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Chapter Nineteen

The sights and sounds of Tortuga were welcome ones as Kate ambled through the streets. She waved now and again to a familiar face and knocked out a particularly sloshed drunk who leered in her face.

When they had dropped anchor a few feet off shore her crew had gone ashore and scattered, most she wouldn't see for at least three days. She herself wanted nothing more then to get extremely drunk and sleep for twelve peaceful hours.

She strolled into the Beautiful Bride and up to the bar, ignoring the brawl that had nearly ran her over.

"What'll it be lass?" the bartender asked.

"Rum," she replied simply and sat down. The bartender slapped a mug on the counter and Kate slipped him a coin, "Keep 'em comin'."

"Bad time?" he replied.

"You have no idea," she muttered and drank deeply from her mug. Her brooding face chased away those wont to disturb her and she sat in relative peace.

Unfortunately her mind was a chaotic mess. Pirate or no, a lot had happened to her in the past week and her psyche refused to let her deal with it, hence the reason for drowning herself in rum.

"Rum mate," a voice slurred down the bar and she whipped around to see the only person she didn't need at the moment. But then of course who else would show up but Captain Jack Sparrow.

She raised a hand to the bartender and he refilled her glass, "Don't ya think ya've had enough lass?"

"Not unless ye want me to shove this mug up yer arse," she spat bitterly and the bartender moved away with a shrug. Glowering she turned her back on the captain and gulped her drink sulkily.

"Well, well I see we still think alike."

Kate growled low in her throat, "Go away."

Jack turned her stool around so he could look at her, "Nice to see ye again as well. I see you've properly sloshed yerself."

Kate raised her eyebrows, "And who are you to criticize me, eh? You're half drunk all the time!"

Jack's cocky grin replaced itself on his face, "Aye it would seem so wouldn't it?"

He sat down next to her when the bartender slid his mug down to him. Kate looked at him from the corner or her eye," What do ye want Jack?"

Jack looked at her blankly, "I could ask you the same thing."

Kate frowned, "I don't get yer meanin'." Her accent was more pronounced as she slurred drunkenly at him.

"Why'd you leave so fast?" he asked.

"To get away from you, why else?" she replied and went back to glowering at her rum.

Jack grinned, "I know you better then that."

Kate's temper flared for no reason, "Do ye? Well I tell you something *Captain* Jack Sparrow there's a lot about me no one knows!" She stood up unsteadily and stumbled to the other side of the tavern to sulk in the corner.

Jack watched her go and rolled his eyes. He would never understand women, particularly that woman.

The next morning Kate wasn't sure what had happened but she awoke with a stiff neck and a terrible headache on a table in the Beautiful Bride. She groaned as she stood and walked into the sunlight. She'd definitely gotten drunk but unfortunately not her peaceful twelve hours of sleep. She hated hangovers but then she was always stupid enough to go out and get another one the next night.

As she made her way back to the docks she ran into Will, literally. When she stumbled into him he pushed her off sighing in disgust. She squinted up at him ," 'Scuse me."

"Kate?" Will asked his eyebrows knitting together. "You look terrible."

Kate frowned at Will, "I had a long night. Now get out of my way." She pushed past him continuing down the docks.

Will watched her go curiously and walked up the plank onto the Pearl with a shrug. Not until she was on the Flame again did she notice she had walked straight past the Pearl. Leaning on the rail she studied it intently.

It was a magnificent ship, it was only a shame that it had to belong to Captain Sparrow.

"No one's keeping you here," Pitney said coming up behind her following her gaze to the Black Pearl.

"W-what?" Kate stammered, startled from her reverie.

Pitney grinned, "Why don't you just go with him and stop torturing yourself."

Kate glared, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Pitney raised her eyebrows, "Don't you?"

"No I don't," she snapped and then sighed. "Maybe."

"He's not that bad you know," Pitney replied leaning over the rail with her. "You two would make quite a pair and I could take care of the Flame."

Kate laughed of a sudden, "When did you figure this all out?"

