was more than able to handle that.  They were too eager by far.  He had never seen his house elves so overjoyed.  It was rather unpleasant. 

Nagini wrapped her body around her Tom's waist and rested her head against his cheek.  {He is fine.  There is something that you should know though.}

{What is it?} Voldemort questioned a little impatiently.  She should know he hated it when he had to ask her to tell him something.  It was a waste of his time, and his time was precious.  He still hadn't found a way yet to make himself eternally immortal.  He could delay his death, certainly, but immortal youth still eluded him. 

{He can speak.}

Speak?  But that was impossible!  {Not possible.  He's not a Slytherin.  Besides, he's too young.}

{Yes,} Nagini agreed, {he is still too young yet, but he hisses when he wants something.  It doesn't make any sense yet.  He doesn't have the right thoughts to form words, but he hisses perfectly.  He will be able to speak when he grows up.}

{He could be mimicking you,} Voldemort responded reflectively, {children can do that.  Mimic their elders.}

{No child I've seen, and I have seen several have ever been able to mimic parseltongue!}

He stroked under her jaw, her favorite spot to be caressed in a reassuring way.  {So you really think he will be able to speak when he grows up?}  He decided to let her think that, it would do no harm.  And Nagini was notoriously stubborn about things that she believed in.  If she hadn't been, he wouldn't have turned out the way he had.  She was his anchor and his mentor.  Without her, he'd be lost. 

{Yes,} she hissed with certainty.  {He will.}

Voldemort glanced down passively at the child.  It didn't look extraordinary.  Other than its vivid green eyes, it was like any normal baby.  Well, he supposed it was odd.  He had never heard it really cry.  Sometimes it whimpered, but it was too muffled for him to tell if it had been hissing or not.  While the walls of the mansion were thick, if it really tried to cry with Nagini's lair next to his bedroom he would be able to hear it quite well. 

He just hoped that this ordinary child didn't disappoint Nagini.  What were the chances that this Potter child was a parseltongue?  He knew for a fact that parselmouths were restricted to the Slytherin bloodline.  And he was the only and the last Slytherin heir.  It was impossible for this child, it to be of the Slytherin bloodline, simply impossible!

{Maybe he is your brother,} Nagini considered.  {Then you would have a real family.}

Brother to Nagini didn't mean the same thing to her that it would mean to wizards.  She thought that anyone that shared similarities were kindred.  Like she considered any python a sister or brother to her.  It didn't mean blood relative at all.  {It is not my brother,} Voldemort hissed.  {It is the bane of my existence.}

{If he is,} Nagini countered, {then why is he still alive?}

Insightful question.  Why hadn't he killed the child?  He had been thinking quite a bit of ways to put it out of its misery without causing him any harm.  Simply put, the only solution was to starve it slowly.  That kind of death was excruciatingly painful.  It was something that he'd think of and instigate. 

It was then that it's eyes opened and he was again pulled into the innocent pools.  It was while he was drowning in the pureness that he heard it hiss at him.  Reaching out with its weak arms, it hissed at him.  What did it want?  He didn't understand.  It kept hissing, kept holding out its arms. 

{He wants you to hold him.}

Didn't it understand?  It was his enemy.  He was its enemy!  Stupid child.   It kept hissing.  Maybe Nagini was right.  Maybe it would be a parselmouth, but how?  He would have to explore in his older tomes.  Maybe he could find a spell.  If it was a parselmouth, it had to be from the Slytherin bloodline.  But from a Potter?  Unbelievable.  Was it possible that the virtuous Lily Evans had cheated on her husband?  Still, that was no answer.  There was no other Slytherin descendant in the world but him and he had never shagged a girl. 

They simply did not appeal. 

{Hold him.}

He reached down and picked up the hissing child.  It immediately stopped hissing and smiled.  What a silly thing.  It should be trying to get as far away from him as it could.  But no, it was smiling at him like it was happy to be in his arms.  He was mesmerized.  It was fascinating.  Incredibly stupid, but beguiling. 

{He likes you.}

{It is stupid.}

Nagini chuckled in the way that snakes did, hissing faster and in a manner that was gibberish.  {No he's not.  He's very intelligent.  Right now he's charming you because he knows that you hold his life in your hands.  If he was stupid, he'd be crying and irritating you.  But he's not is he?}

It wasn't.  She had a point.  He narrowed his eyes.  Was it that clever?  Maybe.  If it was, it deserved to live.  Well, it deserved to live until he found out how it could speak in gaa goo goo parseltongue.  Until then, he'd let it live.  And if he did find out it was a Slytherin, he'd have to stop calling it, it, wouldn't he?  Because no descendant of Salazar Slytherin was an it

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