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The tavern was dark and gloomy as she stepped foot inside. The voices of gruff men, young and old, overwhelmed her ears with their drunken conversation. This was a place Kate Morgan was at home in but tonight her pretty, young face held shadows of fatigue and worried lines stood out in her forehead.

Folks looked at her as she passed their tables. They all knew her business there that night and years later a hundred more people then had witnessed it would be saying they had been there to see Kate Morgan's rise into pirating. But of course she knew nothing of what was to come that night. Nothing at all.

"Yer da is up stair's darlin'," Medda the tavern keepers wife told her jabbing her thumb up a narrow set of stairs.

Kate nodded her head and made her way up the dimly lit staircase. She, almost as confused as she was worried, had received a message from her father telling her to meet him at the tavern at the wharfs. It had seemed beyond urgent and almost desperate. She had left her home and rushed to the docks proceeding to arrive in the situation she was in now.

As she approached the first door on her left she heard a murmur of voices and saw a thin sliver of light flickering in the hallway. She bit her lip and moved inside the door. Inside she was surprised to find the room almost filled to the brimming with men. The room stank of sweat and blood, and of what she had come to know as the smell of fear.

Her eyes traveled easily over the rough bunch of men and she nodded slightly to those she knew. Here was a crowd most people wouldn't trust. Here was a crowd that could be called nothing less then pirates. And naturally, as her father was the Devil of the Sea. Also known as Captain Bill Morgan of the Night Flame.

His face was the one that she came to rest on. Centered in the middle of the room was a small bed and in it was her father. His black eyes caught her own black gaze and she moved to his side.

"Father," she said at a loss of words.

"Darlin"," nothing more then a wheeze escaped his dry lips. "I-"

"What happened?" her eyes were steady as they held his gaze. "Who has the Bill Morgan lying on his death bed?"

Bill Morgan shook his head, " Tis not important now girl." He lifted his hand slightly and placed in her lap a wrinkled and worn piece of parchment. "What ya have there lass is your fortune. All the riches you could want, the most valuable plunder of the seven seas. Take care of it lass and I'll warn ya. If it falls into the wrong hands more than just your pretty head will be in danger."

Kate unrolled the parchment and looked it over. A was a map of an island but there was no name. Only what appeared to be strange writing on it in words she could not decipher.

"Father I don't understand," she replied softly her brow furrowed as she studied it.

Bill raised an eyebrow, "You will. No daughter of mine could be handed that and not find the treasure before heading to Davy Jones' Locker. When you leave Mr. Shaw will see to your needs."

"But I don't understand why you can't just tell me," she had the map rolled back up and clenched in her fist. "And who did this to you? Tell me?" Her dark eyes were furious.

He patted a hand a swarthy grin on his face. "You are the daughter of Bill Morgan. You won't be needin' the likes a anyone for help. One last thing." He tucked a tiny necklace into her hand. "Never take it off."

She nodded, "Never. But I will find this treasure and discover who did this to you."

Mr. Shaw, the only man her father ever trusted, touched her arm. "You must go," he said.

She stood and looked around, "Here me! As the daughter of the most feared pirate on the High Seas I will avenge his death and take his place among my fellows. Aye and that be the truth of it." She glared down as her father faded away. "Goodbye." She said simply and left the room, a room that would later mean much more to her.

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