Spin the Bottle

I wish I say that Harry Potter belongs to me, but he doesn't. This plot is mine though.

This is a stupid little fic that came to mind, not really that great. Be kind and review!

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" Oooooooh!" giggled Lavender, as Dean and Elizabeth left to the " Chamber of Love" ,

also known as the closet . All 6th year Gryffindors were huddled in a circled on the floor. Pavarti had gotten

the idea of playing 'Spin the Bottle' and everyone but Harry, Hermione , and Ron were keen on playing.

" Now, " said Pavarti with a grin, " It's Hermione's turn."

All faces turned to Hermione , with faces daring her.

" No, it's fine!" she refused, " let someone else go."

Encourages came from the huddle, especially from Harry and Ron.

" Fine, " she agreed, but only to shut everyone up. She spun the glass bottle and watched it spin and

spin, over and over. She stared at it with hopeful eyes until it came to a halt.

" Ooooooooooh!" everybody said in that retched tune, that is , everyone but Ron and Hermione.

" Go on , Hermione !" pushed Lavender. Dean and Elizabeth had gotten back already, looking like they had

enough fun to last them a lifetime.

Hermione stood up reluctantly, and so did Ron. All snickered and laughed quietly until both "Chamber of Love"

victims had left, then laughter burst out.

Both walked in the closet , too embarrased to say anything to each other. Hermione kept staring at her shoes,

and Ron at the walls. The closet was really cramped , making both stand only five inches apart . It was also


How in the world are we suppose to make out in the dark?- thought Ron. He knew his ears and face were scarlet.

Both looked up slowly. Ron could see her eyes, only barely.

" Uhh-uh Her-hermione?" he stammered, looking down at her.

She responded meekly, hoping she didn'tsound like an idiot.

Hermione stood in silence , waiting for an answer, but nothing came.

Ron took his hand and cupped her cheeks. They were hot and smooth, like his felt.

He brought his face down to hers and unexpectedly brushed her lips with his.

Hermione instantly let out a soft moan . His kisses warm and gentle, almost like he was caressing a prescious

piece of glass.

She couldn't hold back her arms, that draped over his neck and brought him closer to her. She kissed him in

slow motion, savoring his taste of honey sugar quills.

His grip on her waist didn't allow her to fall as her knees buckled, and she leaned against him.

The closet grew very warm, making them sticky and sweaty. They ignored this as their passion elevated.


" I wonder what's taking them so long?" asked Harry .