Pitney smirked, "A long time ago. Face it you two were meant for each other."

"Me and Jack Sparrow were NOT meant to be together," Kate replied sternly.

Pitney smiled, "Face it. You aren't happy here anymore."

Kate frowned and then sighed, "But I love my ship. It's the only freedom I've ever had."

Pitney grinned her eyes glowing with glee, "Who says you have to leave your ship? I seem to remember Jack talking about his very own fleet."

Kate looked at Pitney surprised, "I never thought of that."

"So are you going to go get him?" Pitney asked.

Kate opened her mouth then snapped it shut. With a shake of her head she replied stubbornly, "No."

Pitney groaned, "You're going to be impossible to live with if I don't get you to go."

"I'm not going so you *will* have to live with it," Kate snapped and turned her eyes back to the Pearl which was getting ready to leave the wharf. Something tugged at her as she heard the faint orders to raise anchor and topsails.

"Go," Pitney said and grinned when without a word Kate took off down the plank of the Night Flame. "I'll raise anchor and follow him."

"What's gotten into me?" Kate wondered as she hurriedly made her way across the wharf to the Black Pearl with the promise of her ship following her.


"Where's Jack?" Will asked Ana Maria when he boarded the Pearl.

Ana Maria looked up from peeling potatoes and jammed her thumb over her shoulder. Will walked up the stairs to where Jack stood at the helm talking to his cabin boy. He sent the cabin boy off and looked up when Will joined him, "Hullo."

"Did you know Kate was here?" he asked.

Jack lifted one ark eyebrow, "Aye, I saw her last night. There be a problem?"

Will looked surprised, "No I just saw her on the docks and wondered why we hadn't seen her before then."

Jack gave him a shrug, "Not a lot's known about the ways of women, especially that one." He grinned and ducked as Ana Maria threw the potato in her hand at him. "See what I mean?"

"We're ready to set sail Captain," the cabin boy had returned.

Jack nodded and shouted out orders, "All hands on deck. Hoist the sails and set topsails! Weigh anchor and be quick about it!"

Jack watched to make sure everything was done properly and in a matter of minutes the wind caught in the sails. With no real destination in mind Jack steered them away from the pier. He was eager to be out on the open sea again, he had spent far too much time on land while on that last venture.

He watched Will leave to go find Elizabeth and began to wonder himself if he shouldn't have said something more to her. He scowled, damn the woman, why was he always thinking about her. He knew very well she was capable of taking care of herself, even when she was drunk.

He shook his head and looked around as they passed the last bit of land into open sea. He turned to look back musingly at Tortuga and was surprised to see the Night Flame following them out to sea.

"What the hell does she think she's doing?" he muttered.

"Oh come on now Jack," Kate said from behind him. "I thought you knew me better then that."

Jack turned to look at her curiously, "I thought I did."

"Think again," Kate replied and moved to stand in front of him. "Did you honestly think I would let you leave again without me?"

Jack looked at her confused, "What about your ship?"

Kate smiled slyly, "Well think about it. The makings of our very own fleet."

"Our fleet?" Jack replied mischief already creeping into his black eyes. "Don't you mean my fleet? I *am* Captain Jack Sparrow, luv."

"The hell with your fleet and *Captain* Jack Sparrow," Kate answered back. "I'm the better Captain here."

"I don't think you could handle being my captain," Jack replied. "I've been told I'm rather maddening."

"Well there's one thing you have the right of," Kate said. "Unfortunately it works both ways."

"Then what are you really doing here?" Jack replied his arrogant grin finding its way back onto his face again.

"If you have to ask then you really are as stupid as you look," Kate replied and kissed him.

A loud cheer went through the crowd of people of then deck below them and Kate pulled back and away from him a satisfied grin on her face.

Jack looked at her questioningly, "Are you going to make a habit of that, luv?"

Kate replied, "Could be."

"Then I'm sorry but I can't let you leave," Jack replied. "Now get to work...Captain."

A look of challenge that Jack had come to recognize blossomed in her eyes as she said, "Give me one good reason..."

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